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Sutherland Shire Futsal

Sutherland results 1st week FNSW Futsal Finals Series

The 1st week of the FNSW Futsal Super League finals series was played today at ‘the hub’ Wollongong University, with results of Sutherland games shown below;

Under 12 boys, Sutherland 2 vs. Taipans 3

Under 14 boys, Sutherland 3 vs. Fusion 1

Under 14 girls, Sutherland 2 vs. Enfield 1

Youth Men, Northern Tigers 7 vs. Sutherland 0

Next Saturday will see the FNSW Futsal finals series move to Dural for each of the 4 teams from Sutherland.

Futsal Finals Series for Sutherland week 2 at Dural

The 2nd week of the 09 – 10 FNSW Futsal Final Series will see all games played at the Dural Sports and Leisure Centre Saturday 6th February 2010, with game times as follows;

Under 12 Boys, Sutherland vs. Pirates, 1.00pm kick off

Under 14 Boys, Barcelona vs. Sutherland, 2.30pm kick off

Under 14 Girls, Boomerangs vs. Sutherland, 3.15pm kick off

Youth Men, Sutherland vs. Rovers, 5.30pm kick off

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