11 NSW Players selected in Qantas Futsalroos training camp

Football NSW

Eleven NSW Based players have been selected in the Qantas Futsalroos’ training camp currently being held in Sydney.

Heber Carvalho, Peter Crevanni, Josh Codrington, Ivo De Jesus, Daniel Fogarty, Rhys Giovenali, Simon Keith, Shervin Keshavarz-Adeli, Dean Lockhart, Bruno Pivato and Adrian Vizzari have all been included in the squad.

Qantas Futsalroos Head Coach Steven Knight has selected a squad of 18-players for a training camp between 24- 26 January 2010.

Knight will use the camp to help select a final squad of 14-players that will then head to Indonesia for the AFC Futsal Championship ASEAN Zone qualifiers which will be held in February.

This will be Knight’s first campaign as the Head Coach of the Qantas Futsalroos after serving as Assistant Coach to Scott Gilligan at the 2008 AFC Asian Cup.

Knight is excited by the prospect and confident that the group of players that he has selected will be able to do the job

“The group that we have selected are the in-form players from the last few months and recent FFA National Futsal Championships,” said Knight

“There are also a number of talented young players in the group who will benefit from the experience of being involved in the training and may even push for selection.

“A number of overseas-based players are also under consideration so for the players who attend at this training camp it will be their only opportunity to impress before the final squad is named,” concluded Knight

The AFC Futsal Championship ASEAN Zone qualifiers will take place from 20-25 February in Jakarta with the top three teams qualifying for the AFC Futsal Championships which will be played in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, from 23-30 May.

The Qantas Futsalroos have been drawn in Group A along with Indonesia and Myanmar, while Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines make up Group B.

Qantas Futsalroos Squad

Training Camp, Sydney 24-26 January 2010

Jonathon Barrientos (Victoria), Haken Canli (Northern NSW), Anthony Capaldi (South Australia), Heber Carvalho (NSW), Peter Crevanni (NSW) , Josh Codrington (NSW), Ivo De Jesus (NSW), Fernando De Moraes (Victoria), Daniel Fogarty (NSW), Rhys Giovenali (NSW), Simon Keith (NSW), Shervin Keshavarz-Adeli (NSW), Angelo Konstantino (ACT), Dean Lockhart (NSW) , Bruno Pivato (NSW), Tom Rogic (ACT), Patrick Ross-McGee (ACT) & Adrian Vizzari (NSW).

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  1. Congratulations to Haken Canli from Northern NSW on making the squad.

    Let’s hope he makes it through to the big one in Jakarta. Go NNSW!!

  2. Well done Haken. First for NNSW and hopefully the catalyst for others to inspire to be as good as “you” one day. Give it your best shot.

  3. Another case of NNSW not being included with headlines for NSW, there are 12 players from NSW selected that I can count including the one from Northern but just goes to show again that NNSW isn’t included in anything associated with NSW & like stated on another forum last time I checked NNSW is part of NSW, the same as Southern & Western NSW.

  4. Another case of NNSW not being included in headlines for NSW, I can actually count 12 players from NSW in the team including the player from Northern, like stated previously on another forum the last time I checked NNSW was part of NSW the same as Southern & Western.
    Congratulations to the player from NNSW I hope you do well & make the final cut.

  5. how is it that no qld players at all were selected yet there are victorians selected that played at vikings nationals?

    if there is anyone in the ffa that can HONESTLY tell me that this has not been done purely spite vikings then i will run through the streets of sydney naked for a full day!

  6. Hi Concerned Parent. NNSW Football Association is a separate Association. It has full Membership voting rights in FFA. Southern and Western NSW are part of Football NSW.

    Hi Tassie fan. I think Henk answered this question in an earlier post about Victorians in the squad “Fernando and Jonathon plays in Victoria in a futsal league affiliated with FFA. Danny and Luke did not play in a league affiliated with FFA.” If you read the 5 Nov 2009 related post number 4 above, one of the criteria for selection is “1. To be eligible for selection a player must be registered with his State Association with a Futsal registration, or be playing professionally overseas.” Tell me when you run through Sydney naked and I’ll make sure I avoid the area.

  7. @mseeto, that is the biggest load of FFA crap I have ever heard. FFQ are unable to provide any high level of competition in Queensland, they can’t even send mens team to the nationals. Do you expect players to play for an organisation who can’t provide them with any sort of competition.
    The other point would be why do the FFA pick a player who when given the choice to play for either organisation chooses to play for Vikings. What sort of message does this send to people who have committed to the FFA casuse.

  8. Concerned Parent-mseeto is correct when he states that NNSW Football/Futsal ARE NOT part of the NSW Football organisation.

    NNSW are entirely autonomous and affiliated with FFA as a seperate state. In fact I think we are the third largest football state in Australia. That is why we wear completely different strips to NSW (NSW mainly sticks to blue’s/white although Western NSW was grey/green).

    NNSW is proudly Black, Red and some white and last year we celebrated 125 years of football with a tour of Vic and a Gala Ball and other festivities.

    So whilst we are geographically part of NSW, our area is from Morisset up to the Qld border and north west around Tamworth and the New England areas.

    We are friendly rivals with our NSW cousins, but we stand alone as Northern NSW. You may remember that our head office is @ Hexham, Home of Ozzie the Mozzie!
    We run our own race,pay our own bills,have our own National Teams, our own coaching staff and most importantly, our own talent.

    What I would like to see is us have our own autonomous Futsal department in the not too distant future, to help the sport grow in NNSW.

  9. Hi I love futsal. My post was in answer to Tassie fan’s question. Vikings was FFQ in 2008. I think it will take a few years for FFQ to rebuild their futsal base after Vikings left with most of the players and venues. Having interviewed Steven Knight, I can say with certainty that he has complete freedom to pick his team within the criteria. The criteria does not say that the player must play in the FFA Nationals. However, as Steven was in Canberra, it does help to get noticed if you are on the borderline.

  10. Of course he has complete freedom to pick his team – WITHIN THE CRITERIA…what a stupid statement ! You’re ready to with that Rudd guy in Canberra ! lol

  11. What a ridiculous setup, so a player can register with an FFA affiliated centre, play for another organisation and still be picked for the FFA. If the coach belives this will move futsal forward in Australia then that is his opinion.

  12. The smart option would have been to registar at a local ffa centre and that way they are eligble for selection.Futsalroos could use these boys.

  13. @ kezza & mseeto.

    I am not stupid I realise that we are separate to the NSW organisation, my comment was on the headline of the article & the fact that there is actually 12 players from NSW, 2 from Victoria, 1 from South Aus & 3 from ACT.

    All I am stating is that I am sick of the NSW/NNSW always being completely different “states” when it comes to any headlines, instead of stating 11 players from NSW it could of said 12 players in the headlines & then split it up in the article, as I feel that it makes out that the player from NNSW is inferior to the other players, if in fact they wanted to make a big deal out of the headlines then why not state that NNSW has their first player selected in the training camp & give him the wrap that he deserves.

  14. Miaow ! I hope there’s no in fighting within the FFA ranks ?????????????? (not a lot has changed in 40 years has it !) lol.
    I was refered to as arrogant on here recently (me ? huh!) Now Ive worked in Sydney and NNSW…..I wonder if anything has rubbed off on me ,by the 2 specialists in arrogance ?????? hahahaha

  15. Concerned parent,you are right of course…..ALL players deserve a “wrap” irrespective of the selection process and THE criteria that nearly all of us (with a brain !) are fully aware of.

  16. CP and F.Sala.

    Can’t you see who wrote the article? It is written by someone in NSW Futsal; that’s why it is under the NSW Futsal Logo.
    There are other articles on here written by other Futsal states praising their state players on being selected.None of them mention other footballing states because they didn’t help develop the player, did they?

    NNSW would need to submit their own article giving Haken a plug, as every other state has done. I note that they do have an article on their own website http://www.northernnswfootball.com.au about Haken being selected.

    Maybe they have never heard of this site? They probably think having an article on our site is sufficient. Who knows? Why don’t you let them know?

    Better still, why doesn’t someone interview Haken now that the training camp is over and put an article on his observations about selection etc on here as a bit of a wrap for him?

    And please don’t judge me as being arrogant, F.Sala. Neither of you know me from a bar of soap and even though I have my suspicions about both of you, I wouldn’t assume anything without getting to know you further, lol.

    Neither was I presuming you were stupid, CP. Many people would not be aware of the history of football in NSW or NNSW or the Crawford report etc so I was only being proud of our NNSW state and providing a little information for everyone.

    If that makes me arrogant or even condescending, well so be it.

    In the end we agree on one thing, NNSW and Haken Canli deserve an article in their own right about his inclusion in the train on squad; that was the reason I mentioned it on my original post.

  17. Since posting my previous answer the article I mention on the NNSW Football site is now up on this site- just like magic!!

  18. Kezza, if the futsal shoe fits ? No, I didn’t actually refer to you but NNSW senior staff generally that has abused me and others trying to develop futsal in NNSW.
    Talk about de ja vu ? …thought I was back in Sydney there for a while ! Not the classiest people I have met in sport !

  19. Post

    Kezza we had stopped monitoring the NNSW website for Futsal news as for a significant period of time there was simply nothing relevant ever posted there. We have added it back to the daily watch list now.

  20. Fair enough. Let’s hope the situation has changed for the better and we see some futsal stories coming out of NNSW from now on.

    Nice to know you are on the ball (pardon the pun, lol)

  21. not that i expect players from WA to be considered in ANY case, but i guess that makes it physically IMPOSSIBLE to selected for the national team, when there is no registered Mens team with Football West, and NO competitions run by Football West…

  22. @Brad. You made it clear that the Men’s team went to the Sydney comp because Vikings subsidised the players. So it was not impossible to be selected for the national team, it was a matter of paying the full cost if you want to show what you can do in front of the National coach.

  23. @paul, what a load of FFA rubbish you speak. Look at the squad chosen, there is no need to play at the FFA nationals, just register with the FFA and play at the Vikings nationals and the coach is sure to select you.

  24. @I love futsal. I am looking at the squad. There are only 2 players of the 18 chosen who played in the Vikings nationals. They were not chosen for playing at the Nationals as the coach as not there. They were chosen after being watched playing in FFV comps.

  25. @Paul, so you are telling everyone here that if you wish to play for the Futsalroos, play in a local league played on a wednesday night, don’t play in the highest level of competition available and you can be selected in the Futsalroos squad.
    Explain to me how this moves the sport forward and how this assists the fringe players who played at the nationals for their state.

  26. Who says that the Vic state coach selected the best players? It is a matter of opinion.

    Why don’t you ask the Futsalroos coaches what they saw or did not see in the various Vic boys?

  27. @I love futsal. You obviously think you should have been selected and is very disappointed that you were not, but I believe Steven Knight selected the best players based on what he observed in different states for months before the Nationals, and also during the Nationals. If he believed that the two players in the FFV league were better than two others he observed in the Nationals than that is his opinion. He still need to cut the squad again and I’m sure there will be an outcry from various people when he does.

  28. Paul, I am not disappointed I was not selected, I was never even in the picture. I don’t know why you feel the need for personal attacks.

  29. There seems to be some unhappy campers so Id like to advise everyone (thats interested or upset) on what the selection processes were,in which formed the base of the nomination of players for the squad that attended last weekends camp so that everyone is clear on how it came about. Firstly I was contacted by John Boultbee about whether I could help out until the AFC championships , that was just after the NSW state championships in early November . I meet with him and discussed the selection critea which was a little vague at the time. I contacted Anthony Grimma from Vic Football who advised me that Victoria had two affiliated comps running on a Saturday and wednesday night, so Rob and I visited both comps prior to the ist week of December. 25 players in early Dec were identified to attend a Victorian weekend training camp with Rob(10 of those players actually finished the weekend in Full), so we could see those players who would adjust quickiest to my playing style prior to the Nationals.From that camp 6 players were identified, one of which was traveling overseas for an outdoor trial and two required more work than the three that were preferred (one of the three identified, now has a long term injury and did not attend the Nationals). I have Robs assessment notes if any of the players would like to review them. I contacted Mr Miller in Qld and tried to setup a similiar exercise in Qld believing that any Futsal player was eligible for selection however on about the thurs prior to the arranged weekend I was advised by FFA that none of the intended participants were Qld futsal registered and therefore funding for the weekend would not be provided and that unless the players registered themselves in a Qld futsal comp or affiliated one then they would not be eligible for FFA national team selection. I was advised by the mens manager from the Vikings team that all the mens players would not be registered prior to the being looked at, that only those selected would be registered with Qld futsal and as I had no way of viewing them or any of them being Qld Futsal registered made selecting them impossible. The Qld futsal mens coach was contacted and he advised that half his team was inexperienced and later the team withdrew from the Nationals. Rob visited Canberra and identified 4 players from the ACT comp. The NSW teams were made up of those who attended the State Championship only, with my brief as the NSW lighting coach being one of introducing younger players of the future and to give them exposure at National Championship level.From the nationals 7 players from NSW Thunder (Peter,Chris and Gavin have withdrawn from being nominated for Jakarta) 4 players from ACT (Trent has withdrawn from Jakarta) 4 NSW Lightning (winners of the Nationals) 1 NNSW 1 SA 1 MOST PROMISING in U16 age group and from outside the Nationals 2 VIC and 2 from National Beach Program with futsal registration were selected to attend the selection camp. The Selection critea is that all ffa futsal registered players that are participating in an affiliated ffa state or local comp are eligible for National selection.With the time frame Ive had this has been the only way of identifing the futsal talent in Australia as my living comes from my concrete buisness.The team has been selected and due to player withdrawals will consist of 6 new faces.We have 5 training sessions before the qualifiers in Jakarta. Hope this has cleared up any uninformed gossip.

  30. Jeebs Paul did not say every state, he said several states. I could be wrong but I was told that Steve or Rob did go to Queensland, possibly another weekend.

  31. It was good to read 6 posts before the usual FFA vs Vikings crap started like every other article

  32. Great response Steven. Good to see it all laid out. Lots of whingers on this site and some will pick it apart regardless, but you can’t get much better than hearing it from the National Coach himself.

    Selection process looks fine to me, and I wish you and the team all the best overseas.

  33. Steven,dont worry about half a dozen whingers on here,they wont make a difference to anything, you should be above all this moaning/sledging ! (Hate to think what they say after the event…”we got hammered because……..”)
    Too many experts who know nothing…glad to see Henky’s apology for getting it all wrong….again ! lol

  34. I love F.Sala and Henky’s battles, they are more entertaining than most futsal games themselves!

  35. Thanks ronaldo9 but its a non event really. Henky just hasn’t been around enough !(no disrespect to either Footerscray or brunserwick!)

  36. I love the GAME BUT some shit flows on this channel support anyone that makes the grade dont bag them .

  37. Hey Henky its taken you what, 2years?, to realise you cant’t compete with me ……. in any department.
    (Bit hard to BIG NOTE YOURSELF when you haven’t achieved anything ! lol)

  38. Thanks for being transparent Steven, that’s what this sport needs right now!

    Unfortunately, it’s a team game, and if the majority of players and coach want to play with Vikings, whether it be financial reasons, or other, that means that it’d be impossible for those in teh team to be selected as there is simply NO OTHER football west event throughout the year. That seems no only unfair for the players, but also short sighted by football west and the FFA. IMHO.
    Saying you aren’t eligible becasue you arn’t registered, and then not providing a tournament to BE registered FOR is absolutely retarded.

    It’s also worth noting that if one WANTED to play for Football West go to the FFA nationals in January, i’m fairly certain that would have been quite impossible. As there was no coach, or selection process for Open Mens.

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