Mounties affiliates with Football NSW Futsal

Football NSW

Football NSW Futsal is proud to announce this week an official affiliation with Mounties.

Mounties which participates in the Southern Districts Football Association – boasts a strong player registration base with up to 800 players registered with the club.

Mounties have recently renovated a bowling green at Fairfield Bowling Club in order to offer a Futsal service for its members and general public that are interested in participating in the sport of Futsal.

The traditional sport of Futsal is played on a hard surface in an indoor arena, though with indoor centres becoming less accessible, the sport of Futsal is turning to alternative methods in order to promote the sport. Mounties have taken the initiative to turn a bowling green into a Futsal sized court in order to run Futsal competitions for local enthusiasts as well as recreational players in the Southern Districts area.

Mounties currently has competitive teams represented at state level (State League Division One), youth level (NSW Super Youth League) and Association level.

Football NSW Futsal Manager Troy McColl was elated with the recent affiliation with Mounties which he believed was a step in the right direction in the continual promotion of the sport.

“This is great initiative taken from Mounties in expanding the game of Futsal into an unorthodox arena.

“The Southern Districts area has a great passion for football in general and up until now has been restricted to participate in Futsal due to a lack of facilities.

“The Football NSW Futsal department will work closely with Mounties to help assist nurturing the sport of Futsal through their new facility. If this venture is successful who knows we may see more of these facilities built for Futsal use, which will only help increase the popularity of the sport.”

Mounties President Kevin Ingram was also positive with the affiliation.

“We are delighted to be working with Football NSW to be the first to launch Futsal outdoors for the people of South Western Sydney.

“It couldn’t be better timing with daylight savings now in place.

“Sport is the backbone of Mounties culture and I encourage men, women and children of all ages to register and try this fun, fast paced game.”

Competitions will begin on Monday 8 November 2010.

Mounties will be conducting a registration day on Saturday 6th November at Fairfield Bowling Club between 11am to 4pm.

If you would like to register before that date or would like more information please contact the Football NSW Futsal Department phone: 8814 4461 or email:

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