Under 12 Boys Sutherland vs. Breaker FC (NSW)

Sutherland Shire Futsal

Round 2 of the McDoanld’s Futsal Super League was a battle of the beaches South vs North, Sutherland vs. Breakers FC held at the Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen. Results and match reports from the day to follow;

Under 12 boys

The Futsal year kicked off with a win for the under 12 Sutherland team over Breakers 4-2. With the boys playing on a full size international Futsal court for the first time in their short Futsal careers, Coach Jim was happy with the boys first game performance and he is excited knowing they can only get better.

Good performances by all the boys with Scott and Connor solid as a rock at the back. Chichi, Simon and Sean were menacing with their attacking runs whilst Tom and Jackson supported with strong frontline performances. Our 2 goal keepers Sebastain and Mitchell rounded off the defence stronghold with both making key saves to keep Sutherland in front the whole game.

Our President Jonathan Simnett was as vocal in his support as always and congratulated the team and Jim in kicking off the year for the whole Sutherland Shire Futsal Association on the right foot.

Goal scorers Jackson 1, Sean 1 and Tom 2.

12 girls, Breakers 11 vs. SSFA 2
14 girls, Breakers 3 vs. SSFA 3
16 girls, Breakers 4 vs. SSFA 1
14 boys, Breakers 3 vs. SSFA 8
16 boys, Breakers 0 vs. 1 SSFA
Youth Men, Breakers 11 vs. 1 SSFA
Open Women, Breakers 6 vs. SSFA 3
Open Men, Breakers 3 vs. SSFA 3

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