Futsalroos vs Iran – Live Commentary


Ref On Tour was unfortunately unable to give us a live commentary on the Iran game last night due to major Internet issues at the venue at the time. He has sent through a detailed commentary for your enjoyment though.

Thanks again to Ref On Tour for making this available to all the Futsal fans in Australia and for taking the time to give us so much detail.

Welcome again to the Uzbekistan Sports Complex in Tashkent.

Australia are starting with Spathis, Giovenali, Seeto, Ngaluafe and Fogarty.

Warming the pine is Konstantinou, Ross-Magee, Keith, Lockhart, Adeli, Rogic and Miller.

Ian McAndrew will sit this match out along with Mark Symington who is listed as a non-starter but not sitting on the bench. We’d assume he will replace Vizzari for the remainder of the tournament.

With Tajikistan accounting for Kuwait 4-3 earlier today and Tajikistan losing to Iran 19-2 yesterday, the signs are not in favour of an Australian victory – however a good result will go a long way to creating an edge if a tie breaker is required later in the piece.

The anthems are over and the players are ready to take the start.

40:00 – Damn Internet! Having trouble connecting here, so to those who waited around for the start, I’m sorry you were disappointed.

37:30 – And the first real chance for Iran as Seeto is skinned in the middle of the pitch 15m out and Asgharimoghadam hits the top right corner of the posts.

36:57 – He started for Iran along with Soltani, Hashemzadeh, Zahmatkesh and Nazari in the Iran goals

36:29 – FOUL AUS (1-0) a tackle goes wrong and it’s legs not ball.

36:18 – GOAL IRN (1-0) Zahmatkesh opens the scoring low a tthe right post.

35:48 – FOUL IRN (1-1) They return the favour.

35:28 – Keith and Miller are on for Ngaluafe and Fogarty.

35:10 – Tayybi, Daneshvar, Keshavarz and Taheri are all on to give Iran a more usual look.

34:28 – FOUL AUS (2-1) The referees see a foul and call it.

34:25 – FOUL IRN (2-2) From the free kick, Seeto picks it off and Tehari trips him to stop him from getting away

34:15 – FOUL AUS (3-2) Rogic gives away the foul on halfway.

33:58 – Rogic’s strike has Nazari diving full stretch to stop the goal.

32:47 – Spathis saves from Daneshvar’s header

32:27 – GOAL IRN (2-0) Taheri makes it two beating Spathis with a first class finish.

31:43 – GOAL AUS (2-1) Seeto bangs the square ball in from near the corner for Rogic to step over and Fogarty to finish at the back post.

31:36 – A miss at the back post as an unmarked Raeisi doesn’t get a firm connection on the Iranian corner

29:56 – Fogarty is skinned on the far touchline. The pass to Zahmatkesh leads to a shot the Sapthis fists over the goal line.

29:13 – Miller and Adeli have both seen court time now as Steve Knight uses his bench.

29:00 – A turn over deep in the Austrlaian defence gifts Iran an open shot, but Spathis comes to the rescue turning the ball onto the post and

28:47 – FOUL IRN (3-3) PENALTY Australia as Seeto and Rogic combine before the latter is brought down in the area. The first caution of the game to Rahnama for the challenge. Giovenali steps up to take it.

28:47 – GOAL AUS (2-2) Giovenali converts to bring the ‘Roos back level.

28:10 – Rogic pulls down delightfully in the corner on the far touchline to set up Giovenali whose first shot hits Keshavarz and second over the crossbar narrowly.

27:48 – Rogic is on song pulling down at 15m to get on the right side of defence. He tips the ball around Nazari but the Iranian defence clears off the line and away before Giovenali can make contact with the loose ball.

27:11 – TIMEOUT IRAN. Good tactical stoppage from Hossein Shams the Iranian coach.

26:57 – GOAL IRN (3-2) Keshavarz strikes low and Spathis is just not quite quick enough. He gets a little body to it but it’s under him and in the back of the net.

26:35 – Keshavarz hits the left post, then Spathis saves from Taheri

26:25 – FOUL AUS (4-3) ANothe rholding foul.

25:28 – Spathis saves and launches a counter attack running down the middle of the pitch to 12m before passing off to Fogarty. His first shot is saved by Nazari before he cross chips to Rogic who cannot keep the shot under the bar.

24:25 – Seeto gets his body in the way to block Taheri’s shot.

23:12 – FOUL IRN (4-4) Soltani sees yellow as he handballs Millers chip forward from the back.

22:29 – FOUL IRN (5-4) A trip advantage foul puts Australia in the bonus.

22:17 – GOAL AUS (3-3) Ray Miller jinks his way past two on the right touch line to pass to an open Rogic on the back post for Australia to draw level at three.

21:34 – TIMEOUT AUSTRALIA – I’m so disappointed I’m not getting all of your hopes up live.

20:54 – Fogarty pinches it and counters. Soltani slips in his path and he doesn’t hold up before shooting into the side netting.

20:20 – The ‘Roos break 3 on one again. Giovenali hits Fogarty who crosses to Rogic, but the pass is cut out by the Iran defence.

20:01 – Spathis sees out the half saving a ball low down from very long range.


Australia 3 (Fogarty 9′, Giovenali 12′, Rogic 18′)

IR Iran 3 (Zahmatkesh 4′, Taheri 8′, Keshavarz 14′)


Australia 19′

IR Iran 13′

Fouls: 5-4 Iran

Cautions: Rahnama 12′ (IRN), Soltani 17′ (IRN)

20:00 – Keith replaces Fogarty as the rest of the starting five prepare for the second 20 minutes. Hold on to your hats people.

19:44 – Iran’s big guns are on – Taheri, Tayybi, Keshavarz and Daneshvar

19:04 – Taheri hits the outside of the right postas the first shot is fired for the second stanza.

18:07 – Tayybi is on the end of some nice Iranian interplay gets as far as Spathis who saves his shot from 7m.

17:49 – Taheri is the next Iranian for Spathis to foil as he shoots from 10m.

16:38 – GOAL IRN (4-3) NGaluafe outpaces Daneshvar to cross to Fogarty. His shot is blocked by Nazari and picked up by Keshevarez who scoots away and crosses to Tayybi who slides in to score at the back post.

15:47 – FOUL AUS (1-0) Adeli is guilty of pushing on Nazari. Another Australian foul deep in opposition territory.

15:25 – FOUL AUS (2-0) Adeli on the ball gives away on the far touchline for what I can only guess was a holding foul from this distance.

14:07 – Adeli breaks away and skips right of the defence but Nazari is alert early and meets the ball just before Shervin can get another touch.

13:12 – Seeto picks the ball up almost from the ‘Roos defensive corner and makes a diagonal run up court. He’s two on one but the pass is too far in front of Miller in support.

12:07 – FOUL IRN (1-2) A holding foul and Australia have a free kick 7m out and 3 from touch. Hasemzadeh picks up a caution for encroachment

11:31 – GOAL IRN (5-3) Rahnama skins Rogic and passes the width to Zamatkesh for the goal at the back post.

11:03 – Fogarty gets one on one with Nazari and Nazari wins for the fourth time tonight.

10:23 – Spathis’ throw out almost sets up a two-on one but the Aussie attack is just not able to get foot to ball.

09:38 – FOUL AUS (3-1) A trip foul leads to a poor yellow card as Giovenali puts the ball into Row Z.

09:13 – Tired much? The Aussie have lost a little sharpness. Passes are going astray and first touches are looking a little less secure.

08:29 – FOUL AUS (4-1) PENALTY. Giovenali trips Daneshvar just inside the area. Taheri steps up.

08:29 – GOAL IRN (6-3) Taheri converts the spot kick to extend the lead.

08:22 – Lockhart joins the fray for the first time this evening.

08:05 – Nazari makes sure that Seeto’s shot for 10m and wide doesn’t sneak in at the near post.

06:04 – Asgharimoghadam hits the outside of the left post low after getting around Spathis.

05:24 – Seeto is foiled by Nazari from close range as the two meet just inside the penalty area on a cross.

04:01 – Pat Ross-Magee enters giving all the Australian pitch players some time tonight.

03:23 – FOUL IRN (4-2) Rogic is pulled down by Soltani.

02:52 – GOAL IRN (7-3) Asgharimoghadam puts the ball on goal after a cross diagonally through the middle. Spathis tips it on to the post, it rebounds to his head and into the net.

02:31 – FOUL AUS (5-2) Rogic takes the legs out from under Hashemzadeh.

01:35 – GOAL IRN (8-3) After putting knocking the ball around in the Aussie last third Rahnama accepts a ball unmarked in the centre of the area and slides it home left of Spathis.

00:45 – Rogic is saved by Nazari

00:21 – GOAL IRN (9-3) Tayybi strips Ross-Magee and deftly lefts the ball past Spathis and under the crossbar.

00:07 – Another Iranian shot from the left whistles over the bar.


Australia 3 (Fogarty 9′, Giovenali 12′ [p], Rogic 18′)

IR Iran 9 (Zahmatkesh 4’/29′, Taheri 8’/32′[p], Keshavarz 14′, Tayybi 24’/40′, Asgharimoghadam 38′, Rahnama 39′)


Australia 19′

IR Iran 13′


1st Half: 5-4 Iran

2nd Half: 5-2 Australia


Rahnama 12′ (IRN), Soltani 17′ (IRN), Hashemzadeh 28′ (IRN), Giovenali 31′ (AUS)

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  1. One point missing:

    12:07 – From the second attempt at restart Keith strikes the free kick true to target and Nazari gets across well to block the shot away.

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