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Logo - Solomon StarAn interview with Solomon Islands Futsal Ambasodor and player by the Spanish Press

Why Elliot Ragomo is rated one of the best young youth player in the world!

By all means he has shown to the world and the futsal game that he is very talented on the field with his speed and good finish of the ball. Europeans call him the bull (torro) on the ball, as sometimes he is unstoppable!

He is handsome and very attractive as people say and very modest and humble off the court.

Ragomo turned our attention on the recent tournament with only 18 years of age as a surprise in Lybia scoring some cracking goals and golden boot award.

A good ambassador for his country and lives a very simple life he placed a mark for his country as isla salomon (Solomon Islands) was not known to some people like ourselves!

Elliot is a big force to look out for. A true breed to look out for!

With an interview on Ragomo we asked him some few personal questions?

SPANISH PRESS: What is the worst feeling you felt?

RAGOMO: Being dumped by someone you love for the wrong accusations and prospects by other influence, which are really not true about you? Where is the trusttttt??? (Ragomo says that’s personal if you want personal)

SPANISH PRESS: What is the best feeling?

RAGOMO: To win the golden boot award and stand in front of the best players in the world (What a experience)

SPANISH PRESS: What are your future goals?

RAGOMO: To help my country reach the second round or even the final of the World Cup!

SPANISH PRESS: What are some few encouraging words for the youths?

RAGOMO: If you love something and you never want to loose it, you have to push as hard as you can to earn it! But there are blocks along the way that would bring you down but remember you must believe in it and never back down but push on harder, things wouldn’t come your way but remember that if God is with you then who can be against you! As stated in the Scripture, PH 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Ragomo is a stand out that the people of the futsal world are going to watch out for! Solomon Islands is a team to beat in the future.

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