Boomerangs Player expression of interest (ACT)

Boomerangs F.S

2nd June 2010

Dear Player,

Pending admission Boomerangs F.S. will once again be entering the Football NSW Super League Competition in season 2010/11. Boomerangs F.S. is looking to build on a very successful first season in which we had 5 semi finalists, 2 grand finalists and 1 team take out their age title. Boomerangs F.S. is calling for expressions of interest from players wishing to participate in the NSW Super League competition. This fantastic Boomerangs F.S. initiative will be offered to 8-12 players for each age category below.

The Age Groups offered for this competition are as follows:

12 Boys 12 Girls (born 1998 or before)
14 Boys 14 Girls (born 1997/96)
16 Boys 16 Girls (born 1995/94)
Youth Men (born 1991/92/93)
Open Men Open Womens (all age)

The proposed dates for this year’s competition have the 1st round starting September 18th with 1 game each weekend thereafter. The home and away season will comprise of 14 matches, 7 at home in Canberra and 7 away in and around Sydney. An additional 3 weeks of competition will be played for finals with the Grand Finals to be played on February 19. Majority of matches will be played on Saturdays with the possibility of matches on Sundays.

Please note this does not replace the local South & North Canberra Futsal, or Capital Football run competitions, players will have to participate locally in Canberra before being considered for a position in a Super League Boomerangs F.S. team.

If expressions of interest are high, trials will be held to determine the makeup of teams for the 2010/11 Super League Season.

This is a wonderful opportunity to develop and improve skills in highly competitive matches against seasoned Futsal clubs.

Please respond to this letter by email at the following address Expressions of interests close 2nd July 2010.

We sincerely hope you take on this challenge and strongly consider this wonderful opportunity to test yourself against the best Futsal players that NSW has to offer.

Yours sincerely,

Kristian Collins
Boomerangs F.S.

Eddie Senatore
Boomerangs F.S.

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