NSW Premier League Preview – Women


Many people thought last season was the most open and hard fought womens competition in many years.

They were right, but it is nothing compared to what this season will bring.

There are at least 5 clubs with title aspirations and rightfully so.

Enfield Rovers have continued on their merry way of recruiting some of the best players to their club and with Ernie Bivona leading the way the Rovers have a legitimate case to be one of the favourites.

The influential Nichole Laws, Kahlee Doyle and Tani Rosekelly have all remained at the Bankstown Sports Centre but will be donning the Green and black of the Rovers rather than the White and black of the Eagles this year.

Clare Tyson, Jenna Kingsley and Sarah Yatim have also joined the Rovers in what will be a very formidable team.

Last seasons Champions the Sydney City Eagles aren’t too concerned with the losses after their successful rebuilding plan.

Returning for another tilt at the title is ever present coach Roy Cowie and his band of leading ladies Player of the Year Fabiana Perfilio, Brooke Cowie, Amanda Bowering and Renee Tomkins but it is the return of prodigal “son” Jodie Bain that has all those at the Eagles mighty excited.

Tameka Wearing is also returning to the Eagles and the potential signing of a quality Goalkeeper formally of the W League should see the Eagles go very close to retaining last seasons title.

Campbelltown City Quake once again will be there.

After setting the season alight last year the young Quake girls faulted when it mattered most and will be hoping to go one better.

The young and exciting Quake side will once again be spearheaded by Stephanie Haim, Leesa Thompson and Claire Walsh. Tom Thompson’s girls could also have Caitlin Jarvie back in their line up depending on the W league. With another season under their belt, Quake could take what they think is rightfully theirs this season.

The Mascot Vipers, a side that only 2 seasons ago beat all and sundry and will once again be back battling for a crack at the title.

Once again Amanda Cergovski and Elyce Goss will be called upon to score the goals while Georgina Stylianou and Maniso Micheal will need to be contributors.

Doris Osman will always be the joker of the pack and the signing of Filiz Urkanci from the Western Raiders will strengthen an already strong team.

Joe Baldacci has taken over the reins at Inner West and his major off season delight was the resigning of Superstar Natalie Spirovski.

Any side with Spirovski in it has a chance.

Not at her best last season because of major injury Spirovski will be looking to get back to the form which saw her win consecutive Player of the Year awards.

Caridad, Scarlato, Horafios and Lo Giudice all return as do youngsters Dundovic and Petinos both of which played parts last season and with the recruiting of Sam Muscat and Ash Connor the Allstars should at least repeat their semi final appearance last season.

Dural Warriors were no ones easy beats last season and with Jackie Frier and Demelza Howard returning the Warriors were still a star short but they rectified that problem with the signing of Adriana “A.J” Cirjak.

The Young Warrior girls under the leadership of Brian Codrington shouldn’t be discounted this year.

Sydney Benfica like Dural will be hoping to push for a place in the top 4.

Coach Ian Skeogh returns and with new signings Effie Radopolous and Nina Blundell the Benfica side have the ability to scare most teams as do the Western Raiders.

The Raiders will field a young side and the return of Jess Hurst and Stephanie Haaring from Liverpool Fusion will help as will another former Fusionette in Jasmina Kasic.

Coach Mark Cotter is excited with his young team but knew he needed some experience and made a shrewd signing in the experienced Justine Mc Laughlin.

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