Futsalroos win first match at AFC Futsal Championship 2010 Asean qualifiers


Results from Day 1

Australia 6 – Myanmar 1 (see the official match stats here)
Malaysia 4 – Philippines 1
Vietnam 12 – Cambodia 2


Myanmar v Indonesia
Vietnam v Philippines
Cambodia v Malaysia

Comments from Ref_on_Tour from this thread :

Here’s the first half as it happened. Check http://www.the-afc.com for full time scores. I won’t be watching the second half.

1st min – Starting line up – Konstaninou, G. Giovenali, Seeto, Ross-Magee, Fogarty

1st min – Vizzari and Cua will sit it out for the Aussies

1st min – Referees Ritaga (PHI), Siva (MAS), Kim (KOR), Nobumoto (JPN)

3rd min – GOAL AUS 1-0 – Giovenali with a screamer into the top left corner from 10m.

4th min – sub – De MOraes, Downie, Keith, Lockhart replace the starting line-up over the course of a minute.

5th min – GOAL MYN (1-1) – Lockhart gives up the ball at last man and the Myanmar #19 puts Kostantanou on the ground with a feint before rolling the ball into the empty net.

6th min – De Moraes shot from almost half way narrowly misses the top corner.

7th min – sub – Rogic for Lockhart

8th min – sub – R. Giovenali for Downie and then G. Giovenali for De Moraes after the latter fires another well saved effort from 12 metres

9th min – Long range effort from R. Giovenali is stopped. Rogic pinches the rebound, but is foiled by the keeper’s outstreched leg for a corner.

10th min – GOAL AUS (2-1) From the next corner a strong shot ends with Rogic scoring on debut with a tap home.

10th min – FOUL AUS (1-0) Foggarty lashes out with a leg and collects a Myanmar defender

11th min – The changes keep rolling with Seeto and Ross-Magee back on the pitch.

12th min – GOAL AUS (3-1) G. Giovenali pinches a ball deep the Australian defence and through broken play is flanked by Seeto and Magee. The former is on hand to play a one-two before Gio finishes inside the left post.

14th min – Australia continue to pile on the pressue with seven corners for the match so far.

15th min – Downie, again from almost half-way forces another save for yet another corner. The set pieces are good but not getting a result.

15th min – Another good move down the

15th min – TIMEOUT MYN

16th min – GOAL AUS (4-1) – Rogic makes it a double with another tap in at the back post as he is first to the crumbs after a Mayanmar goalkeeper parry

18th min – TIMOUT AUS

19th min – GOAL AUS (5-1) – Keith and R. Giovenali interchange well with Fogarty becoming the next to score on debut. Another tap in but the lead up work made it possible.

HALF-TIME – Australia 5 – Myanmar 1

Final score was 6-1 with De Moraes picking up the goal for the Aussies. The result basically gives the FutsalRoos passage to the semi-finals in the three team group where the top two move on.

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  1. Everyone had a run but lots of missed chances from the Futsalroos. Myanmar’s keeper threw the ball long thoughout the first half to little effect against the bigger and taller Australians. After a word from their coach there were no more long throws in the second half and much better defending by Myanmar. Futsalroos found it much harder to score in the second half with only 1 goal in 20 minutes. Cordrington played all of the second half and made a good save to give Australia a win in both halves.

  2. Match Day 2 results:

    Indonesia 7 def Myanmar 1
    Vietnam 4 def Philippines 1
    Malaysia 13 def Cambodia 1

    That means that the winners of match day three games Malaysia v Vietnam and Australia v Indonesia will win their group and play the loser of the other match. Draws would leave Indonesia top of group A and Malaysia top of group B.

    Philippines v Cambodia is a dead rubber.

  3. Starting line up of Australia v Indonesia:


    Rhys Giovenali and Josh Codrington are omited from the 12.

  4. We’re away and Indonesia immediately show some promise and the crowd finds its voice. Giovenali is pinged for an obstruction and from the indirect free kick there is a defflection which Seeto turns away.

  5. 2nd minute – Downie is on for Seeto after 90 seconds … but it must have been a minor adjustment – he’s straight back on.

    Keith then draws the first foul, an advantage move down the left touch line that comes to nothing.

  6. 3rd minute – Ange Konstantinou has a run forward blasting just left from around half-way.

    Giovenalia then makes the foul count 1-1 with a holding foul called by the Korean referee Kim Jang Kwan.

  7. 4th minute – Vizzari is on for Keith.

    Seeto, Fogarty and Giovenali trade passed for Gio to hit the left post.

  8. 5th minute – GOAL AUS (1-0). From nothing, Toby Seeto’s cracking left footer finds the very top left corner.

  9. 7th minute – Vizzari nods a long ball from the Indonesia goalkeeper over the crossbar. Within 30 seconds Fernando hits the left upright for the second time in the match for an acute angle before recovering the ball and having a second shot saved by the Indonesian keeper

  10. 9th minute – Now it’s Vizzari’s turn as the crossbar saved the indonesians for the third time.

    GOAL IDN (1-1) Deny and Jailani provide the impotus and passing game for Karismawan to tap into an open net.

  11. 10th minute – From a corner Australia almost regain the lead as a shot bounces off the keeper and post to roll along the length of the goal line before being picked up by the goalkeeper.

  12. 11th minute – Downie and Rogic both see action as Seeto is held up and grabs a foul (IDN 2 – 1)

  13. 13th minute – Another corner to the Australians and as the shot goes across the face, Indonesia call their first time out. (Score 1-1, Fouls IDN 2-1)

  14. 13th – FOUL IDN – Foggy is slipping round the touch line only to be pulled down by Purnomo.

    GOAL AUS (2-1) From the free kick Keith is the one on the end of the set move to retake a deserved lead for the FutsalRoos who have dominated possession to this point.

  15. 15th minute – Yet another corner for the Australians and Steve Knight calls a time out for ‘Roos.

  16. 15th minute – At the end of the timeout, Simmo is walking with the ball to the corner telling me what play he’s about to run from the kick and to watch for it.

    Once again the corner is unsuccessful.

  17. 18th minute – FOUL/FOUL AUS (3-4) Vizzari commits two in a minute, the second a heavy collision that sees the Indonesian stretchered off.

  18. 18th minute – An element of physicality is creeping into the game with several heavy challenges leaving players on the pitch. Jailani who was teh flattened player earlier is back on his feet and back on the pitch.

  19. 19th minute – FOUL AUS (4-4) De Moraes is the latest to be penalised for a puch. The starting five will play out the last minute of the half.

  20. HALF-TIME – AUS 2 – IDN 1. The crowd has swollen to near on 1500 people, I estimate. The drums are going and the entire house is right behind their team – and not adverse to letting the opposition know how they feel about them.

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