Soccer’s latest craze sparks new league (VIC)

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IT'S ON: New Futsal program comes to Geelong.

IT'S ON: New Futsal program comes to Geelong.

Geelong’s first competitive futsal league will boost the city’s new squad in the state’s premier competition.

The Geelong league will kick-off in mid October and is expected to attract 50 teams and around 500 players.

The best talent from the league will be funnelled into the Geelong Futsal Cats, who recently qualified for Victoria’s top futsal competition, the V-League.

Corio Leisuretime Centre will host the competition.

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“This is an opportunity for the Geelong selectors to have a look at futsal skills in the region and identify talent for those (V-League) teams, both senior and junior,” centre manager Brad Roberts said.

“They’ll be invited to come to train with the Futsal Cats where we can teach them more about the game.”

The Futsal Cats are one and one after their opening weeks in the competition.

They opened their season with a 3-1 victory over Albert Park before Ashburton outclassed them 7-2 this week.

Futsal is a five-a-side game played indoors with a smaller, heavier ball.

“With the heavier ball players need to rely on skill rather than the bounce to move the ball,” Roberts said.

“The game’s really made for those speedy, skilful players to showcase their abilities.”

Football Federation Victoria plans to treat the Geelong league as a pilot program.

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  1. Congrats to Brad and his team for getting this up and running in the region. Also to the Futsalcats who have qualified for the V-League

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