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By Adam Husseini

Doncaster FC 4 vs 8Albert Park FC 6:30pm

Round six action got off to a flyer with the bruised oranges Doncaster taking on an inconsistent Albert Park. Doncaster started off brightly creating several scoring opportunities, Ned Torbica (ABFC) and good fortune kept Albert Park in the game, which seem to have developed a bad habbit of starting games slowly. Doncaster knocked the ball around well and scored two good team goals. With 5 minutes in the half remaining Albert Park began to show a bit of grunt and Minja Savic picked the ball up ran out the Doncaster defence and toe poked high into Con Makris (DFC) goal. 2-1 at half time.

The second half started with a bang & the game was a to and fro battle, half a dozen goals later it was 4-4. Dino Redzepovic (APFC) struggled to get into the game, didn’t track runners and frustrated fellow team mates. Ahmed Azzam (APFC) was good all over the court and was instrumental along side Alija Redzepovic (APFC) taking the game by the scruff of the neck and yet again blowing away a Doncaster that withers away after 30 minutes of play. Albert Park’s class shone through in the end, destined for mid table mediocrity while Doncaster has relegation etched all over.

Referees: Nectar Karalis & Ricardo Arajuo

Goal Scorers:
Doncaster : Bill Giannikos 2, Jerry Rombotis 1, Jim Drosso 1
Albert Park: Minja Savic 3, Alija Redzepovic 3, Ahmed Azzam 2

North Melbourne FC 10 vs 5 FC Carlton 7:15pm

After last weeks diabolical behavioural display & performance, a decimated Carlton side took on the steam train North Melbourne. Carlton introduced Arash to the side and welcomed back Robert Shekari but were without influential talisman Hooman Shekari (Injured), forward Sava Patikis (Suspended), goalkeeper Dianoosh Rasoulzadeh (Suspended) & Hamid Hassanikhoo (Suspended). The ruthless juggernaut North Melbourne saw Renagi Ingram put on a cameo while holidaying in Melbourne & the returns of Milton Sakkos & Spiro Kargas.

Carlton opened proceedings with nice interplay from Shayan & Arash and had a goal for there endeavour. North Melbourne flicked the on switch and hammered 6 goals in 8 minutes. It was a super team performance, with Fernando a sideshow to the passing and movement. Spiro was rusty in goals and let in a few late consolation goals. Its going to be hard for anybody to stop the juggernaut North Melbourne now.

Referees: Nectar Karalis & Ricardo Arajuo

Goal Scorers:
North Melbourne : Johnathan Barrientos 4, Kui Mu 2, Fernando De Moraes 2, Colby Waterfield 1, Milton Sakkos 1
Carlton: Arash Muhammadi 3, Kim 2

Metropolitan FC 4 vs 7 Essendon FC 8:00pm

Two of the more successful sides from last season, the champions Essendon took on a frustrated Metropolitan who have lacked the cutting edge needed to win games. They started the better of the two though and shared the goals around. Tason Ng was superb in goals, and it wasn’t until Alexander & Vlajko started firing that he was caught out. Vlajko wound back the clock with a cheeky nutmeg and toe poke under the goal keeper at a crucial stage as Essendon pulled away. The champions looked the goods on a night where metropolitan put up a strong fight.

Dusan Bosnjak wasn’t as lucky, receiving two disappointing yellow cards for blocking a side ball beyond the permitted distance and professionally fouling metropolitan hardman Marcus Barbosa. Metropolitan have the crowd ‘oohing’, ‘ahhing’ and ‘oleing’ but until they start bagging in goals, punishing sides and winning games they could be headed towards the pointy end of the ladder. With such a small squad participating regularly in futsal competitions and tournaments they will need to keep the best 5 fit & healthy to do well again this season.

Referees: Nectar Karalis & Ricardo Arajuo

Goal Scorers:
Metropolitan : Victor Mesquita 1, Mus Alor 1, Marcus Barbosa 1, Brenno Polatti 1
Essendon: Alexander Stevanovic 3, Vlajko Bosnjak 2 Spiro Athana 2,

Fitzroy FC 8 vs 2 FC Geelong 8:45pm

The inconsistent pussy cats Geelong took on unbeaten Fitzroy who had won every game previous. Aaron D’Antino went about pushing and shoving early for the catters, attempting to distract & annoy Mercurial James Blackburn but it only stirred him up even more, as he went on to score 7 goals. Aaron also got on the wrong side of Manny Karas who inevitably scored as well. Futsal Oz chief coaches James Sibley & Luciano Bessa were solid at the back, and Flo Deffner was his usual self, upset at conceding two goals in 40 minutes.

Geelong were out of the game for long spells, there was a lot of huff and puff, rug and tug, kick and chase but it was all to no avail as Fitzroy continue to march on to V-League glory. Fitzroy welcomed back young gun Dimitri Vithouilkas which now makes them an even scarier outfit, Dimitri had returned from trialling in Germany. He was adventurous and clever but didn’t get on the score sheet.

8-2 in the end more then a fair result, the aftermath of the game was a clear contrast, a team wanting to avoid relegation and a team with two hands on the trophy.

Referees: Nectar Karalis & Ricardo Arajuo

Goal Scorers:
Fitzroy FC : James Blackburn 7, Manny Karas 1
Geelong: Aaron D’Antino 1, Ryan Calder 1

Ashburton FC 5 vs 12 Pascoe Vale FC 9:30pm

Ashburton primarily made up of Victorian Futsal Players who travelled to Canberra last year against Pascoe Vale entirely made up of Victorian Futsal Players that want to go to Canberra. The goal fest was incredible, an Ashburton side who had conceded little goals, worked on there defensive set up finished the night red faced and hot headed after being comprehensively beaten by Pascoe Vale.

Ernie Simsek was delicious winning every tackle, playing incredibly accurate passes he couldn’t put a foot wrong, and neither could Tommo Grigic who was defensively sound and just as opportunistic at the other end with 3 goals. Ashburton half a team with half a dozen individuals were a shambles and were up against it at half time. A few goals after half time saw them back in the game but Adrian D’Ortenzio, Ravel Tavares & Marko Kunna sealed the deal with an absolute thumping in the dying stages. Pascoe Vale move towards the top end of the table, Ashburton could be in for a slippery slide.

Referees: Nectar Karalis & Ricardo Arajuo

Goal Scorers:
Ashburton FC : Junior Melo 2, Igor Arsovski 1, Diego Asaeda 1
Pascoe Vale FC: Ernie Simsek 4, Marko Kuna 3, Tomislav Grigic 3, Adrian D’Ortenzio 1, Simon Lamanda 1, Ravel Tavares 1

Melbourne University FC 6 vs 3 FC Prahran 10:15pm

Last but definitely not least, Melbourne Uni vs Prahran. Prahran were missing underrated Clint Mogai, Melbourne Uni welcomed back Morris after his red card discretion the week prior and it was game on. An early shootout between Duke & Haider set the tone for the match. Prahran were in and out of the game at different stages, but when superstar Maxim Avram gave the ball away in his own half, Duke pounced and scored again.

Sanjin was furious with his Prahran team mate, and seconds later Sanjin had a mix up with goal keeper Siberian Express on the edge of the D that almost cost Prahran a cheap goal. It did 40 seconds later though as Alex Victory scored a scrappy goal. Cup winners Prahran looked out of sorts with that late time slot, and are really lacking any depth whatsoever. They will need to recruit wisely when round 11 comes knocking. Melbourne Uni thoroughly deserved there hard earnt win, and having only scored 5 goals in 5 games, they scored 6 for round 6. Round 7 looks to be a mouth-watering affair for all teams.

Referees: Nectar Karalis & Ricardo Arajuo

Goal Scorers:
Melbourne Uni : Duke Duva 4, Lucas Olivera 1, Alex Victory 1
FC Prahran: Haider Noor 2, Maxim Avram 1

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  1. “Ashburton primarily made up of Victorian Futsal Players who travelled to Canberra last year against Pascoe Vale entirely made up of Victorian Futsal Players that want to go to Canberra.”

    So the Ashburton Side is currently made up of the majority of those players who went to Canberra last year, does this show that there is a lot more talent yet to be seen from Victoria from the other 4 teams that round out the top five??

  2. the players that are available are unbelievable, you can pick 3 strong squads to represent Victoria and this is not including the majority of Ashburton players. I’am sure the coach will pick the best players without favouratism?

  3. The coach may try and pick the best players, but when the players find out they have to pay to go to canberra (i assume around $1000+) they will quickly change their tune. A few of the better “best players” (De Moraes, Mu, Barrientos)will probably make their way to Sydney (i beleive around $600+) instead of Canberra – but good luck to them all.

  4. Some dates to consider.
    Futsalroo squad named following the National Futsal Championships in Canberra.
    Team named in February for the Asian Qualifers.
    February 16-27 Asian Championships Qualifiers, Jakarta, Indonesia
    Further squad named after the qualifiers.
    Team named for the Asian Championships
    May 19-31 Asian Championships, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

  5. Great news mseeto, could you tell us what next years Futsalroo training budget is as set aside by the FFA ?

  6. Hi F.Sala. The training program should be on the FFA website sometime today. Maybe you can also ask the new National Coach when his appointment is announced today.

  7. LEGEA V-LEAGUE premiership Round 7 Results Wed Nov 4

    6:30 Doncaster FC v Carlton FC 2 – 4
    7:15 Pascoe Vale FC v FC Essendon 8 – 4
    8:00 Metropolitan FC v Fitzroy FC 4 – 6
    8:45 Nth Melbourne FC v FC Prahran 4 – 2
    9:30 Albert Park FC v Ashburton FC 6 – 4
    10:15 Melbourne Uni FC v FC Geelong 6 – 8

  8. ATT/ Steven Knight firstly congratulations.
    you are more than welcome to come down to Melb on a wednesday night and catch all the action of the LEGEA V-LEAGUE premiership 2009-10 season.
    yes it is different, but you are guranteed one crackerjaker of an evening, oh yeah, you also get the opportunity to see the best Vic has on offer. LIVE

    no need to watch the lads in training as a lot of players will be missing.

    I believe this will do loads for Futsal in Australia if you and your entourage make an appearence.

    Come and meet all the frothers, you will loose the plot, i put my house on it.

    anyway, again good luck and really look forward to meeting you.

  9. Unfortunately Adam has been signed up by the F-League to do match reports ryan.

    Big bird & high horse have also been poached.

    R7 be up shortly

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