Legea V-League Premiership Round 4 Review (VIC)

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Logo - Futsal Oz (Small)Wednesday the 14th of October

By Adam Husseini

Melbourne University 1 – 5 Albert Park 6:30pm

This week, there was no upsets, and Albert Park had no problem dismantling and punishing a woeful Melbourne University. Ling Zong & MUFC president Jamie Truong really needs to start handing flyers around at Australia’s leading university and start recruiting some solid Futsal players! Albert Park looked solid with new inclusion Ahmed Azzam a rock at the back, Torbica invincible behind him and Alija Redzepovic running the show in front of them.

Albert Park slowed the tempo of the game down and a down hearted Melbourne University never looked like winning. It really is a case of taking it one week at a time for both sides. Melbourne University need to score a lot more goals, and will need a massive reshuffle if they are to survive the immediate drop.

Referees: Nectar Karalis & Ricardo Arajuo

Goal Scorers:
Melbourne Uni : Duke Duva 1
Albert Park: Ahmed Azzam 1, Dino Redzepovic 1, Milos Nikaljevic 2, Alija Redzepovic

Metropolitan FC 9 – 3 Doncaster 7:15pm

The Samba Kings Metropolitan danced, ducked and weaved around a wounded Doncaster but really lacked that cutting edge to put the game out of reach early. Metropolitan were 2-1 up and missed a hatful of chances, Doncaster grabbed an equalizer against the run of play. 2-2 and the Metropolitan bench were nervy and tense.

Polatti, Mesquita and Barbosa practically missed open goal’s before they scored team goal of the night, with 16 passes backwards, forwards, left & right before a clinical Muktar backpost finish. Metropolitan ran away with it and Doncaster really need to fight harder when they are in with a sniff, it was evident the orange outfit had given up at 5-3. The controversy continued after the game, Ahmed Muktar displaying his displeasure at being substituted and could be frozen out until round 11 when the transfer window reopens.

Referees: Ricardo Arajuo & Nectar Karalis

Goal Scorers:
Metropolitan : Victor Mesquita 3, Ahmed Muktar 3, Marcus Barbosa Junior 2
Doncaster: Ari Vlahos 1, Billy Giannikos 2

North Melbourne 6 – 4 Pascoe Vale FC 8:00pm

Dubbed as match of the round, and it very much was! The revitalised Pascoe Vale looked confident and strong, really took the game to North Melbourne. Unfortunately this game was the Fernando De Moraes story who scored 5 of the best. North Melbourne went a goal down, and Fernando replied swiftly checking to the right and blasting into the bottom left corner. He then toe cut inside the half way line, dodged to Pascoe vale players attempting to close down the middle and blasted right through Pascoe Vale keeper Sorensen. 2-1.

Pascoe vale crept back into the match when Fernando had a breather on the pine, they were 3-2 up and must have had a batch of déjà vu when De Moraes danced past two and dinked the goal keeper equalized, then snatched the lead with a toe poker flying into the top right corner. Pascoe vale can take a few positives from the game; they have some great talent and will come good once gelled. North Melbourne march on destroying all V-League teams that lie in their way.

Referees: Duck Farah & Ricardo Arajuo

Goal Scorers:
North Melbourne FC: Fernando De Moraes 5, Johnathan Barrientos 1
Pascoe Vale FC: Adrian D’Ortenzio 2, Marko Kunna 1, Ravel Tavares 1

FC Prahran 4 vs 4 FC Carlton 8:45pm

Viewers were still catching their collective breath when Cup Winners FC Prahran took to the field against a Carlton side who finished 2nd last season. This was a tight affair, with tricks & flicks and swift movement, Carlton looked to have the upper hand with Hooman & Hamid really up for this one. But don’t count Prahran out as they slowly worked there way back into this one through Talisman Maxim Avram & goal poacher Haider Noor.

Prahran goalkeeper, the Siberian express was other-worldly, saving 2 out of 3 penalty kicks in the first half after Prahran’s foul count went out of control. Carlton started the second half well but Prahran maintained possession and were much more efficient in moving the ball around. They were 4-3 up, but Carlton love late fight backs, none more-so then Hooman Shekari who equalized with 30 seconds to go leaving the Prahran boys fuming.

Referees: Nectar Karalis & Duck Farah

Goal Scorers:
FC Prahran: Michael Habashi 1, Haider Noor 2, Maxim Avram 1
FC Carlton: Hooman Shekari 2, Hamid Hassanikhoo 2

Fitzroy FC 5 vs 3 Ashburton FC 9:30pm

It was a tasty match program, and with the two previous games entertaining the crowd, this was the one everybody was waiting for. Both sides had won there previous 3 and fielded two strong Futsal sides. Ashburton coached by Victorian Mens State Coach Paul Vidic set there stall early, a full press, stop James Blackburn & attack at every opportunity. Fitzroy lead by keeper of the year Flo Deffner played an intelligent and experienced game with some good individual performances but a terrific team effort.

Ashburton took the lead early with Brazilian Junior Melo scoring from an acute angle. The game was played at a breathtaking pace and both sides looked to tire early, there was no chance for a rest when a quick side ball found Blackburn and in less then a second he had flicked and smashed a volley at 200km/h down the heart of the Ashburton goal. Ashburton wild child Igor Arsovski criticised an average refereeing performance from the bench, received a yellow, and then a straight red for later chopping Fitzroy’s Leonardo. Flo was lucky to be on the pitch after preventing a goal scoring opportunity handballing outside the area, a yellow deemed worthy by official Ricardo.

Fitzroy played well and deserved the 3-1 half time lead, even with Boris Masic’s harsh own goal. He was at fault for not marking Manny Karis who vitally volleyed home from a corner. Husseini gifted Blackburn with his second and the game was out of reach, Ashburton played well but it was two late consolation goals too late. Fitzroy have to be title favourites, the invincibles, Ashburton need to regroup and beat Metropolitan next week.

Referees: Ricardo Arajuo & Nectar Karalis

Goal Scorers:
Fitzroy FC: James Blackburn 2, Manny Karas 1 , James Sibley 1, Boris Masic OG.
Ashburton FC: Junior Melo 3


FC Essendon 7 vs 3 FC Geelong 10:15pm

V-League night wound down with champions Essendon toying with new boys Geelong. The champions never hit 4th gear and were strengthened by the return of Vlajko Bosniac, who possesses skills of some the games greats. Vlajko lead the line with an early hat trick; astonishingly Alexander the Great didn’t score a goal but im sure he’d be more then happy to be back to winning ways! He was twice thwarted by Geelong’s ever present goal keeper who had his work cut out from the first minute with the two Stevanovic brother’s toe poking from everwhere.

Essendon had a corner early in the second half when the two brothers linked up with a rocket side foot into the bottom right hand corner of the Geelong goal. It was a dire affair in the second half, out of the bottom 3 sides at the minute, Geelong fight until the final whistle. This will serve them well as they have learnt some hard lessons over the past 4 weeks. The V-League is a ruthless competition, you need to study each side very carefully, analyse strengths and pinpoint weaknesses’.

Until next week, goodbye!

Referees: Duck Farah & Nectar Karalis

Goal Scorers:
FC Essendon: Vlajko Bosniac 3, Ivan Stevanovic 2, Igor Stevanovic 1, Dusan Bosniak 1
FC Geelong: Adrian Bond 1, Aaron D’Antino 1, Gareth Demink 1

www.futsaloz.tv for highlights and www.futsaloz.com.au/vleague.html for ladder


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  1. What are you guys on about…. trains… rails .. express???

    Look we get it… you like your little club comp on a wednesday… I have already said I enjoy it… but don’t pretend it is revolutionary for Futsal in Australia….. you have 33years of catching up to do.

    once again for the hard of reading…. is a great little wed night club league you have in Vic

  2. your a legend ole its good to have you back! we were worried you had given us the good old flick….

    Quote: “you have 33 years of catching up to do”


    I’ll let the rest of the crew aboard the V-League express know your back and in very good form……

  3. hey froth…were has toepoke gone? dont worry chiefy I’m not bagging, just thought we have a lot to talk about…..its all good.

    hey froth It was not me using your pc…..also get another alias you have been exposed…..we all know who you are toooooo…..

  4. Lol, Chief that wasn’t me you know exactly who was just on my pc (look at the time/date) this is becoming ridiculous. I will expose all of you clowns Chiefy we need to talk….hahahaha…. :)

  5. remember to delete your alias after you post your comments or it will stay on, anybody using your pc can see it, dosnt matter which pc you use here…

  6. This Melbourne Uni team must be a bit of a joke I watched the highlights and even the commentators were making fun of them.

  7. Not overly worried about any Victorian teams Henky (theyre still learning ! lol)

    Disappointed you didn’t give us all the gen on where in the world you had coached futsal ? (apart from Brunserwick !)

    Dont feel too embarrassed about the inverted commas, Its only me and you that know your shortcomings ! hahahahahahahaha

  8. I’m not to worried about any Victorian teams too. I’m more worried about the solomon islands…..

  9. That Vikings game listed earlier was rubbish. The commentator spoke better English then “goldenvoice” but was pretty boring overall, Futsal commentary is tough.

    The overall standard was shit, egg beater rotatins, 3-1 defence with little pressure, 4-row attack defeating the purpose because they could never hit the target (pivot) pure.

    From a neutrals point of view the vleague is good, and from the footage overall better then the established nsw Futsal premier league I have loved the past few years!

    Go quake!

  10. 33 years of blood sweat and tears from the Vikings. Still playing out of old rubbish dump multipurpose courts 50km outside Melbourne.

    not for profit yeh? When pigs fly!

    Develop good Futsal players? The vipers minus Fernando = average Futsal team beaten at every tour…

    only a matter of time now before they become nothing more then a crater.

    Drain the pond

  11. What have you been Doing for the last 33 yrs!! The V-League Express is actually like one of those Jap Bullet trains moving at 300km/h. Its time those Red Rattler trains go to the Railway Museum. Just Get your ticket for the Vleague Express you will get to where you want to go FASTER! NOT in 33YEARS! But FROTHING at the mouth for another trip.

  12. Ladies & Gentlemen start your engines

    Round 5 Clashes Wed Oct 21

    6:30 Pascoe Vale FC v Doncaster FC
    7:15 Melbourne Uni FC v FC Carlton
    8:00 Fitzroy FC v FC Essendon
    8:45 Nth Melbourne FC v Albert Park FC
    9:30 FC Prahran v FC Geelong
    10:15 Metropolitan FC v Ashburton FC

    Come down and see the stars of the LEGEA V-LEAGUE premiership.

    Victorian Futsal Stadium
    407 Victoria Street Brunswick Victoria Australia.

  13. lets sing along and a 1 and a 2 and a 3 “ole ole ole ole were have you gone Ole. Ole ole ole ole please come back OLE ole ole ole ole we really miss you ole ole, ole ole ole dont worry about toepoke ole ole ole ole we love you…….

  14. gone the ole the grey and out of the darkness comes ole the white……yehhhhhhh sorry gandoff

  15. F.Sala. Great Futsal and Football players are generally modest about their achievements. The results are there for all to see. Lesser players feel the need to tell everyone about their achievements to boost their egos. This goes for coaches as well.

  16. So Henky is that a ” Ive only been to Footerscray and Brunserwick ” response ?

    I know you feel terribly inferior (as I would if I was you !) Love your opinion about Great futsal and football players being generally modest….shall we both list the “great” players we have PERSONALLY met around the world ?….now that should be interesting !

    I suggest you take defeat as gracefully as a Victorian can and debate something you have experience in. Remember the age old saying. ” The best thing to ever come out of Victoria is the Hume Highway”

  17. Did ya stay up an’ watch the cricket Henky ?

    I hope some of those “great” futsal/football players you know personally can play cricket cos the Bushrangers will be looking for some new blood tomorrow morning ( about 11 lots of new blood !)

    GO ! The mighty Blues !

  18. v-league?? i watched the highlights for the first time this morning! very impressive show and the running of the competition looks good with some fantastic players and teams….. as far as futsal standard though i would think that the tactics are very average for most teams! the top sides look very strong and the weak sides very weak….

    most games were on par with the tasmanian super league that i saw highlights on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DobTdkuRo18

  19. “Remember the age old saying. ” The best thing to ever come out of Victoria is the Hume Highway”

    thats right;

    how else were the Victorians going to let the rest in on it.

    Another great Victorian achievement:

  20. F.Sala, Toepoke, Talkin’futsal all one and the same NSW Vikings official. The V League is the best thing to happen to Victorian futsal and well done.

  21. Hey don’t tar me with the NSW brush am quite some distance from NSW thank you very much.

    I have no idea who talking Futsal is but I know F.Sala… he’s the grandfather of Futsal in Aus… ask him… lol

    nice fishing trip though Henky

  22. ps… I actually agree with you on a point… v league probably is the best thing to happen to Futsal in Vic.. well for men atleast

  23. A bit like NSW…as long as the select men are happy the rest can look out for themselves ! (Glad I’m not a Victorian “Sheila” or junior !!!)

    No news on your overseas trips or your cricketers Henky ?

    (I’ll give you a tip all 3 names u mentioned actually live in distinctly different locations…Keep guessing Henky!)

  24. thats all, now were all taking futsal.. hope everyone can work together for a change. imagine futsal getting the main stream respect it deserves. or being discussed in office tea rooms across Aus like the nrl and afl or even kids calling out futsal stars names when they kick a goal in practice. its not that hard to imagine, is it?…..step by step this is possible. all futsal lovers should stop knocking each other. after all most of you have a lot in common. its not a matter of who is right and who is wrong its a matter of fact.

    futsal for all, means futsal for everyone.

  25. essendon by far the best team, all the other teams are full of try hard think there pros but r not players..

    essendon for champions yet again

    Long live Alexander the Great…by far the best player in the league and yet hes gettin towards the end of his playing days!

  26. Wot the..? Although champions of last season this year you would have to agree they are way out of form.. Power houses such as Nth Melb, Pascoe Vale and Fitzroy are dominating this season. Try hard pro’s? Some of these players represent australia and state teams (victoria).. If Essendon were the best team they would be at least up at top 5

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