Timberwolves go top as ACTAS fall to Vogue (ACT)

Capital Football Futsal

ACTAS’ unbeaten start to the season has ended with a 1-2 defeat to Tuggeranong United Vogue in a midweek catch-up match in the JOMA Women’s Premier League. The result means ACTAS have dropped to third in the ladder with only two points separating the top four.

Goals from Michelle Thompson and a thirteenth strike of the season from Kim Crocker was enough for the Vogue to claim all three points with the usually prolific ACTAS attack reduced to a solitary strike from Sophie Kochinos in reply. In what was an amazing match the Vogue were under pressure towards the end but held on for a victory that their play throughout the majority of the match deserved.

With ACTAS losing, WVFC Timberwolves claimed top-spot for the first time this year after a comfortable 7-1 win over Belconnen United. Emma Thornton and Emily Forner both scored twice for the Timberwolves with further goals coming from Erin Clout, Kelsey Perry and the league’s leading scorer, Hope Wilkins, whose strike was her fifteenth goal of the season. In reply Rhianna Goldstein scored for an outclassed Belconnen who battled bravely but were no match for the victorious Timberwolves.

Boomerangs FS steady rise continued as they were 3-1 winners over Players FC. The experienced team scored goals through Eliza Borucinski, Becky Roche and Dianne Wilson to see off Players FC for whom Emily Carnevale found the target in response. The Boomerangs, who have lost only once this season to date, now trail league leaders the Timberwolves by goal difference only.

In the battle between the bottom two teams, the honours were shared as Tuggeranong United and Belconnen United Sparks drew 3-3. The Tuggeranong ‘Blue Steel’ was leading 3-1 until the final minutes when the Sparks hit back to record a draw and a share of the points. Katherine McFadyen continued her recent good form with a double and Phoebe Sutherland scored for the second match in succession for United. Brittany Tully bagged a brace for the Sparks with their third goals netted by Laura Sofoulis.


Wednesday 1st December 2010

Tuggeranong United 3 (Katherine McFadyen (2), Phoebe Sutherland) Belconnen United Sparks 3 (Brittany Tully (2), Laura Soufolis)

Tuggeranong United: 15. Kelly Barnes (gk), 3. Katherine McFadyen, 4. Sigourney Dunk, 5. Aleisha Tupper, 7. Mikaela Dal Cortivo, 9. Emilie Adams, 10. Nikki Harvey, 11. Phoebe Sutherland

Belconnen United Sparks: 9. Tahlia Gash (gk), 2. Sarah Murcutt, 3. Kiley Green, 10. Brittany Tully, 13. Laura Sofoulis, 16. Chloe Gash

Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: None

WVFC Timberwolves 7 (Emma Thornton (2), Emily Forner (2), Erin Clout, Kelsey Perry, Hope Wilkins) Belconnen United 1 (Rhianna Goldstein)

WVFC Timberwolves: 18. Gill Raymond (gk), 5. Hope Wilkins, 7. Erin Clout, 9. Kelsey Perry, 13. Emma Thornton, 14. Emily Forner, 15. Erin Frewin

Belconnen United: 1. Ilahna Aitchison (gk), 2. Olivia Gurney, 7. Ellie Weston, 8. Rhianna Goldstein, 13. Jessica McEwna, 16. Emma Heaney

Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: 5. Hope Wilkins (WVFC Timberwolves)

Tuggeranong United Vogue 2 (Michelle Thompson, Kim Crocker) ACTAS 1 (Sophie Kochinos)

Tuggeranong United Vogue: 4. Luisa Marzotto (gk), 2. Kim Crocker, 7. Michelle Thompson, 10. Aniko Berguno, 11. Nicole Somi, 13. Natalie Lacey, 14. Sabrina Spinapolice

ACTAS: 3. Hayley Armstrong, 5. Sophie Kochinos, 11. Natalie De Marco, 13. Catherine Brown, 16. Siena Senatore, 19. Lauren Keir, 20. Ashleigh Palombi

Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: 13. Natalie Lacey (Tuggeranong United Vogue), 16. Siena Senatore (ACTAS)

Boomerangs FS 3 (Eliza Borucinski, Becky Roche, Dianne Wilson) Players FC 1 (Emily Carnevale)

Boomerangs FS: 16. Klare Manenica (gk), 3. Daniela Wilsener, 5. Dianne Wilson, 4. Laura Jones, 6. Becky Roche, 7. Eliza Borucinski, 8. Amanda Aurousseau

Players FC: 1. Tahlia Davidson (gk), 4. Georgina Bailey, 5. Hayley Buckingham, 6. Emily Carnevale, 7. Joanne Lee, 12. Kendell Smith

Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: None


1WVFC Timberwolves107214720+2725
2Boomerangs FS107213313+2025
4Tuggeranong United Vogue107124720+2723
5Players FC103072539-159
6Belconnen United102171349-368
7Belconnen United Sarks91172142-215
8Tuggeranong United90271050-404

3 points per win, 2 points per score draw, 1 point per no score draw


15 Hope Wilkins (WVFC Timberwolves)

13 Kim Crocker (Tuggeranong United Vogue)

12 Ashleigh Palombi (ACTAS), Sabrina Spinapolice (Tuggeranong United Vogue)

9 Catherine Brown (ACTAS)

8 Sally Rojahn (ACTAS), Sarah Crittenden, Becky Roche (both Boomerangs FS), Emma Thornton (WVFC Timberwolves)

7 Brittany Tully (Belconnen United Sparks), Luisa Marzotto (Tuggeranong United Vogue), Erin Clout (WVFC Timberwolves)

6 Natalie De Marco (ACTAS), Laura Sofoulis (Belconnen United Sparks), Michelle Thompson (Tuggeranong United Vogue)

5 Eleanor Raymond (ACTAS), Jess McEwan (Belconnen United), Aurelia Bullot (Players FC),

4 Rebecca Collins (Boomerangs FS), Hayley Buckingham (Players FC), Katherine McFadyen (Tuggeranong United), Emily Forner (WVFC Timberwolves)

3 Hayley Armstrong, Lauren Keir, Sophie Kochinos, Meg McLaughlin (all ACTAS), Courtney Atwood (Belconnen United), Kiley Green (Belconnen United Sparks), Eliza Borucinski, Laura Jones (both Boomerangs FS), Nicole Somi, Snez Veljanovska (both Tuggeranong United Vogue), Isabella Boag-Taylor, Krista Hagen (both WVFC Timberwolves)

2 Julia De Angelis (ACTAS), Ilahna Aitchison, Rhianna Goldstein (both Belconnen United), Jessica Goyne (Belconnen United Sparks), , Gemma Matheson (Players FC), Phoebe Sutherland, Aleisha Tupper (both Tuggeranong United), Natalie Lacey (Tuggeranong United Vogue)

1 Siena Senatore (ACTAS), Emma Heaney, Thea Wilkinson-Shore (both Belconnen United), Chloe Gash, Shiann Moore, Sarah Murcutt (all Belconnen United Sparks), Amanda Aurousseau, Dianne Wilson (both Boomerangs FS), Georgina Bailey, Emily Carnevale, Joanne Lee (Players FC), Sarah Cox, Sigourney Dunk (both Tuggeranong United), Aniko Berguno (Tuggeranong United Vogue), Kelsey Perry, Gill Raymond (both WVFC Timberwolves)

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