Vikings World Futsal Championships

Vikings NZ

Vikings Futsal has announced today it will hold the Vikings Futsal World Futsal Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia October 23-31st 2010 for men and women.

Vikings Futsal are regarded as World Leaders in the development of Grassroots Futsal and has established itself in countries all over the world. Todays announcement now paves the way for National teams from within those countries to come together and compete to be crowned Vikings World Futsal Champions.

Invited Vikings countries include Wales, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and China. There will be invitations to 3 further countries making the event up to 24 teams (12 Men and 12 Women).

The Tournament will be televised in Maylasia and streamed via the internet. There will also be a coaching seminar held prior to the start of the tournament utilizing the vast coaching resources that will be present prior to the kick off of the Vikings World Championships.

Further details for the event will be released in April 2010.

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  1. Tough gig for the Ladies as they are also scheduled to compete in the World Cup in Argentina in October !!

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