Melbourne Futsal League Kicks Off!

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Logo - Melbourne Futsal League (MFL)Victoria’s brand new Open Men’s Futsal league – the Melbourne Futsal League – kicks off this weekend with six teams from Melbourne participating.

Three matches every Saturday from the Open Men division will be played at Caroline Springs Leisure Centre from 6pm until the Final on December 12.

“An official State League for our senior players has been overdue but the time is now right thanks to the support of FFV, the Futsal Standing Committee and the Futsal community,” FFV Futsal Business Development Manager, Chris Ryan said.

The teams comprising the Melbourne Futsal League Open Men Division are:

Ashburton United
AFG Caroline Springs
Reservoir Wolves
Cobras Futsal Club
St Albans Strikers
Bayside Pirates

The League kicks-off this Saturday with three matches:

Ashburton United v AFG Caroline Springs, 6.00pm
Reservoir Wolves v Cobras, 7.00pm
St Albans Strikers v Bayside Pirates, 8.00pm

The Melbourne Futsal League season continues until late November with a Finals Series to be played on December 12.

For more information about the Melbourne Futsal League, please contact Football Federation Victoria on 9474 1800.

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  1. Will the State men’s team be selected from these players? I am assuming the best players are participating here.

  2. “Official State League”. What a joke. Will make the effort to watch a couple of games to compare it to the V-League and the Supa Liga (funny – also on Saturday nights at Oakleigh Rec Centre and run by Vikings and Vic Futsal). Will this be another total stuff up by FFV – remember they took over Ashburton, one of the best Men’s leaques in Melbourne, at the time, and totally stuffed that one up. Going by their track record i think the FFV will for once show consistency in that department and stuff this one up too. Good luck to the participants, I hope none of you are put off by the FFV’s innadequacies and stick by futsal regardless.

  3. Just had a look through and aren’t a lot of these teams already playing in the vleague? Noticed that st albans is just the albert park team, resevoir is the metro team and i assume ashburton is the ashburton team don’t know who plays in the other 3 though.

  4. All the players that play for St Albans Strikers play at that club in their local comp. They have been playing there for 2-3 years. 5 of the players also play for two teams in the V League – Ashburton and Albert Park, but this has just been a recent transition. But you must remember that these are just teams made up by the V League organisers. St Albans and perhaps AFG caroline Springs are the only truly club representative teams(players come from those venues).

    The rest of the sides playing in the Melb futsal league have rented a team or as you said come from the V league. Some players don’t even know what there team is called.

  5. Futsal Oz has done what every futsal player in victoria has wanted for a long time, a good strong open mens competition, recorded, at a beautiful stadium, 5km from the city.

    Naturally great players warmed to the idea and play at the centre like myself.

    Other centres ive played at have always had 1 or 2 good teams and thats about it, boring 10-0 wins every other week.

    Futsal Oz should be commended, and to clarify, Resevoir Wolves is run by Marco Barisic who also runs Metropolitan FC, Paul Vidic coaches Cobras & Ashburton, Zoran from Bayside tried to get into Vleague but didnt make it, The 5 best and starting st albans players play for Albert Park & Ashburton and you’d have to speak to them to see which competition is more enjoyable.

    The melbourne futsal league was a good concept, but always destined to fail, with the minority of futsal clubs, and for every club that exists, very few have multiple ages/sexes & coaches.

    With 6 teams it has more of a round robin feel to it, caroline springs is a nightmare to get to though for what is a slippery surface with a basic seating stand, for the 15-20 people that have been watching.

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