AFC Championships : Australia vs Kuwait Match Report

Amelia White


Written by Amelia White

The QANTAS Futsalroos faced Kuwait in their first match of the Asian Championships in Uzbekistan. Kick off was at 8pm local time with Giovenali (4), Seeto (7), Spathis (2), Keith (5) and Fogarty (14) as Australia’s starting line-up. Substitutes were Konstantinou (1)(C), Lockhart (9), Ngaluafe (11), Adeli (12) Rogic (13), Miller (15), and McAndrew (17).

In the first few minutes, both teams played cautiously and there were no real chances. In the 4th minute, Giovenali shoots over the bar. A minute later, Rogic takes his first shot of the game.

Kuwait’s Alothman gets in Fogarty’s way in the 11th minute and soon after Spathis shows his skill by saving a ball from Alothman. In the same minute, Lockhart saves a close call.

Seeto takes a shot in the 13th minute which is on target, but goes straight to the Kuwait keeper, Sayyed Mosawy.

In the 16th minute Ngaluafe gets close to scoring before McAndrew plays the ball to the far post for Rogic to tap in with the keeper on the ground. GOAL GOAL GOAL!! Australia 1 Kuwait 0.

With Australia up 1-0, they score again a minute later. Giovenali takes the ball down the left and hits a high cross to Ngaluafe who heads the ball towards goal but is saved by a Kuwait defender. The ball drops for Ngaluafe who puts the ball in on his second attempt. GOAL GOAL GOAL!! Australia 2 Kuwait 0.

In the 18th minute, after a time-out, Kuwait comes back on looking as if they have some moves ready to show off. Kuwait’s Al Nakkas takes a shot but the ball goes wide. Spathis parries a shot but the ball rebounds and Al Mekaimi was there to tap in. Australia 2 Kuwait 1.

Al Mekaimi tries again a minute later but Spathis saves the day. The final minute of the first half sees lots of action; Al Nakkas, Alothman and then back to Al Nakkas again but the Futsalroos defend really well.

Half time Australia 2 Kuwait 1

In the first minute of the second half, Ngaluafe back heels the ball to Seeto who plays it back to Ngaluafe who passes it to Rogic who puts it in! GOAL GOAL GOAL!! Australia 3 Kuwait 1.

Seeto in the 3rd minute runs the ball up the length of the court, passes it Giovenali who shoots high over the bar. In the 4th minute both teams are calling for fouls but the Futsalroos win the call in the end. Keith takes the shot but just misses.

In the 8th minute, Kuwait’s Hamzah runs up and takes a kick but it’s saved by Spathis. Rogic lays the ball off to Ngaluafe who passed it first time to Giovenali who passed it first time to Keith who couldn’t control the ball quickly enough to score.

In the 14th minute, Spathis saved a close goal again but the ball fell back to Kuwait’s Aldousari who scored off the rebound. Australia 3 Kuwait 2.

Two minutes later, Giovenali makes a good tackle which sends the keeper Sayyed Mosawy to the floor.

In the 17th minute, Kuwait taps the ball to Spathis but on the rebound, they try again. Seeto stands in goals and bicycle kicks the ball clear.

Kuwait brings on their keeper-player to try to score and bring themselves back into the game. In the final minutes, Spathis saves a few close calls including using his head to block a shot.

Australia defended well and the game was sealed when Rogic puts the ball into an empty net when Kuwait was disposed of the ball. GOAL GOAL GOAL!! Australia 4 Kuwait 2.

All this with only a minute to go though there was still enough time for Giovenali to miss an easy open goal with the Kuwait keeper stranded! (Sorry Greg.)

2010 AFC Futsal Championship : Australia vs Kuwait from Futsal4All on Vimeo.

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