Legea V-League Premiership Round 3 Review (VIC)

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By Adam Husseini

Fitzroy FC 11 vs. 2 Doncaster FC 6:30pm

A yellow and blue opening to the evening with front runners Fitzroy blowing a rattled Doncaster away with Mercurial James Blackburn & Samba King Leonardo Correa scoring 9 between them! Fitzroy opened the game with a fast short pass & groove style, new inclusion Serar Issa made a promising debut & linked up well with his new team mates. Manny “Bulldog” Karris was superb in defence, and the odd occasion Doncaster forwards beat him they had Goalkeeper of the year Flo Deffner to beat.

6-0 at half time and with the game won, some of Fitzroy’s interplay & goals were pure magic, and the audacious attempts to chip Con Makris (DFC) in the dying stages must have been tough on a proud Doncaster side that are yet to register a point. Doncaster had an intense post-match discussion which may see some new inclusions next week. They will need them to avoid being chained to the bottom of the table.

Referees: Nectar Karalis & Anthony Grima

Goal Scorers:
Fitzroy : James Blackburn 6, Leonardo Correa 3, Manny Karas 1, Luciano Bessa 1
Doncaster: Ari Vlahos 1, Zaya Younnan 1

Melbourne Uni 2 vs. 7 Pascoe Vale 7:15pm

Melbourne Uni’s passionate goal keeper Tom Wang missed this one with an elbow injury, so Joseph U had a second week in goals. Pascoe Vale, a revamped side before the close of the transfer window played donning beautiful orange LEGEA kits & plenty of talent with Victorian National representatives in Tommo Grigic, Juan Sastre & Adrian D’Ortenzio. And it was the latter who posed Melbourne Uni the biggest threat. It was a stalemate in the first half with both sides peppering both goal keepers. Anthony Cianflone was outstanding for Pascoe Vale albeit a bit rusty.

2-1 at half time and both sides putting on a interesting display of Futsal. Pascoe Vale began to take control in the second half knocking the ball around fluidly, with plenty of substitutions, a rotation here and a long ball there it wasn’t long before Adrian had a hat-trick and Pascoe Vale on there way to three points. Melbourne University are too reliant on Udit Dahwan & Duke Duva, there are plenty of first class Futsal and football players and Melbourne University. They will need to improve tenfold to avoid the drop this season.

Referees: Anthony Grima & Nectar Karalis

Goal Scorers:
Melbourne Uni : Udit Dahwan 1, Duke Duva 1
Pascoe Vale: Adrian D’Ortenzio 3, Tommo Grigic 1, Juan Sastre 1, Mohammed Alsakran 1

Metropolitan FC 3 vs. 9 North Melbourne FC 8:00pm

Plenty of pre-match banter for this prime time kickoff, a tale of two Futsal styles, both sides have Australian coaches with two different Brazilian Futsal philosophies. Metropolitan managed by Marco Barisic have recruited well and trained hard. They stuck to there game plan rotating and roaming freely, there one touch passing game almost had them an early goal when Mesquita hit the bar but there set piece routines let them down.

North Melbourne led by talisman Fernando De Moraes made a blistering start beating the champions Essendon but then losing to this seasons favourite Fitzroy. North Melbourne has added an extra dimension to the V-League with some fantastic Futsal being played. Colby had smashed one into the top corner to open the games proceedings and North Melbourne didn’t look back. They were 5-0 up at halftime. It was an incredible performance, Metropolitan surprised everybody substituting goal keeper Brendan Chen for outfielder Ahmed Muktar trying to utilize the 5th man but it was to no avail.

North Melbourne have to be joint favourites with Fitzroy now, Metropolitan look destined for a mid-table finish but its early days and teams will have a better indication over the next few weeks.

Referees: Anthony Grima & Duck Farah

Goal Scorers:
Metropolitan : Moussi Eloor 1, Marco Barbosa Jnr 1, Ahmed Muktar 1
North Melb FC: Johnathan Barrientos 3, Colby Waterfield 2, Bill Mihelakis 1, Fernando De Moraes 2

FC Essendon 8 vs. 11 Ashburton FC 8:45pm

There was no curtain raiser needed for the Champions, a healthy crowd watched on as they took on the rejuvenated green machine Ashburton. This game was an intense affair, with a combination of good Futsal, physicality, strength, speed and stamina. Ashburton opened the night with 3-4 near misses before Essendon scored with there first chance of the game. The opening 10 minute spell of the game was breathtaking, Ashburton really clicked and found the back of the net 5 times. Essendon responded with two quick goals in one minute and suddenly the game was on again.

6-4 at half time both sides went out with the belief that they could win a vital 3 points. It was 6-5 and Ashburton looked a bit nervous and cagey. Junior Melo scored a vital goal at a crucial stage & so did Michael Dixon to restore parity and eventually win the game. It was a huge win for Ashburton who can take confidence; form & belief into next weeks clash against the giants Fitzroy. Essendon have had an up and down start to this season but will definitely be in the title mixer come seasons end.

Referees: Nectar Karalis & Duck Farah

Goal Scorers:
FC Essendon : Alexander Stevanovic 3, Dushan Bosniak 2, Ivan Zilic 1, Ivan Stevanovic 1
Ashburton FC: Junior Melo 3, Michael Dixon 3, Adam Husseini 1, Marco Kuna 1, Igor Arsovski 2, Irzad Spijodic 1

FC Prahran 5 vs. 3 Albert Park 9:30pm

Cup Winners Prahran took on an Albert Park side who had added premiership player Ahmed Azzam to the list. Both sides started tentatively but it wasn’t long until Maxim Avram had lashed a shot into the top left corner. Maxim is a delight to watch, he glides around the court, and has become even more lethal using both feet when passing & shooting. Ned Torbica was in good form again pulling of numerous saves and was unlucky when an unsighted Sanjin Lazetic strike went straight through him.

Haider Noor (PFC) wasn’t his usual self, but his predatory instincts & movement proved constant annoyance for Zoran Matic (AP) who must be wondering how his side lost after hitting the bar numerous times and missing a penalty. Albert Park looks to be missing a key ingredient, which could be playing for them next week, Alia Redzepovic. Dino did well but lacks the chemistry with his team mates to be really effective and will look forward to his brothers’ return. Prahran are sitting in 3rd with 7 points and have made a great start to the LEGEA V-League.

Referees: Duck Farah & Anthony Grima

Goal Scorers:
Prahran : Haider Noor 2, Maxim Avram 1, Michael Habashi 1, Sanjin Lazetic 1
Albert Park: Dino Redzepovic 2, Ahmed Azzam 1

FC Carlton 9-3 FC Geelong 10:15pm

The late game saw battlers Geelong take on silky smooth Carlton who welcomed back Imran Arjoman. Carlton looked to run riot with 2 early goals to Hooman, but they didn’t, and after 8 minutes of play it was 2-2. Geelong was playing with pride and heart chasing Carlton all over the court.

They will need to fight for every ball for 40 minutes in upcoming games; they’ve done a terrific job getting into the V-League, now Geelong needs to start getting some wins on the board. They peppered Dianoosh with a few goal attempts late in the first half.

It wasn’t enough though and what was becoming a dire affair saw Carlton score some good goals to lock up the 3 points. 5-2 at halftime and 9-3 the final score, teams should keep in mind that it was goal difference that relegated FC Melbourne and that every goal is vital!

Referees: Nectar Karalis & Anthony Grima

Goal Scorers:
FC Carlton : Hooman Shekari 4, Savva Pattikis 2, Hamid Hassanikhoo 1, Robert Shekari 1, Iman Arjomand
FC Geelong: Aaron D’Antino 2, Dejan Rasic 1

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  1. no toepoke i believe the current and future players should have access to a national competition and then be eligible to represent their state\country so as to express their abilities on an international stage at the highest level and maybe be picked up by an overseas club and sign a professional contract like our outdoor counterparts.We are asked to participate in overseas friendly tournaments however due to funding restraints only rarely take up the opportunities yet i bet when the Socceroos travel overseas for a friendly the entourage travels as well BECAUSE ITS IN THE NATIONAL BUDGET . I ask how can the Solomons afford this Libya trip to get experience on the world stage and our national team cant even get together once since the last nationals (ffa and viking) where i gave the national manager a list of the best 40 ffa players and the best 20 viking players. How can our players at the elite level get better if their not experiencing stronger competition. The Joe blow public wouldn’t give a toss whether vikings ffa or others are running a domestic comp if its run well, I’m talking about players who are ready to retire or step-up at the state and national level who are passionate about a fantastic sport and deserve better than what they are getting and im not saying pulling dollars out of their own pocket to attend a national team tour makes you a national team player.Wouldn’t it be good to see Archie Thompson v Adrian Vizzari as an example.

  2. Well, I’m a huge fan of not having the FFA or State Football bodies involved with futsal. I want to see Futsal run for Futsal and the many Futsal fans. The issues you highlight all stem from the FFA if Futsal was recognised as seperate body (much like A STATE BODY IS) I believe the game will move ahead.

    Sadly, for some reason football fear the game of Futsal, I can only assumed it’s because they haven’t got their game in order and are fearful of the fact that Futsal could become very popular.

    Brazil have a pretty good setup with the CBF and the CBFS. psst, word is the FFA asked someone from there to coach Australia, then told him they were canning the program…I guess rumors are rumors

  3. This is very much like Coronation Street !
    I miss two months then WOW!
    Same story, same arguments, same FFA review (pity their security wasn’t better ! lol).

    Steven is right in a lot of what he says but we DONT need a National league NOW…..we’ve nothing to back it up long term.

    WE NEED A SEPERATE National Futsal federation organising the sport from 6 year olds upwards…..with no influence (directly) from the FFA or Football…it is after all nothing to do with them !!!!!

    Until that happens…keep on dreaming !

  4. Steven you’re right in that we’ve been way too lenient with FFA. Without a Coach there’s no driving force to attend any of the invitationals or to hold training camps. As it stands, you’re the assistant coach….. correct? Call me and we’ll start upsetting a few people.

  5. Matt, can i ask if this “Buckley” you speak of play in the Sunday State Championship?Because as far as i know that is the only way they will be able to get in to the V-league…
    Even if they are in the State Championship, how do you figure they will be able to compete with FC Melbourne??

  6. Who is Tom?

    I’m with you F.Sala Futsal run by Futsal with a relationship with FFA.

    Problem is, the FFA want ownership but not the responsibility

  7. we are getting closer lads i can feel it. hang in there. FFA or no FFA the game and our passion will rise to the top. More TV exposure and populare demand….were coming…whatch this space no be long.

  8. Attention Ole and F.Sala; It’s called shelving..And i’m not talking what you do at a night club

  9. High Horse, “shelving” – night club, I gotta ask… what are you on about?

    @ Ole, I agree the FFA have shown any responsibility towards the game. YOu almost get the impression they are happy to let the game muddle along and the “hopefully” die out. Sorry FFA that is not going to happen

    I’m all for the FFA contracting someone like Vikings to run the sport as a sport, there is precedence here, FIFA contract World Wide Beach Soccer to run beach soccer.

    @ F.Sala it would be nice to see FIFA bring the game into line with Football and cater for more than just the men once every 4 years

  10. I believe High Horse got his terminology wrong !

    When it applies to FIFA and the FFA and Futsal its called……..

    S H A F T I N G !

  11. Have to agree with Sala… Its such a shame too…

    who else here thinks Futsal is more exciting on a court slightly bigger then a basketball court and not the astronomical dimensions of the stadium in Canberra.

    why on Earth would fifa come up with these maximum dimensions???

    Futsal thrives and can work at a universal level if it is played on basketball courts…

    frustrated :S

  12. sorry Adam, the small courts are great for club games etc bigger courts are great for elite. I will however conceed that the FIFA WC courts are too big. 35x20m are great for watching elite teams

  13. You guys are kidding right?

    It’s pretty rich for you all to blag on about the FIFA size for playing areas as too big when we don’t even play correctly to international standard…

    More space, more time on the ball and less physical contact – That’s what a larger playing area is good for. Of course you have to be fitter as well. All of which are things Australian teams struggle with at an international level.

    Next you’ll all be saying that FIFA should play running clock because we do…

  14. At the end of the day we are here because we are Futsal fans, whatever size field, whatever level, whererever you play.

    Its terrific to be apart of and even better to watch at times!

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