FFSA Futsal Grand Final (Wednesday Night @ Magill)

Football Federation South Australia

Logo - Futsal South AustraliaRESULTS GRAND FINAL PLAYED 11/12/09


An even and exciting 1st half with both teams pushing the envelope.

‘Piza’ was behaving himself until the 13 minute mark, when he had something to say to the refs.

Simo denied a golden opportunity with a brilliant reflex diving save with 1 minute remaining in the `1st half.

It was a tense and high energy 1st half with the scores locked at 0-0. What’s coming in the 2nd stanza?

A slightly subdued start to the 2nd half as both teams started to play a cautious game waiting for the right moment to strike. At the 3rd minute mark Borg drives a shot at goal from an acute wide angle only to smack against the near post, the only real chance of anyone scoring.

Eventually in the 4th minute Dual Golden Boot winner Osmon (Even with Stevens) manages to break the deadlock bursting through the tight Playaz defence. Up until then it was!

9 minutes in and there was an empty goal face with Simo being unusually caught out of position and an unmarked and un-named Playaz missed an absolute sitter!

With 4 minutes remaining and still only 1-0, was there anyone of the Playaz that could make himself into a star?

It certainly started to heat up as time was running out and the Playaz were pressing hard and often but with no reward. With 1.20 minutes remaining Jarrad puts the nail in the Playaz coffin handing the Wanderers the Wednesday Night Championship. Osmon scored with less than 30 seconds and it was time for celebrations as the Wanderers continued to dominate the local leagues with winning both the Tuesday and Wednesday Titles. Well Done! to the fellas! Can anyone beat them?

No doubting the passion both teams displayed tonight coupled with some sensational Futsal played.

A bouquet to both the Referees (John and David Greco) for a job well done! And cool head prevailed. As only 1 Yellow Card was handed out in the hot and frantic game.

Congratulations to the Wanderers!

Commiserations to Once Were Playaz, (always the Bridesmaid never the Bride!) That’s their 6th or 7th final.

To all teams and their families

Wishing you all a Safe and Happy Christmas and Fantastic New Year. Thank you for your patronage throughout the year. See you in 2010

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