Futsal side touches on skill (Fiji)

Fiji Times Online

Preparation from the Fiji Futsal side has been on par leading up to this weekend’s Oceania Football Confederation Futsal Championship.

Apart from a few problems the side still needs to work on, team technical advisor Scott Gilligan said preparations had been good.

“We had our camp and its been the first time for Futsal in Fiji and it’s been very good,” Gilligan said.

“At the moment we are working on certain areas of the game and that’s just the technique, they are struggling a little bit on that.

“And also we are working on our defencce and also the importance of communication, especially at the back.

“They definitely can play football and the movement of the ball is very good but it’s just those small areas that we are working on.”

Gilligan said there biggest threat was the Kurukurus from the Solomon Islands but they had strategies in place to shut down the powerful Solomon attack.

“They are our biggest threat at the moment but we have pin pointed certain players that we need to look out for,” Gilligan said.

“And also we need to decrease the spaces that they might use for attacking and we are also working on the defensive contact area of the game.”

He has high expectations of the boys and is confident they will do well and finish in the top three.

“I am definitely confident about this side and I am hoping for us to finish either second or third because New Zealand is on the same par as us but the Solomon Islanders are a different story all together.”

Gilligan called on the Fijian community to rally behind the Fiji side this weekend.

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