FSET All Stars outclassed in their opening fixture (TAS)

Vikings Tasmania

Saturday Night saw the first intra-club match for the FSET All Stars who were selected to represent Vikings newest club at Dodges Ferry in what was set to be a milestone occasion in the region.

The FSET club which is based in Dodges Ferry and will incorporate surrounding areas such as Sorell, Primrose Sands, Dunalley and Port Arthur is starting to gather momentum with its social winter competition which has expanded very quickly.

Co-Ordinator Matthew Vaughan-Williams is hoping that the club will grow and go from strength to strength under the guidance of the experienced Vikings team and this could create a great regional rivalry in the future for the South of the State.

The long term goal is to create a competition in which the best can get together and take on the might and power of the Hobart Suburbs which in its short existance has gone on to win National crowns and all sorts of national accolades.

FSET is already fortunate to have several state players in its ranks plying their trade in the youth girls competition including Jayd Lockley, Phoebe Vaughan-Williams, Milly Russell and Mali Walton.

On saturday a select side from the FSET social roster played an exhibition game against State Super League semi finalist Zebras FC in what was always going to be a one sided affair.

The idea of the event was to show FSET members the level that they will need to make in the future and expose the region to top quality Futsal players in their purest form. The Zebras side sure lived up to this by combining several highly skilled moves throughout the match.

The match ended 26-7 in Zebras favour, this scoreline is an indication of how open the game was and how one sided tthe game was with Zebras taking on a Harlem Globetrotters style approach throughout.

As many are aware though this is the very first match of its kind in the region and many thanks to Zebras FC for the work they have done in helping to promote the game in the area.

A highlight for FSET was the emergance of 14 year old whiz kid Jakob Scott (pictured above) who could be a player for the future.

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