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What? Futsal centers at Brisbane!? Yes, it actually exists here! As for those who have yet to get enough of futsal action, do continue reading on…. The following venues are my Top 3 in terms of preference:


Indoor Sports Pavilion (ISP)

Where? University of Queensland St Lucia campus. Opposite UQ Centre, and down the road from Schonell Theatre.

What else? It’s a multipurpose hall catered mainly for sports enthusiasts. Not only can you book courts for futsal, but the hall can also be used for basketball, badminton and dance classes. There’s also a gym, dressing and shower rooms, small drink stall, martial arts and squash facilities, and UQ goodies to be sold within the same building.

When is it best to book? It is fairly possible to book futsal courts anytime during the day of a school day, but the safest bet would be anytime before 4pm as there would normally be social dance classes from 4pm onwards. However the same cannot be said for night or weekend bookings as they are normally preoccupied by the badminton club or other social functions. If night bookings are still the agenda, I would suggest bookings to be made 2 or 3 weeks in advance. Also, book in advance if you wish to play during the semester breaks as everyone would think the same.

Why should I pay? UQ students can get cheaper rates as long as the student ID is presented. Therefore I would recommend any bookings to be made by UQ students or outsiders could get use any UQ numbers to book, if possible. Plus it is relatively cheaper compared to the other venues.

How to Contact? For booking or rates enquiries, ISP can be contacted on (07) 3346 7871. Or you can access http://www.uqsport.com.au/index.html to obtain extra information.

How do I get there? The easiest ways would be taking the City Cat to University of Queensland stop or by taking bus 109 that stops at UQ Lakes. As for those more familiar with this massive campus, you can also take route 412 and bypassing the Great Court towards the venue. Those preferring to drive there are parking slots available around the building so be very alert!

Healthstream Gym

Where? 44 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove. Opposite Woolworths and down the road from QUT Kelvin Grove campus.

What is there for me? Includes a fully-equipped 1100 square meter gymnasium with free weights, pin-loaded machines and cardio equipment. The gym offers classes from the popular BodyPump and BodyStep, to Pilates and yoga, in a group fitness setting. A stadium on the top level caters for a range of sports including futsal, badminton, table tennis and netball.

When should I go? Opens daily from:

Monday to Thursday 6.00am to 8.00pm
Friday 6.00am to 6.00pm, and
Saturday/Sunday 9.00am to 5.00pm

What’s the worth? One of the best futsal pitch I’ve seen in Brisbane as they use a blue-layered surface similar to the ones used in International 5s tournaments. The length of the pitch is also as big as the international standard. There are also seats for spectators, nice shower rooms and also by far the cleanest amongst the venues. However, its better to bring more people as this venue is also the costliest. For a futsal court, if the numbers are less than 10, then its $7 per person for an hour. If there’s more than 10 people, then its $70 per hour. Then again to make double sure, you should contact their receptionists.

How to Contact? Healthstream Gym can be reached at (07) 3830 1700 or you can just access their official website at http://healthstreamqut.chm.com.au/ or http://kgurbanvillage.com.au/village/fitness.shtm

How to get there? Route 333 from King George Sq Station or any other buses going to Kelvin Grove from the CBD should get you there. As for QUT students, taking the intercampus shuttle service from (in front of) Gardens Point campus, Alice St busway stop will get you straight to the KG campus. But be warned, this bus can only be boarded by QUT students and they won’t accept payment from others!

Brisbane Indoor Sports Complex

Where is this place? 39 Ferry Road, West End. Go to the main website for map.

What else is there? Apart from futsal, it also offers sporting facilities for netball and beach volleyball- all under one roof! The counter also sells a wide variety of drinks and instant food with canteen facilities.

Why is this place worth going to? If you come from Malaysia, the first thing that would strike your mind is Sports Planet or other equivalent futsal centres. Think of futsal courts covered by nets at the side and above. However the courts here are narrower and the only turf is short grasses. And the MOST IMPORTANT advice is to bring your own ball if possible as they offer horrible giant tennis balls which are too bouncy to be used for futsal. Also, this venue offers just about anyone a chance to participate in social leagues. Again, log on their main website for more info.

How do I get there? It is the hardest and most inconvenient venue to go to. Best bet would be to drive with a GPS system. There are no known buses which would take you there directly as the venue is located within an industrial zone. However, you can still take a City Cat to the West End stop and walk yourself to the venue.

How to Contact? Yes, this is the part you’ve all been waiting for. They can be reached at (07) 3844 2655 and (07) 3846 4560 by fax. Or just go to http://www.brisbaneindoorsports.com.au/index.html for more info regarding their map, rates, bookings, and registration for social league teams.

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  1. The funny thing about this report??? is that none of these places actually play Futsal…. is more a form of indoor soccer… off the nets or walls etc.

    Sports planet in malaysia is the similar although they do call it Futsal. I visited a Sports planet in Singapore and they play “Futsal” with lots of different rules… apparently it’s because the players want the different rules.

    So would hardly call it Futsal

  2. Funny you mention Vikings and not QF. Is this recognition of who would be deemed the leader in Futsal competitions in Qld?? (and australia)…. lol

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