Warriewood Futsal courts: residents fury (NSW)

The Manly Daily

Geoffrey Walsh says residents' interests are being overlooked. Picture: ANNIKA ENDERBORG

Mona Vale residents are angry Pittwater RSL has ignored their protests and will build five new outdoor futsal courts on Jubilee Avenue.

A resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said the courts will exacerbate noise residents already endure from the RSL on weekends.

“I live here and don’t want to hear whistles blowing and yelling until 10pm – the noise just echoes through the whole valley because of the Blackmores building next door to it,” she said.

“I know what I get from the RSL and now I’ll hear five futsal courts for the rest of the week – I can hear when someone picks up their steak, plus traffic and people in the carpark.”

The resident said the courts should be housed indoors, like other futsal venues.

“We are on land zoned as industrial but we have a house here and live here and they are treating us like we don’t exist,” she said.

Another resident, Geoffrey Walsh, is concerned futsal spectators will bring drinks to the courts from the RSL.

“When residents purchase their homes and there’s a development control plan in place we expect the control will look after the residents’ interests,” he said.

The courts will have eight light poles, a canteen, seating area and can operate until 10pm from Monday to Saturday.

Although there is “no permanent seating for spectators”, management must ensure they are supervised if necessary to minimise noise “whenever practical and possible” under council development conditions.

Planning and assessment manager Lyndsay Dyce said the council assessment took all concerns and statutory requirements into account. “They reduced the area by one court and pushed it back and in determining the application the council has given due consideration to all the environmental aspects and consider the consent valid and appropriate,” he said.

Mr Dyce said a requirement for the courts to be indoors is too major a change in the original application.

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