MRFC Players Feature in State Squads (VIC)

Melbourne Reds Futsal Club

Logo - Melbourne RedsCongratulations to the following players that have been selected to represent Victoria in the upcoming National Futsal Championships.

U11 Boys Magic: Stefan Cardamone, Ryan Dragovic

U12 Boys Magic: Reis Aygun, Lucas Spinella, Marcus Bradjic, Jesse Mills-Warthold

U12 Boys Rangers: Peter Dimpoulos, Stefan Papageorgiou, Alex Hrkalovic, Bryson Ng, Darcy McKenzie (E)

U14 Boys: Roland Debiase

U15 Boys: Jordan Mills-Warthold, Shaun Peterson, Jonothan Debiase, Chris Irwin (E)

Melbourne Reds are proud of the achievements of these exceptional young players and we wish them all the very best of luck at the National Titles.

The 31st FFA Futsal National Championships will be held in Canberra from January 11-15 2010 and is proudly hosted by Capital Football on behalf of Football Federation Australia.

The FFA Futsal National Championships are by far the biggest National football tournament in Australia, attracting up to 2000 competitors from FFA Member Federations, and several Nations within the Oceania Region.

For more information visit the official website: FUTSAL NATIONALS

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  1. ossieostrich this is obviously a press release from an individual clubs players that have been selected you dolt!, I am sure there are female players, just none from this club.

    By doing two minutes of research,

    “Victoria aims to take 18 squads (ten male, eight female) under the following age groups to the 2010 National Futsal Championships:

    Under 11
    Under 12
    Under 13
    Under 14
    Under 15
    Under 16

    Harsh words about any state that you can take elsewhere!

  2. It looks as if I have a twin in Melbourne.

    I am curious to know who and why he is using my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the REAL “Curious”

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