2009/10 Shellharbour Seniors Summer comp. finalising (NSW)

Vikings Futsal NSW - PCYC

The Vikings Futsal Shellharbour Senior Summer competitions on the NSW South Coast are coming to a close. In the last few weeks we’ve had three of our four senior men’s competitions play out their finals in fierce fashion. Only one more comp. to go with the teams in “La Liga” only a round or two away from this league’s top four making their bid for finals supremacy.

Thus far the teams from “Serie A”, “Premier League” and “Bundesliga” have all had a chance to impress and prove their places on their respective ladders.

Seria A

A tight competition with the top three teams all having a chance of topping the ladder. “Full Hectik” managed to keep the others at bay and stretched their lead by 6 points at the end of the 15 rounds. They had an impressive semi beating “Chicken Legs” by a huge margin but stumbled in the final to the ultimate winners, “Centrelink Seagulls”.

Premier League

“Excell Control” dominated this league and were runaways leaders finishing on top by 10 points. “GMK Electrical” and “Thanks for Coming” were neck and neck but never managed to threaten the leaders. The finals were another story altogether. The leaders “Excell” were knocked out in the semis to fourth placed “Toe Jammers” and “GMK Electrical” dominated “Thanks for coming” in the other semi. “Toe Jammers” left their best till last and won a close final beating “GMK” 3-2.


This comp. also saw another team dominate the ladder for most of the season, “Boozing Bruiser’s” closest rivals were the “Chargers” who finished 5 points behind. “Tools” and “Cobras” rounded out the finalists. 1st and 2nd really showed their dominance on the field both scoring 11 impressive goals in their semis to face each other in the final. Only one could reign supreme and ladder leaders “Boozing Bruisers” take out the title this season with a 5-1 scoreline.

Congratulations to all the finalists and all the participants in this year’s competitions, we hope to see your teams return for the much anticipated Winter Comps. Stay tuned for the final’s results from “La Liga” in the next few weeks.

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