2011 FFA Nationals Mens Grand Final Video Highlights

James Brackenrig

James Brackenrig has made available 2011 Grand Final highlights of the Mens Match, NSW Thunder vs Victoria.

Full time score was 2-2, with NSW Thunder going on to win 3-2 on Penalties.

Check out the footage below. Click through to also view it in High Definition!

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  1. Unfortunate ending for the vic’s. Showed that they could match it with the other states. But i wonder what we would have finished if fernando had opted for vikings instead of vic. Does anyone know why he played in canberra this yr instead of sydney?

  2. Congrats and Well done Thunder, But a massive: well done to Victoria they played very well, I watched every second and would of paid to do so. As for Fernando, well how can he not be the MVP of the tournament?

  3. Can anyone comment on how adam husseni of tasmania won MVP? and the Victorian Gk, dianoosh haha bloody smartass he is, too bad it came to kick him in the ass. As for the better standard of competition, i would probably have to agree this year. However, i do this the top vikings teams would match it with the top ffa teams. vic vipers + the qld team that didnt compete this year.

  4. MelbVictory88, my only guess would be that as A.Husseni played for a weak Tasmania, and was by fair their best and most influential player, the opposing teams coach would give him the full 3 points each game??

  5. Dont you just wish the nationals of Vikings and FFA were not at the same time, Victoria could easily send 2-3 very competitive sides with players from both sides of the fence available for both competitions.

  6. Tournament MVP.
    Coach votes for the best players in the opposition team, each game.

    This system favours players who are a cut above their team mates. They may or may not be the best player in the age group.

  7. MelbVictory88 it would be wonderful to see the top teams from each association going up against each other. I would pay to see that.

    Pity it will never happen due to the politics, bullying and costs that regularly come into play at that top level.

  8. futsalfan, i would pay to watch that too. does anyone know why qld didnt take part in the nationals this year. I would probably rate them as one of the, or even the best team in oz.

  9. Id also pay to see the best of ffa vs vikings, i heard without fernando on either side the ffa vic played vikings vic just before they left for nationals and vikings won 4-1, cant say that proves anything, its just a statistic…
    I was informed Qld vikings didnt participate at nationals in mens due to a last minute fall apart between the team due to being screwed around by someone in vikings..a few of the team represented other teams, with some playing for tas, wa and northern nsw.

    Im not taking any sides over it, i play for both associations at high levels in mens, i rely think both associations are equally strong when theres full participation from each of the states

  10. haha well victoria (vikings) beat victoria (ffv) 4-1, tasmania (vikings) would wipe the floor with tasmania (fft) as apparently the whole fft team played as a team in the local hobart vikings comp and got smacked, the west australian team in vikings was quality, the nsw teams would be on par and obviously qld are stronger with vikings so other than sth australia (who were rubbish) and act (who hold it) on the whole vikings is stronger. The facilities for the final look better, the standard of the final in vikings was not great but thats the style of game milton and victoria set out to make it to give them a chance, the best two sides in the vikings comp got knocked out before the finals which shows the difference. vikings vs ffa bring it on.

  11. Falcao,
    You are really having a lend of yourself!!
    Surely you don’t believe the Nsw Vikings Open Mens teams are on par with the Nsw FFA Open Mens teams??
    And as for the Vikings Western Australian mens team they might be one of the stronger teams at the Vikings Nationals but seriously they would not make the top 8 (quarter finals) at the FFA competition. The top two teams in the country would be Nsw Thunder & Act Cobras who both participate at the FFA Nationals, their record of National Title wins speaks for itself!

  12. Well u cant look at the past, seeing as futsal is developing more in the recent years…also think how much ffa dominate futsal in nsw and act…vikings never got large there, even ffa qld wud be stronger than vikings nsw, which is pretty shameful.
    Nsw thunder and Act Cobras, are almost one of the strongest teams each state can possibly contribute. Yet they struggled to a Victorian team that showed they can match the best, with a team that isnt even the greatest players from that state, without fernando, vikings vic are much stronger than ffa vic..imagine what would have happened if Vikings Vic came to ffa nationals, with fernando. Could have been a much different story.
    Still there only statistics, you cant just say one association is better than the other…

  13. I agree with futsal4life, vic vipers with fernando + qld vikings would be the two best sides in australia. NSW thunder and ACT cobras are strong teams no doubt, but u can go past the two vikings teams. Fenn, richardson, mu, fernando…just to name a few.

  14. Victoria played the most attractive futsal during the week long tournament and only the experience of Simon Keith, Garry O’Brian and co. was the difference in the final, equalizing with 11 sec of xtime. as far as the penalties go, its just pot luck.
    Ive been told this is the 1st time any mens Victorian side has made the grand final, in 32 years. Well done to the squad, and dont let anybody tell you otherwise.
    also Garry O’Brian (GK) was the best on ground in the GF.
    he saved almost everything.

  15. Melbvictory88 & futsal4life,
    Instead of arguing about varied opinions, let the results speak for themselves.
    If you remember correctly both Qld Vikings & Victoria Vipers teams use to both play in the FFA Nationals before Vikings went out as their own association approximately 3 years ago.
    Can you recall either of them winning an FFA Nationals in the Open Mens division in the last 10 years? If my memory serves me correctly (don’t quote me) but I don’t remember Qld winning one since approx 1990.
    I’m guessing Fernando was persuaded by Steve Knight to play at the FFA Nationals to be eligible for Australian Selection, the real Australian team, not an Australian Vikings touring team that goes overseas on a futsal holiday at the players cost and as per usual the team that is selected originally never goes because the better players can’t afford it.

    It’s obvious Fernando is a quality player but you neglected to mention Qld’s best players in Ngaulafe & Haydon, where did you get Fenn and Richardson from?????

    For a so called weaker Victorian team (the FFA Vic team) they achieved something that the Vic Vipers have never managed to do and that is to make an FFA final appearance!

  16. Futsal4Vic,
    It’s Gavin O’ Brien (not Garry) who is the Nsw Thunder Keeper.
    I thought the FFA Victorian team was decent and deserved to make the final this year.

  17. Hey Samba,

    The current vipers team is pretty much made up of the former vic youth players and never played seniors until the vipers broke out into their own team. The only surviving players of the actually senior team are fernando & pedic and recently, gary stone.

    As for the qld team, from what i can tell, ngaulfe is still playing overseas thus i didnt include him in my SMALL list of players. I mentioned Fenn as i personally rate him and as for richardson, if u watch him play, he is vital in the qld cog.

    I meant no disrespect to the FFA vic team but as with both VIC teams, without fernando they are both average teams lacking that power/creativity that only fernando can provide.

  18. sorry I meant Gavin not Garry thanks for correcting me, Gavin is an excellent keeper.
    Anyway bottom line is futsal can only get better and its great to see it developing.
    It would be good to see qld, wa & so on.. playing, but until then its very hard to believe that they are better, then what was on show in Canberra.

  19. This has got to be a laugh? Why can’t someone organise Vikings vs FFA in men and women? Do it!!! It would be superb!!! From the comments above it just shows that FFA is only made up of ACT, NSW and a 2nd rate victorian team.

  20. The FFA teams were ACT 21 teams, Northern NSW 9 teams, NSW 35 teams, Queensland 13 teams, South Australia 10 teams, Southern NSW 11 teams, Tasmania 2 teams, Victoria 18 teams, WA 13 teams. Also participating were teams from NZ and the Solomon Islands. Full credit to Capital Football for a job well done.

  21. Falcao, everyone has their opinions, here is mine-

    “haha well victoria (vikings) beat victoria (ffv) 4-1” – An understrength ffv side if you compare it to the video above in the article, (excluding fernando for both teams, I believe they are on par and 2-2 would be a fair result)

    “Tasmania (vikings) would wipe the floor with tasmania (fft)” – Wholeheartedly agree

    “The west australian team in vikings was quality”, Quality, but not amazing and would bow out quarter final in FFA nationals.

    “The nsw teams would be on par” – FFA by far stronger. By a mile.

    “Qld are stronger with vikings” Agreed Falcao, ps. where was the QLD FFQ/FFA team at Nationals for mens?

    “Sth australia (who were rubbish)”, tactically rubbish, technically they were fine, they can learn if FFSA got act together

    “and act (who hold it)” – Agreed, would be weaker if they had to pay and travel. So cant really judge.

    “The facilities for the final look better,” – Of all your points Falcao I disagree with you on the most here, I have seen the Vikings footage, and can honestly not comprehend how you can say that the Vikings facilities were better? Please enlighten me, the AIS main arena as an example, is by far the best I have seen in Aus for futsal. Including all the facilities the players would have access to, (top class staff, pools, recovery sessions {?can these be used?})

    The standard of the final in vikings was not great” – I agree, I didnt enjoy it at all for the style played, that wasnt futsal to me.

    “Vikings vs ffa bring it on.” – Powers at be, organise it please!

    “on the whole vikings is stronger.” Disagree (at an elite level), I thoroughly enjoy Vikings efforts at a participation level.

    For me –

    Vikings Stronger in –
    Qld, WA, where is the FFA presence? anyone?, we cant compare, though I grant QLD Vikings would be stronger.

    Victoria, On par with each other

    NSW, ACT – FFA by a mile.

    SA – Anybody’s guess.Same as WA, not comparable. Anybody can comment?

    Facilities, FFA hands down, you cant go past the AIS. Were the Vikings finals really played on a basketball court?!

  22. Rather than tit for tat on who had the best players wouldnt it be sensible to hold the nationals at different times and let the punters decide by watching either event. I watched the entire day on the first Saturday of the Vikings tournament and witness two NSW teams (one of which won the tournament) that play in the NSW futsal state league comp against my Maccabi club,one NSW team made up of players as old as myself,one Western NSW,one Northern NSW, one Tasmanian team with a Qld player,one Western Australian team with a Qld player and a young Victorian team. I watched all the mens games from wednesday in the ffa tournament and one major difference was that the vikings games were played on smaller courts than the ffa games so there cant be a comparison between the two qualities and to compare the athletes i believe you are disrespecting the fact that these players just want to play to the best of their ability. I dont believe that any player once representing either organisation would lie down and let their opposition run all over them, therefor all games against each other whether for an FFA registered player or a Vikings registered player would be competetive.So I would sujjest the level of ability in the athlete would be determined in the level of knowledge given to the athlete by the development of the athlete.Development takes court space which in an economic world means lost income from court hire.Solve this problem and we have improved athletes. Lets not judge the athlete lets improve the athlete.Well done to all teams and all coaches on giving your best at all times,keep striving for more knowledge.

  23. Hi Steven,

    How difficult would it be for you to (Politically and logistically) be able to organise an FFA & Vikings state invitational?? Let them play on the court against each other, hold a coaches conference/lecture, development ideas forum etc

    …..Or would people throw things at each other?

  24. I believe the biggest hurdle is the funding of an invitational not the logistics. If there was a sponsor that invited teams to participate the exercise could go ahead and I dont believe you would get the best athletes if it was a user pay exercise. Given an equal budget and time to prepare you would witness the best v the best. As far as a coaches discussion I would be very happy to hear other ideas on how to look at this wonderful game and hopefully use the information i recieved to better myself. FFA asked me to hold one at their nationals and there was eleven interested enough to attend. Great to see all who attended were from States who are making good progress in the development of their junior athletes. The subject was based on the tactical training principles and a discussion around how I look at the game and the training of the principles with the limited court time we get to train our athletes. As coaches information is so hard to attain we as coaches should share our information to improve our sport to those who are open to evaluate and use relavent information. Ive always said that to listen to others and use the knowledge of others to be successful is better than saying I know everything and not be successful.Hey VegieChips whats your first name so I can address you politly(sorry about my spelling)the one finger typer isnt flash with the spelling.

  25. Can I just say that it’s great that the australian coach himself reads what goes on in these forums and responds to peoples concerns in a constructive way. I think that i can shed a bit of light on a couple of points. The WA mens team switched to vikings because it was costing each player $1800 to attend the FFA nationals in canberra and quite simply there was absolutely no support from footballwest (other than court hire to train on) with the competition or promotion of futsal in WA. As for SA they had a young side and are constantly improving however futsal needs a lift in that state by being better supported by the FFSA, it’s still a damn sight better than footballwest though. As for the Vics I can only notice that futsaloz have brought Fernando on board and I believe that they are paying him quite well and this is the reason that he represented the FFV team this year, last year the Vics had the same coach and the same players and did horribly so it’s all Fernando for my money, he’s the lynchpin. Hope that helps and it would be great to see steven out at the state training sessions again this year to give advice to some of the players hoping to make the grade for the futsalroos.

  26. So futsaloz paid fernando to play for them instead of vikings? thats interesting. and with your point about hte vics, they had the same coach but pretty much a totally different squad this year. only 1 or 2 squad members as last year. they had a few brazillians in their squad this year, caro salve, silva & pollati. btw how much does it cost a vikings player to play at nationals?

  27. Hi to all futsal fanatics
    I know this isnt the right place to contact everyone however i would like to bring to everyones attention that FFA has requested an AFC level one and two futsal course for december this year. I recently attended an AFC train the trainers course in Malysia where a fifa instructor Mico Martic(19 year professional in Italy and owner of futsal planet website)demonstrated how to present these courses to all the head coaches in Asia. In conversation with Mr Ali head of AFC futsal there might be a relaxing of the C licence course that is a requirement before attending these courses. I have sent a request to Mr Ali and FFA coach education department for clarification and would like to progress to enable us to be given the opportunity of these course. Mr Martic highlighted the fact that no two actions are the same in futsal so decision making realistic game related practices are required to enhance better decision making decisions.If any of you are interested and have intermediate general principle course understanding then you can contact me via football nsw. I believe if we can request Mico as our instructor this would aid us to improve our athletes. I would like to present a list of candidates to AFC to show how keen we are to attend these and future courses. As a help to all coaches you can source very helpful information on the ferretti futsal website and use goggle translation and look at the discussion and links section. Ferretti has just listed his thoughts on protecting a set piece corner and the defence of the courner which is very interesting reading. Opens your eyes to other thougths.

  28. Melbvictory88 i’d been led to believe that the key players were the same as last year but it seems that they did draft in some new boys for the tournament, pretty impressive effort from the Vics then but i know that the coach is no good and it’s basically been Fernando leading the way with the organisation and tactics that the team used. I can only speak from what I’ve heard but for WA the cost dropped to about $800 for vikings nationals which is significantly less than the cost for the FFA nationals.

  29. O.Simsek is the only surviving Vic player from the 2010 campaign. 11 new players inc Fernando took the court in 2011.
    Unfortunately your source is incorrect and he/she has led you to believe what? Unfortunately the rest of the so called info has lost credibility.
    From what I know this was a team effort and everyone had a roll to play.
    Yes De Moraes played his part very well.

  30. What are you even on about mate, for a start it’s E.Simsek as in Ernie so it seems that you’ve lost credibility now haven’t you. Seems like maybe you don’t know as much as you thought. I’m not getting in to a stupid argument about who knows more I simply expressed an opinion about something and was corrected by someone else. The point stands though that the Vics coach is not the reason that they did so well this year, rather it’s bringing in some great players who by all accounts pretty much ignored what he had to say and just organised themselves.

  31. On the official records he is registered as Oner Simsek not Ernie, (for arguments sake).
    While I was up in Canberra I saw a group of 4 coaches inc the Manager assistants, Physios, Chiropractors, a Sports Phycologist and technical assistance.
    It was the largest group on tour more then 20 inc the players.
    I don’t think this was left up to 1 coach to organize. There was a game plan for every game and statistics were reviewed straight after.
    Video of every match were reviewed and analyzed. Im afraid you’ve got it wrong my friend. Gone are the days of a 1 man show.
    I was very impressed and I know others were. I can only commend of what I saw and wish all parties continue as this will only build from here. This experience is paramount for the future. This is a very young squad and can only get better.

  32. I hope there is no relaxing of the AFC c licence! i just completed it in order to apply to do the AFC level1!!!!!

  33. If we wait for the the numbers with C licence the course will not go ahead this year ,just like last year and the year before that when the requirement was B licence.Im not saying that the C licence isnt value but how many futsal coaches will be rewarded enough to recover the $4000.00+ course fee and 2-3 weeks of lost income.Lets not restrict valuable information to those who can afford the outdoor course.

  34. Steven, Were you impressed with the individual players at the Vikings competition? The saturday I imagine was not the best day due to the courts being freshly lackered and very sticky. Any stand outs you have your eyes on?

  35. All players competed, I think the problem was with the ball rather than the floor, the ball was sticking under the players feet and the players needed to adjust to control and pass due to the fact of that issue.
    I was impressed with a couple of individuals from WA – I think one of them was actually a Queenslander (chap with tattoos) and the big Brazilian from WA seemed to be influential to his team.
    One of the Tasmanians was also influential to his team and players from New South Wales as posted earlier I had seen before in Super League. Overall the standard of the Tournament looked professional and the games ran on time but as indicated in earlier posts the size of the court means to judge one player against another player is difficult, as the size of the action determines different qualities. This does not mean a negative aspect as all players should be trained on smaller courts and bigger courts. I think if you read into the Ferretti Futsal Website there is a good article on size of the action which I have adopted to my training.

  36. No arguments with you that this squad will continue to improve just that the Victorians are being held back by the same politics that they have always been held back by. Head coach makes all the final calls for game plan and players selected to the squad so the buck stops with him, the assistant coach that’s from futsaloz hasn’t got a clue and it seems that they are just there because they can put up some money rather than actually knowing anything about the game and which players are best suited to the squad, in the end we’ll just have to see how they do next year and it will show how their program is running. By the way if they pay their players to go next year then they will be able to attract some great futsal players and will be very interesting to see if they have the same squad.


  38. well done to steve and rob! glad to see he recognised futsal! presume you guys taught him a thing or too!

  39. I cant speak for Rob, Tom was reconised as a player with a highly developed technical base.My involvement was only to give him an opportunity at senior futsal and give him a few ideas, The rest has been his desire to improve and take the ideas and use them, which makes his personality highly enjoyable to coach.This is what we do as senior coaches.

  40. Hi guys, I am the open mens goalkeeper from South Australia. We as a team appreciated Steve Knight giving an hour of his time to talk to us about tactics and the 3 principles of attack and the 3 principles of defence. He also covered other topics that as players can try to apply to our games in the future.

    Here is a link to a South Australian forum that most of the local football community in Adelaide are on. There is a Futsal forum and many have given their opinions on the state of Futsal in SA. Some intersting reading.




    Feel free to start a username and shed some light to some of these idiots on our forum that have absolutely no idea about the game.

  41. Tommy: excellent players, beautiful silky ball skills and a pleasure to work with.
    He will go a very long way in either code!

    May there be many more “Tommys” out there!

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