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Logo - Brisbane MagicBrisbane Magic Futsal is extremely pleased to announce former Australian Futsal Coach and CEO, Mr Jim Roberts ASM as a member our Advisory Panel.

Jim has had extensive experience in the development of the sport of Futsal both in Australia and internationally. He played a key role in bringing the sport to Australia from Brazil in 1986 and worked tirelessly to develop the sport within FIFA. He travelled the world extensively for 15 years on this mission, as a national coach, FIFA instructor, and senior administrator.

He was presented an achievement award in 2000 by the CBFS (Confederation Brasilero de Futebol Salao) for his contribution to the development of Futsal throughout the world. He coached the Australian National Men’s team to 3 consecutive FIFA world Cup finals – one of only 4 people in the world to achieve this and is a veteran of some 66 international games as Australia’s national head coach.

He developed and implemented the sport’s Level 1 and Level 2 coaching accreditation courses approved by the Australian Sports Commission and utilised internationally throughout the OFC.

Jim was a member of the “Olympic Family” in Sydney 2000


* Nine years as a FIFA international technical, administrative and political advisor for the world development of the sport of FUTSAL conducting international technical workshops in Kuala Lumpur (FIFA), FIJI (FIFA), Vanuatu (FIFA) and (FIFA) Samoa and (FIFA), New Zealand , Philippines, Egypt , the Solomon Islands and Trinidad and Tobago (FIFA).

* Twenty-one visits to Brazil for both technical and administrative reasons as well as political work associated with the development of the sport both in Australia and the inclusion of futsal as a sport in the 2000 Olympic Games.

* Developed and implemented a comprehensive athlete and officials exchange program with Brazil.

* Official observer status at the 1996 Asian Qualifiers for the 1996 Futsal world cup and the 2001 Tiger 5’s in Singapore and the KL world 5’s in Kuala Lumpur 2003.

* Official delegate to the first FIFA congress on Futsal in Guatemala 2000.

* Ten years international coaching experience as National Head Coach for the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL MENS TEAM – FIFA FUTSAL WORLD CUP FINALS – 1992 Hong Kong,1996 Spain and 2000 Guatemala.

* Winner Oceania qualifiers 1996 and 1999.

* International challenges in Brazil 1993, 1995 and 1996 (Futsal mini world cups) Portugal 1998 and Thailand 2000,international challenges in Australia 1993 and 1995 and 2000 involving Brazil Canada and Japan .

* Full international games against Brazil(3), Russia, Costa Rica, Belgium, Egypt, Spain, Croatia, Portugal, Argentina, Paraguay, USA, and thirteen top Brazilian Club teams across six cities in Brazil . Also full internationals against Fiji (6), Vanuatu (6) Papua New Guinea (1) , Cook Islands (1), Samoa (2) and New Zealand (3).

* Extensive international coaching and administrative networks including Brazil, Argentina, Europe, ASIA, USA and Oceania. Once again we continue to attract some of the leading personalities in Australian Sport.

Brisbane Magic Futsal is very pleased to have Mr Jim Roberts ASM as part of our club.

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  1. It is nice to see that the old Jim still got it for futsal.
    You forgot to mention that Jim Roberts was the coach of the first Australia Selected Aboriginal Team playing iat the Aboriginal Cup in Canada , 1987.
    The Canadian Indian Team won the three games series

  2. Hey Brisbane Magic ask Roberts who coached the 1991 fiffusa world cup qualifiers? After qualifing ask who sacked those coaches to appoint himself to the job and ask him at that stage what his record of a coach was.Australia at that stage were ranked 5th in the world @ futsal. What ranking was Australia when he left the job and for what reason did he leave? Anyone can look at Australias record at World cups and see exactly how our progress faired under his coaching via fifa and fiffusa websites.So many trips/holidays paid by who and does he take credit for the work achieved by Delamore.Be careful achievements on paper dont relate to excellence for this diplomate

  3. Hey Carlos sorry to disappoint you, it was a known fact that the supposed Aborigine Australian team you played was in fact a club team from Kiama(south coast of NSW).This team was put together in a hurry due to the fact that the sports commission was investigating where its funding was being spent. This team was not a Selected Aboringinal team from across Australia and probably had to pay for their playing strip like the rest of the Australian representative teams did at that time.His involvement has been one of self interest as has alot of others who have run/ruined this great sport of futsal

  4. I wonder if Jim will fly to the Bahama’s after the “Brisbane Magic” play any event like he did on the Futsal Australia Credit Cards after the last WC he was involved with.

    Man the Magic have some very interesting characters involved with them. This should make for interesting reading over the next few months…. lol

  5. It is such a shame that individuals such as Stephen Knight and the other “fence sitters” and “Ole” and “in the know” as they call themselves have such a deep seeded envy and bitterness towards people who have succeeded and towards others who dedicated their lives to the development of the sport. It is sad that in this forum that people like Mr Knight and the others can make outlandish claims like being rated 5th in the world and erroneous statements re the National Aboriginal team selection which had players from the ACT, South Australia and NSW, This team was fully funded and cost the athletes nothing.ATSIC were very proud of their achievements. His unfounded comments not only offends all those fine athletes who competed in the 3 world cup campaigns and the Aboriginal Cup in Canada and the administrators who developed the sport but shows what jealousy and envy does to people. Unfortunately Stephen you competed in micky mouse competitions under FIFUSA before the game went to FIFA. All these so called world finals were invitational tournaments – most of the teams were club teams as they had no national presence.Unfortunately you could not hack it as a player in the big league and have not had any involvement in futsal above sydney club level since then.You decided to leave the game on your own volition after a failed coup in 1992.You were a fine player at that time but please do not deminish the efforts of the athletes who continued at the highest level for your own gain. Stehepen you live in a glass house so do not throw stones. Like your mates who have posted comments but hide behind false names you should be very careful about making derogatory comments that you cannot substatiate. You are opening yourself up to potential legal action against you.At least you have the decency to identify yourself not like the others.

    Good to hear from you Carlos, the tournament in Canada was a great one supported by the Australian Government and your government.Stephen unfortunaely as usual is ill informed.I have spoken to some of the Australian players and they send their fondest regards to you and the Canadian players.How is Danny Henry?

  6. Hate to inform you Jim that since you have been “low Key” in the A.C.T ………If FIFUSA run ‘Mickey’ Mouse competitions FIFA run ‘Ratsack’ competitions . Hope you and Magic have no short or long term plans for junior boys and girls and/or Women futsallers !(spose they’ve never really mattered to FIFA anyway ?)

  7. Thanks for your comments F.Sala but who are you? Come clean and identify yourself or do you not have the courage to do so. I am not sure what your point is?

  8. Sorry but I still do not get your point! Unfortunately you hide behind a veil and do not deserve any further comment. I am only too happy discuss whatever you want to discuss but you appear to be a weak sniper. I wish you well. If you wish to do anything positive for the sport then identify yourself otherwise you have no credibility

  9. While it is a pain that people use alias’s it is more of a pain when people make comments like Henk just did………. mainly because he is 100% wrong.

  10. How do you know? Who are you? The best solution is for anyone who wants to comment on this website to register with their verifiable identities.

  11. Jim Roberts has more credibility in his little toe than you’ll ever have Henky !Last month you said I was Bob Raso, now make up your mind you idiot !

    Been overseas lately ??????????????????

  12. As Jim Roberts said “If you wish to do anything positive for the sport then identify yourself otherwise you have no credibility”.

  13. An alias or otherwise still has me as the expert and you as a nobody Henky.
    As some goose said I’m Tom, now you probably feel even more inferior knowing I’m Tom and you’re not !

  14. F.Sala is not Bob Raso or Tom. Yes he works for Vikings but he is not in NSW.

    When I found out who it was it changed what I thought he was trying to achieve. He’s just taking the mick. You guys keep biting back and he thinks its hilarious. Whilst I still think he is doing futsal and Vikings no good, its not worth it. If you stop biting back he will have nothing to carry on about.

  15. @dMac. F.Sala is not taking the mick. There is nothing hilarious about what he says to people who posts under their names. You are right in that he is not doing Vikings any good. The more he brags the more frustrated he is about hiding behind an alias.

  16. must be a new gravy train in town that would be the only reason Jim would come back into the futsal world…. Look after number One eh!!

    FIFA are a great Football body… who contract WWBS to run beach soccer for them and pay lip service to Futsal. So really… they are just a football body, the sport of Futsal needs a Futsal Body and AMF or World Futsal Association offer this… purists

  17. Why would I be “frustrated” about hiding behind an alias ?

    We tend to believe that Henk is your real name ? Ive never heard of you so does it really matter about what name you use?

    Most of the people that matter (to me and futsal) know who F.Sala is ! Most of the others have fun trying to work it out or guess (even if they dont admit it !

    dmac is right tho’ Henky, you should just see your face when you read what I write about you ! Hahahaha

  18. The Aboriginal Cup still one of the major futsal event played in Canada. It was not just a game with pick up players. It was the social interaction among first nations people from Canada and Australia, that event made a big change on the on the Cowinchan Valley Indian Band.


    I,m back in Brazil doing some reserching and upgrading in futsal as well as coaching children at grassroots level including my six yrs old son Lucas Miguel, at the Ferretti Futsal Academy, It was nice to hear from you, if travelling to the futsal land, please give me ring 047 91631201, City of Balneario Camboriu, Santa Catarina, Brazil. The locals would be pleased to be the host of Australian team touring in Brazil. futsalcanada@yahoo.com

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