Result of the NSW Futsal Standing Committee ballot

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Football NSW LogoFutsal4all has been advised the result of the ballot for the Football NSW Futsal Standing Committee.

The following persons were elected :

Philip Dolton
Frank Rossi
Mark Seeto
Lorenzo D’Addona
Roslyn Hunter
Bozidar Rakvin
Les Maclaren
Mike Bushe

The elected Chairman was Frank Rossi with Les Maclaren as Deputy Chair.

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  1. why is there not a rep from each club?
    looks like a couple from dural, not to mention a paid employee from dural in the office……. is Dural running the futsal in NSW?
    Can’t help noticing there is no rep from the top 4 clubs in premier league?
    Surely their opinion’s would count just as much as all the super league reps at the committee meetings…

  2. @futsalwatcher. Who is the paid employee? ALL clubs and centres have a vote. If you do not bother to nominate, don’t whinge if you are not on the committee. Just as per the last Committee, there is one female and 7 males. That is because there was only one female nomination.

  3. Paul. It’s people who don’t bother to put their hand up who make the most noise. Look at the signature, futsalwatcher. Bet they whinge about referees and coaching staff too.

    At least those who were elected want to make a difference in the sport.

  4. Afternoon all,

    Just for everyones information, there were 9 people nominated by the Clubs/Centres with 8 positions available.

    All Clubs & Centres had a vote and the outcome is as listed above.

  5. @paul………RV is the paid employee from dural.
    why wasnt the re vote done just for the clubs that have more than 1 rep? eg. vote for one of the rep from dural, 1 from NT etc etc at least the commettee would be more evenly spread.

  6. That’s what the council of clubs is for…

    As mentioned above, it’s not Dural’s doing that they are more active than any other club.

    If you want your club to be more involved in the Standing Committee perhaps you should get out from behind your keyboard and nominate next year and get yourself some votes

  7. NOTE: ultimately it was the Clubs decision on who to nominate and then on who to vote for. End of story.
    You should all now be thinking what you want your Committee to be working on. What policy, what direction, etc.

  8. NOTE: Each nomination had to be seconded by another club so for me to be nominated in the first place I had to get nominated by two clubs as did everyone else.

  9. It’s laughable to read someone attacking the make up of a committee if these are, in fact, the only people who nominated.
    Clubs whinge and moan about the make up of such committees but, when it comes to the crunch, they don’t step up to the plate to nominate their people for roles. Good luck to Dural if they ended up with more of their people being involved. At least they are enthusiatic enough to get involved.
    I congratulate those who have been elected a) for being nominated in the first place and b) for giving their ongoing committment to the game.
    Those who don’t like it know what to do next time!

  10. Congratulations to all those elected. Seems like there is a lot of talent amongst them. Pity its only a committee.

  11. Hi futsalwatcher. My nomination form was seconded by Mascot Vipers, so I guess I got at least 2 votes. Seriously though, the Committee’s role is to advise Football NSW on policy with regards to futsal, not to run futsal. We talk about mundane things like developing futsal out west, how to get an NFL going etc. We are not involved with exciting issues like selection of coaches, judiciary etc. which are all operational matters.

  12. @ Frank Rossi. What happens if not all clubs vote the second time? Is it not a miss vote? doesnt all clubs have to re vote ?

  13. @thatcher – Sorry I don’t follow the question. There is no 2nd time. The nominations required to clubs but the actual vote was one vote per club/centre.

  14. the clubs were required to vote a committee member, right? then they got another email stateing that we had one too many so we must vote one out, right? well did all the clubs vote that second time?

  15. The Clubs/Centres received a ballot with 9 names on it and they had to tick for the 8 they wanted in. The nominee that received the least votes missed out.

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