WVFC Timberwolves stun holders in JOMA PL (ACT)

Capital Football Futsal

Belconnen’s chances of retaining their JOMA Futsal Premier League crown have taken a major blow as they succumbed to a shock 2-1 defeat to WVFC Timberwolves in Round Thirteen played at Woden Indoor Stadium on Wednesday evening.

The Timberwolves stunned the Blue Devils by recording only their second win of the season in a tight match in which Belconnen were guilty of missing ample opportunities to take something tangible from the contest. Kole Aitken and Evan Steele were the Timberwolves goal heroes with goalkeeper John Noja making some outstanding saves to preserve their narrow advantage. Jason O’Dwyer did net for the Blue Devils, his fifteenth goal of the year, but it wasn’t enough to gain even a draw. The reigning champions head into the final round next week three points clear of Cooma Tigers but with a worse goal difference and know a win is vital if they are to make the finals.

There were no such problems for the Canberra Olympic Supercats who made the most of the suspension of regular Cooma Tigers goalkeeper Francois Bangweni by smashing nine goals past his plucky replacement Nik Mikac in a resounding 9-2 victory. The competition’s leading scorers, Elia Salloum and Scott Manson, both grabbed a hat-trick to take their totals to 25 and 22 respectively, with Lee Pietrukowski (2) and Adrian Dowling adding the other goals and keeping the Supercats huge twelve point lead at the top of the ladder intact. A brace from Goran Josifovski, who now has ten for the season, was of little consequence to the final outcome.

The Canberra City Prawns excellent run continued with a hard-fought 7-4 win over Boomerangs FS in an entertaining encounter at ANU. A hat-trick from George Cattanach was the highlight with a brace from Futsalroo international Pat Ross-Magee and goals from Chris Lee and Trent Flanigan ultimately proving the difference in a fluid match. The Boomerangs, who have struggled to hit the heights for much of 2010, did manage four goals of their own in reply from Steven Klug (2), Travis Dries and Sam Smith. The win means the Prawns have a four point lead over their nearest challengers in second place.

TUFC Gunners look likely to end the season third following a 6-4 win over ANU FC in another ding-dong affair. The Gunners, who have the potential to win the competition on their day, struck half a dozen times to see off the students with Luke Fattore leading the way with a double. The rest of the goals were shared amongst the squad with single strikes to each of Martin Corujo, Tim Mathas, Jackson Kupke and Peter McLachlan. Lukas Cole led the scoring for ANU FC with a hat-trick, he now has seven for the season, whilst Phillip Mackay took his personal tally into double figures with the other ANU goal.


Wednesday 8th December 2010

Canberra Olympic Supercats 9 (Elia Salloum (3), Scott Manson (3), Lee Pietrukowski (2), Adrian Dowling) Cooma Tigers 2 (Goran Josifovski (2))

Canberra Olympic Supercats: 1. Angelo Konstantinou (gk), 4. Adrian Dowling, 5. Elia Salloum, 6. Matthew Whyte, 7. Tom Rogic, 8. Scott Manson, 11. Lee Pietrukowski, 23. Peter Farrelly

Cooma Tigers: 10. Nik Mikac (gk), 4. Tony Aleksovski, 7. Marcial Munoz, 10. Goran Josifovski, 11. Misko Naumoski, 14. Dominique Labutte

Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: 23. Peter Farrelly (Canberra Olympic Supercats), 7. Marcial Munoz (Cooma Tigers)

Canberra City Prawns 7 (George Cattanach (3), Pat Ross-Magee (2), Chris Lee, Trent Flanigan) Boomerangs FS 4 (Steven Klug (2), Travis Dries, Sam Smith)

Canberra City Prawns: 12. Kieran Stroh (gk), 1. Pat Ross-Magee, 3. Ryan Kyprianou, 7. Chris Lee, 8. Ryan Keir, 9. George Cattanach, 10. Trent Flanigan, 14. Rory Devlin

Boomerangs FS: 1. Ashley Collins (gk), 3. Travis Dries, 6. Sam Smith, 7. Evan Ekin-Smyth, 8. Kristian Collins, 9. Steven Klug

Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: None

WVFC Timberwolves 2 (Kole Aitken, Evan Steele) Belconnen United 1 (Jason O’Dwyer)

WVFC Timberwolves: 1. John Noja (gk), 4. Ludovic Papin, 7. Evan Steele, 8. Jeoff Noja, 10. Matt Davoren, 13. Kole Aitken, 14. Ben Harrington, 17. Grant Davoren

Belconnen United: 7. Ben Klug (gk), 3. David Kemp, 4. Dustin Wells, 5. Taylor Beaton, 8. Cameron Reinhart, 9. Jason O’Dwyer, 10. Jason Farrell, 15. Callum Beaton

Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: None

TUFC Gunners 6 (Luke Fattore (2), Martin Corujo, Tim Mathas, Jackson Kupke, Peter McLachlan) ANU FC 4 (Lukas Cole (3), Phillip Mackay)

TUFC Gunners: 1. Matt McDonald (gk), 3. Tim Mathas, 5. Matt Menser, 7. Jackson Kupke, 8. Luke Fattore, 9. Martin Corujo, 10. Peter McLachlan, 11.James McLachlan, 15. Simon Badman

ANU FC: 1. Matthew Bevacqua (gk), 2. Callum Smith, 4. Sam Carters, 5. Angus Patterson, 6. William Sheppard, 8. Adrian Stroh, 10. Phillip Mackay, 13. Lukas Cole

Discipline: YELLOW CARDS: 6. William Sheppard (ANU FC)


1Canberra Olympic Supercats1313009427+6739
2Canberra City Prawns138145438+1626
3Tuggeranong United Gunners136255143+822
4Belconnen United135265051-119
5Cooma Tigers134274544+116
6ANU FC134273755-1816
7Boomerangs FS133283470-3613
8WVFC Timberwolves132382864-3612

3 points per win, 2 points per score draw, 1 point per no score draw


25 Elia Salloum (Canberra Olympic Supercats)

22 Scott Manson (Canberra Olympic Supercats)

19 Tom Rogic (Canberra Olympic Supercats)

16 Pat Ross-Magee (Canberra City Prawns)

15 Jason O’Dwyer (Belconnen United)

14 Tony Aleksovski (Cooma Tigers)

11 Taylor Beaton (Belconnen United), Lee Pietrukowski (Canberra Olympic Supercats)

10 Phillip Mackay (ANU FC), Goran Josifovski (Cooma Tigers)

9 Matt Menser (TUFC Gunners)

8 Dustin Wells (Belconnen United), George Cattanach (Canberra City Prawns), Adrian Dowling (Canberra Olympic Supercats), Luke Fattore (TUFC Gunners)

7 Lukas Cole, William Sheppard (both ANU FC), David Kemp (Belconnen United), Travis Dries (Boomerangs FS), Trent Flanigan (Canberra City Prawns), Martin Corujo (TUFC Gunners), Kole Aitken (WVFC Timberwolves)

6 Glenn Smith (Boomerangs FS), Misko Naumsoki (Cooma Tigers), Simon Badman, Jackson Kupke, James McLachlan (all TUFC Gunners), Ben Harrington (WVFC Timberwolves)

5 Adrian Stroh (ANU FC), Steven Klug, Sam Smith (both Boomerangs FS), Peter McLachlan (TUFC Gunners)

4 Angus Patterson, Sam Carters (both ANU FC), Nathan Walker (Boomerangs FS), Rory Devlin (Canberra City Prawns), Peter Farrelly (Canberra Olympic Supercats), Ryan Keir, Ryan Kyprianou (both Canberra City Prawns), Dale Schoon (Cooma Tigers), Grant Davoren, Evan Steele (both WVFC Timberwolves)

3 Jason Farrell, Cameron Reinhart (both Belconnen United), Kristian Collins, Michael Reeves, (both Boomerangs FS), Chris Lee (Canberra City Prawns), Matthew Whyte (Canberra Olympic Supercats), Iain Elliot, Marcial Munoz, Kitsana Muongsene (all Cooma Tigers), Antoni Jagarinec (TUFC Gunners),

2 Callum Beaton (Belconnen United), Adrian Vizzari (Canberra City Prawns), Tim Denne, Jeoff Noja (both WVFC Timberwolves)

1 Callum Smith (ANU FC), Ash Harris (Belconnen United), Ashley Collins (Boomerangs FS), Danny Macor (Canberra City Prawns), Angelo Konstantinou (Canberra Olympic Supercats), Roger Cua (Cooma Tigers), Tim Mathas (TUFC Gunners), Matt Davoren, Ludovic Papin, Steve Zardo (all WVFC Timberwolves), own goals

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