Strikers scrape home in thriller (VIC)

St Albans Strikers

In round 2 action in the Melbourne Futsal League the Strikers have kept top position on the ladder by coming from behind to win 4:3. The Strikers left it late by scoring 2 goals in the last 30 seconds in an amazing fight back to defeat a courageous Melbourne. It was a typical start by the Strikers early in the game dominating posession and Dino Redzepovic was particularly damaging going forward with two goals. However the Strikers seemed to put the foot off the pedal allowing a gritty Melbourne to get back into the game with a well placed freekick that found the back of the net.

In the second half it was again Melbourne who had the momentum, and the coaching staff were definetely getting worried when Melbourne added another two goals in a pulsating second half. Both teams went down to 4 players with a player each sent off, following an unfortunate altercation. However the Strikers never gave up and settled on the big man – small man forward line of Spijodic and Borchert and the forward thrusts of defenders Vasilevski and Grgic to try to rescue the team in the last few minutes. Just as all looked lost a defensive error saw Vasilevski drive home a low shot into the net with 30 seconds left on the clock. Straight from the kickoff the Melbourne players made another mistake trying to dribble past Mark Borchert who intercepted the ball and laid it off to the running Grgic to place home another shot into the corner of the net with less than 10 seconds letft. The Strikers players jumping with joy after the final buzzer after literally coming back from the dead.

The Strikers regain important players Alija Redzepovic, Ricardo Castro and Ivan Zilic for the match of the round next week against the Inner City Lions. However they have lost influential winger Husmir Ikanovic through suspension.

RESULT: St Albans Strikers 4 Melbourne 3

Strikers – D Salcin (Yellow card), T Grgic (1 goal), H Ikanovic (Red Card), D Redzepovic (2 goals), I Spijodic (Yellow card), M Borchert, A Vasilevski (1 goal), Admir Kolakovic (Yellow card), Jusuf Avdic, Liam Digby

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  1. despite the win the strikers need to be ruthless in front of goal, finishing was lacking as well as speed, the strikers thought they could out muscle Melbourne on sat, they should have used the speed they had on the bench eg, Mark B comes on with 2 mins to go and with his pace and quick thinking sets up two goals.

    Just abit of constructive criticism.

  2. Strikers v Lions: Round 3 MFL: I thought the pace was good tonight. 7 goals as well was a good outcome with multiple goal scorers. And a good contest between 2 quality sides.

  3. I agree. Thats why he comes off the bench – to give spark. He even knows his position in the squad. Unfortunately he will miss most of the games due to work committments.

    The Strikers as a mens team has played Victorian opposition 12 times in the past year. 10 wins 1 draw and 1 loss. I think the coaching staff and players know how to get the best out of their players.

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