Shellharbour Junior Competitions draw to a close (NSW)

Futsal NSW - PCYC

Friday night (19th of March) saw the conclusion to the ever successful Vikings Futsal Junior Summer competitions for 2009/2010 running at the Shellharbour City Stadium in Albion Park on the NSW South Coast.

The following age groups competed throughout the summer in fierce competition – 6/7’s, 8/9’s, 10’s, 11’s, 12’s, 13’s, 14’s and 15/16’s. All boys and girls involved did their teams proud and should be commended for their enthusiasm and commitment throughout the season.

We’d also like to thank all the staff involved in running the competition, mainly Gina Jones who administrated the comps., the coaches who looked after and guided their teams and the parents for their help and commitment. From Vikings Futsal Assoc., a big thank you.

Results are as follows:

– “Goals-R-Us” dominated the 6/7’s competition alongside “Little Boof Boof” for most of the season. “Goals-R-Us” win it by 3 points.

– 12 points clear of their closest rival “Manchester United” tops the ladder in the 8/9’s age category this year. Runner up honours go to “Rockstars”.

– In the 10’s competition “6 Shooters” dominated both the ladder and the final as they beat “Grasshoppers” 5-1 to take the title.

– The 11’s age cat. saw “The Opponents” edge out “Gangsters” but “Gangsters” receive bragging rights as they beat their rivals 3-2 in a closely contested final.

– Another closely contested finals match and championship in the 12’s, “Titans” and “Futsal Demons” have been neck and neck all season long. There can only be one winner though and “Titans” take it out this season. Great effort from both teams.

– 13’s saw more sharing of the spoils with “Nerds United” taking out minor premier honours but “The Piranhas” beating them to the punch winning the final 4-1.

– “Joga Bonito” were outstanding this season, not only leading the ladder by 12 points but also winning the 14’s final in a convincing 6-0 triumph over the “The Kooks”.

– “Sloths F.C.” rarely put a foot wrong this season, winning the comp. by 12 points and the final 5-1 to their closest rivals. Special mention to the other finalist “Los Muchachos”.

That’s a wrap for this season. Again a big thank you to all involved and we hope to see all teams return next season and take to the court.

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