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Round #2

Round #2 saw Allstars dominate their opponent Western Raiders winning all grades. Allstars picked up 27 championship points to take the lead in the Club Championship.

Team of the Week – u/12 Girls

After a heartbreaking loss in round 1 our youngest girls were sensational against a team predicted to win the competition at the seasons start. Without a number of girls including our starting keeper, Angelique Dimitrakas deputised and led the girls to an absorbing but well deserved single goal victory to get our girls season off to a start.

Male player of the Week – Troy Eedy

In his first full season playing Futsal Premier League, Troy has shown what a great talent he is.

In this game Troy showed off his freakish skills not only taking on and beating players at will and scoring goals but laying some great balls leading to some lovely team goals. Has been a revelation for our mens team so far.

Female player of the Week – KRISTY PAVLICEVIC

Kris was a busy busy girl against the Raiders where she played a major part in helping her u/14s side to a hard fought victory, played a part in the u/16s and then played a major role in helping the Open womens team to a comprehensive victory where she was a major contributor out of defence. Her passing and reading of the game were second to none.

Goal Keeper of the Week – NINA BLUNDELL

Nina has been in great form this season and none more so then in this game where she pulled of some great saves early in the game to keep the opposition scoreless and lay the foundation for her teams decisive victory.

Round #3

Allstars 20 pts – Vipers 8 pts.

Team of the Week – 14 Girls

In what was the top of the table clash against a very good Vipers side, our girls had to dig deep and dig deep they did to come away with 3 points in an enthralling encounter which kept everyone at Menai on the edge of their seats for the entire 40 minutes.

Male player of the week – CLAYTON MUSUMECI

Clay, was absolutely inspirational against Mascot. Without 2 of the teams major players Clayton played a full 40 minute game and led his team to victory. Playing from pivot Clayton led his team with some delightful passing, setting up a number of his teams goals whilst being as safe as a bank in defence never pulling out of a tackle.

Female player of the week – ROSE MARIE SCARLATO.

Rosie is still coming back from injury and is still lacking a little on the fitness side of things, but something that Rose isn’t short of is her massive ticker. Her contribution even in defeat was something that inspired her team. A game where she never pulled out of injury defying tackles, Rosey showed her versatility when she went in goals as 5th man and laid on 2 goals.

Goal Keeper of the Week – CHARLENE BORG

Charlene was a major reason why both the u/14s and the u/16s both walked away with the 3 points vs Mascot. Her contribution especially in the u/14s game was instrumental where she made some outstanding saves. A brilliant performance in both games.

25 October 2009

Allstars 24pts – Benfica 3pts. Check out the goal of the round

23 October 2009

Keeper Corner updated with new Video. Check it out here

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  1. its all good to boast about results etc, but as a mum im seeing that it makes kids nervous about playing all stars as they fear not the loss but the boasting. My child is a keeper and to read allstars brag about winning by large figures frightens the young one.

  2. Dont be scared.

    They are just another club, with 5 players on the court, two goals and a ball in each game.

    As long as you have fun, is what counts !

    We have played them twice in 5 rounds and copped a pumping yesterday. Alot of close games where our finishing let us down.

  3. @ Thatcher

    Mum, do not worry, use it as a teaching opportunity for your kid about humility, determination in the face of defeat and grace in victory.

    Don’t forget: every dog has its day…

  4. thatcher. Having come from a club where there’s no publicity, I find allstars professional approach wonderful. Don’t forget, the articles on futsal4all are taken from the allstars own website so I think they’re entitled to report on their games. It is yours and your clubs responsibility to encourage your child and to talk up how brave or well they played against their opposition.

  5. Thatcher, the thing is they can be beaten. Any team can be beaten if the other team wants the win badly enough.
    The Quake U16 girls proved that. IWAS beat them 4-1(I think it was) at the 5star futsal cup. A few weeks later, the Quake girls wanted the win and beat them 2-0.
    So tell your son/daughter that if they do their best and want it badly enough it might just happen. And if they don’t win, then your child can hold their head up high and say they did their best.

  6. Okay, asking here so maybe the truth will be told but somehow I doubt it.

    Why did Magic actually fold?

  7. Pcyc no longer wanted to be part of fnsw and jumped to vikings, taking the name with them. Probably a dummy spit.

    The magic people (admin, coaches, plaeyrs) never wanted to jump ship as vikings have no comparible competition at a decent level and seem to be a lot of hot air in nsw, so they have moved on to other clubs.

  8. love your version smithy, very amusing.
    why then did they call for applications for coaches etc AFTER the deadline?

  9. I think its great that Allstars are so professional. No one should fear them, infact it sort of puts less pressure on the opposition because mpst sides arent expected to beat them. Hopefully all clubs follow this and Futsal will be the better for it.

  10. i agree with justintrested i can honestly say i have nothing to do with iwas but i find it funny as soon as a club becomes succesfull ie magic allstars ppl become jelous here is an idea instead of trying to smash em on these websites y dont you try and smash em on the court

  11. Well what can i say about reading a lot of crap. I have no connection with any club but i do have a passion for the game having played in the past. Over the past 6 years following the game wherein Sydney Magic,Sydney City Eagles,Campbelltown Quake, Inner West Allstars have all copped some bagging from jealous people for being successful. Sydney Magic reigned supreme for 5 years. whether you like or not because of their professionalism. Sydney City has been succesful along with Quake, allstars, Dural etc. I can remember 6 years ago when allstars came into the competition and showed professionalism from day one. So what has changed. True with Sydeny magic no longer around a lot of clubs have benefited with their players including allstars. Obviously people like to criticise successful clubs. Tall poppy syndrome. It’s also fair to say that other clubs have benefited with allstars , Sydney city, quake, vipers, dural players.
    If everyone takes a closer look at the results it will tell you that probably in 3 games they may have been a high score but in majority of their games the results have been by 1-3 goals at the most. As far as i’m concerned allstars along with every other club are not completely unbeatable. It’s going to depend on the individual’s mentality and the bounce of the ball.

    Frankly i believe everyone is making excuses and i commend a mojority of the clubs for their professionalism in this sport.

    Finally a special mention about Sydney Benfica. They have to be commended to this point as they appear to be another club on the rise and no doubt will cop there fair share of bagging.

  12. PCYC is no longer affiliating with any futsal or football.
    As in outdoor, the PCYC part was supposed to be dropped from Ladyhawkes but FNSW stuffed up.
    But this is also why there are no longer any PCYC futsal clubs.

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