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The Solomons ‘Kurukuru’ Futsal team have one main contributing factor to their triumph – great teamwork.

They finished off this year’s OFC with maximum points by recording six wins and scoring 59 goals.

Captained by one of the region’s best players,Elliot Ragomo, the Kurukuru team could never have been in better hands.

He was also the top goal scorer at this year’s Oceania Futsal competition which earned him the Gold Boot award.

It is no wonder he is the team captain. Ragomo scored 15 goals.

The Kurukuru team is leading the Oceania region with their brilliant hat-trick action-packed maneuvers and awesomeness.

They won all their games in marvelous colours and showed they were of a league totally above the rest.

They wrapped up the OFC on Saturday evening when they beat Tuvalu 21-2 after captain Ragomo, scored six in the first half and then Micah Lea’alafa pushed four more with James Egeta and Matthius Saru scoring a hat-trick each.

Jack Wetney grabbed another alongside teammate Coleman Makau.

With the leadership and direction of Ragomo the Kurukuru team has risen in fame, glory and invincibility.

Ragomo said individuals played their roles to the best of their abilities.

He is firm when it comes to teamwork and says that every player has a job to do on the field and this must be achieved.

He has dedicated the wins to the future of his country.

The bond is a vital aspect of every team.

Their bond is an instrument of their power, strength and versatility.

Half the team played for more than six years.

Ragomo played football from a young age but when Futsal was first introduced to the country seven years ago, he took it up and has not looked back.

He made it to the national under-12 team and was appointed captain. He has been the captain of the Kurukuru team since the team was formed.

Together they have forged a great name for themselves and their country.

The confident and outspoken 18-year old is from Nusa Roviana village in the Western Province.

Last year’s Golden-Boot winner, Micah Lea’alafa scored five goals — an astounding improvement this year, with a record of 14 goals, one short of captain and best friend Ragomo.

Lea’alafa scored nine goals last year but as of day five of the OFC the 19-year old forward player beat his own record by a point.

The two players have been a force of strength for the Solomons team.

Their vast experience and developed sense of game has assisted them in becoming the best in the region.

Ragomo and Lea’alafa have been very good friends since they first meet in the national Futsal development team seven years ago. They are the best of friends with other team players, namely, Jack Wetney and Lenson Bisili and Jenan Kapu who have been in the team since they were all 11 or 12 years of age.

“We don’t have any secret to our game plan.

“It is just that we are always training together all the time and we understand how each other plays,” said Ragomo.

The captain recently completed his form seven at King George’s High School and attended the University of the South Pacific campus in Solomon where he was studying structural engineering.

This semester, Ragomo is taking a break from school so he can give his undivided attention to the sport he loves.

“I want to go to Sydney and study there,” said Ragomo.

Since the team started with their touring and competitions around the world, they have been quite a reckoning force.

On one such excursion, Ragomo used his skills and experience last year in Libya when he beat the world’s top goal scorer, Sam Sahid of the Iranian team.

Sahid had made 4 goals while Ragomo scored nine goals. The team was in Libya for the Alfateh Cup.

He hopes to continue with his futsal career for the Solomon Islands and continue his battle to assist in whatever way to help his nation.

As for Lea’alafa, this goal-lucky fellow has plans to continue in his career and become a professional futsal player.

Lea’alafa hails from Lauvali village in the Malaita Province.

He has a sister and five brothers who have always been there for him during his training times and competition days.

“They have always supported me and I am very happy and blessed,” said Lea’alafa.

He says that his ability to become the top scorer is due to his team mates giving him the opportunity to make the goals.

“We all work hard to win and I am proud of our team for being together even in tough situations,” said Lea’alafa.

He is still in High School at St. Johns in Honiara and is really looking forward to his professional career.

“We have a lot of bonding time and we pray together and stay together and it is great,” said Lea’alafa.

The boys have travelled together to Brazil, Australia, Libya and our country. The sport that they love has provided them with the opportunity to travel the world. They have met and played against some of the worlds best and this has provided them with the best type of exposure for their development.

Now with a third title resting firmly on their belts, the Kurukuru team is ready to take the world on and with stars in their eyes the boys are hoping for more competition in the near future as they target the highest echlons of futsal.

Their coach Dickson Kadau said that the experience gained at their many championships will serve greatly help the team’s preparations for the 2011 Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Qualifiers ahead of the 2012 FIFA Futsal World Cup.

There is no doubt that these players are already the reigning Kings of the Oceania.

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