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becks-dec09dSome Exciting new has come to hand with one of Tasmania’s best local Futsal players gaining the opportunity to fly to Sth Africa and attend the bidding ceremony for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup. Xavier Castaneda who is a very talented youngster in both the indoor and outdoor game was blown away by this opportunity.

Xavier and brother Eduardo are both part of the 10 Year Old boys State representative team from Tasmania which will compete in the 2010 Vikings National Futsal Championships and also participate in the Islanders Futsal Academy under coach Corey Smith and play in the weekly Vikings Futsal competition at the Tasmanian Hockey Centre for their club side Zebras FC.

Xavier’s mother Danielle had this to say about Xavier’s trip to Sth Africa and also the boys Futsal involvement –

“Xavier and Eduardo love the game of Futsal. They love the speed and tenacity it requires to play the game and play it well. Most of all they love the challenge it brings putting the skills they are developing in outdoor soccer further to the test. Both of the boys are largely involved in the game of Futsal on all levels. They play in Vikings Wednesday night club/school competition games (Xavier aged 10 in u/13s Zebras FC White and Eduardo aged 9 in u/11s Hobart Zebras). Most recently they have been selected in the State u/10 squad coached by the State Coordinator for Futsal in Tasmania, Corey Smith, to represent Tasmania at the National Futsal Titles in Sydney in January 2010. Both Xavier and Eduardo are also currently members of the Vikings Tasmanian Islanders Futsal Academy Program, also run by Corey Smith, and this aims to further develop thier understanding of the fundamentals of the game of futsal and also their skills to play the game to their utmost potential.

Both of the boys think that the more they play and are involved in Futsal, the better they can become and not only this but it will help with their outdoor soccer skills as well. This is because in the game of Futsal you are forced to have good ball control, the ability make quick decisions about where the ball should go, quick positioning and really this game doesn’t allow you to be lazy or take your eye off the ball for one second so it’s all go all the time! But most and above all they love to play it becasue it’s FUN!

For those of you who didn’t already know Xavier (my eldest son) won a trip to South Africa (Cape Town) to be a part of the delegation to put forward Australia’s Bid to host the World Cup (Soccer/Football) in either 2018 or 2022. They fully funded both Xavier and I to go and we just got back in on Saturday night.

The trip itself was a wonderful experience not only to be a part of Australia’s delegation but also to see another part of the world, experience another culture and see how others live.

We got to visit a Children’s Hospital and meet the likes of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Frank Lowy (Head of FFA) where 1 Million Rand was donated by Australia to the hospital and the children (there was one winner from each Australian state that went to South Africa) handed out other gifts to the sick children in the wards.

We visited a Primary School in a VERY poor area with Minister for Sport Kate Ellis, Pim Verbeek (Socceroos Coach) and other important people to present the school with 1700 lap desks for the students (they work off dirt grounds), plus soccer balls and other merchandise. They greeted us all as if we were rock stars, singing/dancing/chanting and honestly I don’t think the children at the school had ever been given anything in their lives the looks on their faces were priceless, an experience Xavier and I will never forget and has taught us to be even more grateful for the things we have. We really are beyond more privileged than most.

Perhaps the biggest highlight was attending the Bidding Expo held on the Friday (day we left) where each country putting forward their bid to host the World Cup in 2018 and 2022 had a booth and were doing promotion. Australia used exclusively our children for promotion and Nicole Kidman as our ambassador. We were able to meet and talk with people like David Beckham, Luis Figo, the Korean Delegation and many more. Have included some links below if you are interested in seeing Xavier snapped with Beckham and have also attached a pic of him photographed with Pim the Socceroos coach and another in the background with Desmond Tutu and Frank Lowy”


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