The NZF-Futsal in Schools Programme

NZ Football Futsal

This programme mentioned below is delivered in partnership with the Regional Sports Trusts and NZF-Futsal affiliated clubs. KiwiSport are providing government funding assistance towards the programme. It will be piloted in Wellington during terms 3 and 4 and also Auckland in term 4. At this stage the programme is based on Colleges but will be including primary/intermediate next year in accordance to New Zealand Footballs Whole of Football Plan (15 year plan)with Futsal being a major component throughout at all levels.

The NZF- Futsal in Schools Programme

“Futsal is an extremely important way for kids to develop their skills and understanding of the game. My touch and dribbling have come from playing Futsal.” Ronaldinho FIFA World Footballer of the year 2004-2005

Why Futsal for our schools?

Through extensive research of Futsal at junior and youth level throughout N.Z and the international community the conclusion was that schools are the ideal platform for player base growth and development. Futsal is the forefront of grassroots football development in great football nations such as Spain, Brazil and Argentina producing amazing results on the world football stage that players and coaches accredit to Futsal being played throughout their youth.

With Football as a whole being played by 75% of school age children in countries with very similar demographics such as Ireland the sport has successful strategies that we can utilise. FIFA recognize and support Futsal as key to successfully bringing young people into the game and just as importantly, retaining them.

Three key programme areas established:


With Football fast becoming the most common sport played in schools Futsal can play an integral part in shaping a Futsal “culture” within New Zealand as it has done in many of the great Football nations worldwide. Its Freestyle quality, easy to follow rules, small team numbers and being facility friendly with it able to be played in a number of environments make Futsal the ideal vehicle for growing player numbers.


To map a pathway of continuous participation and development there must be an established programme. It is vitally important that developmental windows are established within the college years. By linking schools, Futsal clubs/providers and New Zealand Football-Futsal you develop an established pathway to follow that can range from local and social to serious and international.

Futsal Education

Every player, coach, referee and administrator has the right to receive the education needed to attain the peak of their personal development. To develop player’s skill you must attain skilled coaches, referees and administrators. NZF-Futsal and our partner clubs/providers qualified staff will provide expert coaching to junior players and guide in school participants through the Coach/Referee/Administrator programme to ensure that growth in player numbers and skill is sustainable.

Piloting in Wellington 2010, National 2011

Contact NZF-Futsal Development Manager Dave Payne to learn more:

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