Dural Invitational Official Results and Pics

Dural Warriors

A great weekend of futsal with some great goals.

Bayside Pirates must consider themselves unlucky not to come away with a win after leading 2-1 at half time in the game against Dural, 2-1 in the games against Quake and 2-2 in the game against Boomerangs. St. Albans Strikers made a dramatic comeback in the game against Quake, down 3-0 after 9 minutes after a lightning start by Martinez in the 1st and 3rd minutes, to score 2 goals in the first half with their second goal right on half time. A fourth goal in the 38th minute was not enough to draw the game.

Boomerangs Men showed their love for the game by travelled from Canberra at 5.00am to get to their first match by 9.00am. A hat trick by Walker was not enough to ensure a win however and St. Albans Strikers ran out the winners after an equally impressive hat trick by Redzepovic. In their second game against Dural, fatigue and the early start showed and the Dural Warriors had the luxury of playing their first keeper Josh Codrington on the pitch in the last 4 minutes to record his first goal of the season.

The Boomerangs Women’s team also made the long trip from Canberra and showed the class that won them the ACT Championships in their defeat of Bayside Pirates but the overall results showed the strength of the NSW teams with Quake and Dural winning all their matches.

Results of the weekend matches.


Dural Warriors 5 St. Albans Strikers 2

Goal Scorers Dural : Biczo 1, Merrin 1, Lawson 2, Caruana 1
St. Albans Strikers : Salcin 1, Spijodic 1
Referees : Lee, Backo, Bruce, Jeshe


Dural Warriors 6 Bayside Pirates 2

Goal Scorers Dural : Howard 2, Brown 1, Kraft 1, Dudman 1, Killey 1
Bayside Pirates : Mortellaro 1, Vatcky 1
Referees : Bruce, Shahabbi, Backo, Venhuzen


St. Albans Strikers 7 Boomerangs 5

Goal Scorers St. Albans Strikers : Redzepovic 3, Ikanovic 1, Grgic 2, Borchert 1
Boomerangs : Smith 1, Walker 3, Lee 1
Referees : Lee, Skinner, Shahabbi, Jones


Bayside Pirates 3 Boomerangs 5

Goal Scorers Bayside Pirates : Patrikis 1, Leland 1, Woods 1
Boomerangs : Roche 2, Bovucinski 1, Jones 1, Spinapolice 1
Referees : Allen, MacPherson, Williams, Medway


St. Albans Strikers 4 Quake 5

Goal Scorers St. Albans Strikers : Salcin 1, Redzepovic 1, Borchert 1, Portelli 1
Quake : Martinez 2, McAndrew 1, McGinc 1, Keith 1
Referees : Skinner, Shahabbi, Moore, Codling


Quake 4, Bayside Pirates 2

Goal Scorers Quake : Javie, Redman, Haim, Walsh
Bayside Pirates : Patrikis 1, Mortellaro 1
Referees : Williams, Allen, Medway, MacPherson


Dural Warriors 12 Boomerangs 1

Goals not recorded
Referees : Moore, Lee, Skinner, Irvine


Dural Warriors 7 Boomerangs 2

Goal Scorers Dural : Cirjak 1, Frier 2, Brown 2, Kraft 1, Killey 1
Boomerangs : Spinapolice 1, Collins 1
Referees : MacPherson, Medway, Allen, Codling

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