Futsal is the base for Football (AFC)


AFC Deputy General Secretary Hassan Al Sabah has hailed the increasing importance of futsal in modern day football.

Al Sabah said futsal was the “base” for enhancing one’s football skills.

“Futsal is a small side game and requires you to have good individual skills,” he said while inaugurating the AFC Elite Futsal Referee Instructors Course on Wednesday.

“Therefore, I see futsal as a base for football. If you can develop your skills well on the futsal pitch, then it will be easier when it comes to the bigger version of the game,” he said.

“Futsal is getting more and more popular now and AFC is also actively promoting this game.”

The three-day course will end on Friday. Instructors for the course are Spanish Pedro Galan Nieto and Japanese Yasuhiro Matsuzaki, both are from FIFA.

A total of nine participants are attending the course.

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  1. And there we have it, futsal relegated to a football development tool for the next 20 years.

  2. I think you’re being way too sensitive. Futsal IS a great football development tool and anyone who disagrees doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I went to Dubbo last year for the champions of champions and you could pick the futsal players. Better first touch, better close quarters control, better vision, the list goes on.

    However, futsal is also a great stand alone sport (which by the way I perfer over football). If more football people discover the game and are enthused by the skill level the game demands, they may change their preferences, and make futsal their first choice. Look at the positives.

    At least they’re noticing the game and some of the football dinosaurs may be forced to rethink their stand.

  3. The problem is too many see Futsal as “a great development for football” and not as a great sport on it’s own.
    Personally, i know more Futsal players that no longer, or indeed have NEVER played football, then i do those that play both sports.

    However, most people(from what i can tell) see Futsal as a great off-season sport that SHOULDN’T get in the way of the outdoor season. That is NOT what Futsal is.

    Buit obviously, since Futsal hasn’t been developed to the level of Outdoor, those players involved in both have to step back from Futsal and concentrate on Football, and those involved in Football, only seem to consider Futsal for off-season.
    This is a huge shame. Especially for those such as myself that hasn’t played Football for over 12 years, and has no real urge to get back into it. Futsal, however, i play 4 days a week, and have no intention of slowing down.

    Futsal is a sport in it’s own right, and needs to be developed as such. Until it is, it’ll always take a backseat to Football, especially when it’s being developed by Football organizations.

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