NSW Premier League : Eagles vs Quake

Sydney City Eagles

Today the Eagles edged out Quake 15 Championship points to 12.

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U12 Boys 7 – 4 Win

Eagles played good futsal but were caught out twice on counter attack and went down 2 – 0 early. But the boys rallied and went to the break 2 goals a piece. Eagles dominated the second half and ran out worthy winners 7 – 4.

U12 Girls 3 – 1 Win

Great defence by both teams kept the game scoreless at halftime. Some great saves again by the Eagles keeper. Quake came out firing after the break. A great shot was brilliantly saved by the Eagles keeper but unfortunately the rebound was put away by Quake. Eagles came back strong and scored 3 unanswered goals.

U14 Boys 4 – 2 Win

Quake scored first in a tight half of futsal. Our boys took their chances and scored twice to go into the break leading 2- 1. After the break Quake equalised early and could have scored more but for two great 10m penalty saves but Blake. In the end the boys played solid and ran out winners 4 – 2.

U14 Girls 2 – 3 Loss

Not a good day for the previously unbeaten U14 Girls. The game started poorly with a goal conceded in the 1st minute. The girls went to the break 3 – 1 down. Eagles rallied in the 2nd half but just could not get the ball in the net. In the end the game finished 2 – 3 loss.

U16 Boys 2 – 5 Loss

Its was a disappointing first half for the U16 Boys. They conceded two early goals and then went to 5 fouls. The later costing them 2 more goals via 10 metre penalties. Eagles went into the break 4 – 0 down. The 2nd half was much better with Eagles scoring 2 goals to 1, but it was a case of too little too late.

U16 Girls 4 – 3 Win

The U16 girls conceded an early goal but dominated the rest of the half and went into the break leading 2 – 1. The girls were cruising 3 -1 up and let the Quakes girls back into the match, conceding 2 goals. With less than a minute to play the Eagles scored a great goal to close out the match 4 – 3.

Youth 3 – 4 Loss

This was a game that got away from the boys today. They started slow and just could not catch a break in the first half and went into half time 4 – 1 down. They dominated the 2nd half, scoring twice and hitting the metal work many more times. In the end it was a disappointing 3- 4 loss.

Women 1 – 5 Loss

The Eagles ladies came up against a quality Quake team today and could never get into top gear. They trailed 2 – 0 at the break and Quake were just too good in the 2nd and ran out winners 5 – 1.

Men 6 – 2 Win

A fantastic win by the Men today against the reigning champions. The highlight of the first half was the great display between the sticks by both keepers. Eagles went into the break 2 – 1 up after trailing 1- 0 early. The 2nd half saw a dazzling display by the Eagles scoring 5 goals. First class performance by Spath in goals frustrated Quake as the boys ran out winners 6 – 2.

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  1. In regards to the U/14s girls game between Eagles and Quake it has to be mentioned that the referee was shocking.Not taking any merits away from the Quake girls.Full credit to them.They played a very tactical game and it paid off for them.Good win and congratulations for beating the best side in the 14s comp.Back to the ref,disgusting perfomance.I would even go as far as calling him a coward.He had some personal issues with some of the eagles girls and he took these issues into the court.Persons like this individual shouldn’t be allowed to referee.He acted with malice.

  2. Having been involved in the wonderful game of Futsal for many years now I am still amazed to find comments such as these in such an open forum. Now I know that I do not know the exact details of what happened during the game but if you have problem with the guy why don’t you try submitting a formal complaint. But no you choose to instead slander the person in a public forum in a way that is only going to give the club a bad name! Oh and the referee acted with malice? I would love to hear exactly how they did that…. Because if that is true (which I highly doubt, it is more likely just your lack of knowledge for the English language) it should be reported.

  3. I wasn’t about to delve into the hypocrisy of the comment from lb, I simply love the fact this person has no idea how big an idiot they have made themselves look

  4. It’s interesting to see when a team is beaten by a better team on the day how it’s always the referee that officiated poorly or with Malice. I was at Windsor and must say the referee quality was very good for the whole weekend considering their long shifts.

  5. I would agree that the Futsal Refereeing is generally of a very high standard.

    I think there were some issues in the youger age groups that weekend.

    I don’t think a public forum is the best place to air these issues or to attack the person that raised them.

    I know the referees are reviewing the videos so lets leave it with them.

  6. the referee was outstanding that game, he played fair, the sydney city team was just dirty and the ref pulled it up, and sydney city have to find some sort of exuse because they lost..

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