New Referee Entrance Courses (NSW)

NSW Futsal Referees Association

The NSW Futsal Referees Association is pleased to be able to announce another referees’ entrance courses on Sunday, October 10th on the Northern Beaches.

The course is a single day and runs from 1pm until around 8pm.

Course costs are $150 for seniors (born on or before 31 August 1993) and $100 for juniors (not born after 31 August 1998).

The cost of the course includes 12 months membership to the NSW Futsal Referees Association which allows you to be appointed to all Football NSW futsal competitions and provides you with the FFA and FNSW Futsal Referee’s badges for your kit (referees kit not included in fees).

Course participants are required to participate in a practical session before becoming accredited unless they have other equivalent experience (such as refereeing football).

You can indicate your interest by sending an e-mail to us using the feedback link on the top left of this page. You will be provided more information once we receive your e-mail.

If you are a member of a Football Referees Association and wish to have a course run in your area, we can provide the course assuming you have ten or more participants.

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