2011 Open Australian Squads Announced

Vikings Futsal

Congratulations to the following players on being selected in the 2011 Australian Futsal squads


Nick Baker – NSW
Simon Barber – Western Australia
Jonathon Berrientos – Victoria
Scott Campbell – Western Australia
Adam Cooper – Victoria
Sam Danesh – Western Australia
Scott Fenn – Queensland
Nesta Fonseca – Western Australia
Jordan Tye Figon – NSW
Zayne Frieberg- Queenland
Goran Ljubuja – NSW
Jovan Miladnovic – NSW
Kui Mu – Victoria
Keiran Pates – Northern Qld
Thiago Priori- Northern NSW
Brett Richardson – Queensland
Gianna Romano – Queensland
Shirash Sasikmur – Western Australia
Corey Smith – Tasmania
Luke Tidy – Western Australia
Colby Waterfield – Victoria
Ben Dooley – NSW


Nicola Drakopolus – NSW Blue
Jade Baker -Qld City
Serena Conyngham – Qld City
Britt Hargreaves – Northern NSW
April Mann – Qld City
Sarah Amorin – Qld City
Nicola Eagle – Qld City
Gabrielle Conquest – Qld City
Jodie Hammond – Qld City
Jasmin Kent – Qld City
Jade Banks – Qld City
Kate Lutkins – Qld City
Nichole Laws – NSW City
Clare Tyson – NSW City
Fab Perfilio – NSW City
Jodie Bain – NSW City
Kahlee Doyle – NSW City
Ellen Wheatley – NSW Blue
Anna Nako – NSW Blue
Elyce Bates – NSW Blue

Paperwork with Tournament details and Trial Information will be forwarded to players within the week.

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  1. Interesting in the Open Women squad that the 2 NSW City (and current Vikings Australia) players who also represented NSW in the FFA Nationals are not on this list.

  2. Not privy to any inside information from anywhere on this so may not be 100% just comments made to me by players and coaches from around the games this week ???

    Comments from several sources during the week and again at Windsor last night and that some (not all) Vikings management are not happy with the fact that the girls played in both titles. I am lead to believe there are also similar issues surrounding holding back the announcement of the Yth Womens squad also. ie should some players be excluded from the squad. Mind you there are always conspiracy rumours surrounding team selections so ?????

    Everyone is always complaining about politics within the sport from one group or another (FFA/Vikings) hope this isn’t another case.

    My opinion – if your happy enough to take their money and let them play in the first place don’t exclude them after the fact. If they are good enough, they should be picked on merit and that goes for both camps – FFA or Vikings.

  3. Your right “Falcao” they are fairly strong squads and congrats to all those selected. Perhaps the players in question above didn’t perform well enough on the day ?? who knows ?? Lets hope for the sake of the sport that that is the case and the rumours are just that – rumours.

  4. Can’t believe that Gary Stone, Goalkeeper from Victoria, won the ALL Star award in that position and didn’t get a call up.

  5. Latest info on the “girls” is that some of the players left the Vikings tournament mid competition to go to Canberra ? If that is the case then I would be in full agreance with them not being selected. You can’t walk out on your team mates in the middle of the tournament for any reason. You make a commitment and your honour it. As a coach any player that walked out on me would never play for one of my teams again.

    There is also concern about players/coaches playing both sides of the fence. They should have to choose one or the other. Not sure that i fully agree with that while ever the sport remains “user pay”. If the user is prepared to pay the money to both groups thats up to them. Their choice, they should be allowed provided they fulfill their commitments to all parties. Once the sport at an elite level becomes free, fully funded by the relevant state body, then they can ask for exclusive rights to players/coaches loyalty.

  6. Phil, as I understand it both those girls left for Canberra after their team had been eliminated from the Vikings tournament on the Monday.

  7. Who cares, the squads are strong anyway. Extremely strong men’s squad if all players are committed.

  8. Simon, I’ll take your word for that on the the O/W but I do know in the Yth Women category players definitely left before the comp finished and teams were trying to find replacement players, been confirmed by 2 sources.
    BTW – does “Falcao” sound like a Vikings employee to you ?? :)

  9. Distinct possibility Phil !!

    The Yth Women situation is a bit more complicated as I believe there was also disgruntlement about the late arrival of players and coach for one of the NSW teams. No winners there.

  10. Phil,
    Unfortunately I am not an employee of vikings although I would love to be.
    I am merely stating the fact that the squads are really strong as I played at nationals against a lot of these players and have also played at FFA nationals and can state that the teams would be evenly matched and there are some fantastic players.
    I think what we need to realise is that these people are at the top in their perspective pathways and they should be commended and not deterred from their selections.

  11. No real arguments here that anyone who makes it to the top should be commended.I know most of the NSW players and have no issue with their selection, as for interstate wouldn’t know ? My only issues are –

    1) players (&/or coaches) walking out on team mates mid competition to play in a rival comp should either not be selected or if already selected, forfeit their spot in the squad.
    2) if players pay their money and fulfil their commitments to one or both groups(in full) they should be eligible for selection if they are good enough, no politics involved.

  12. I would like to clear up confusion about the Womens Youth Team. A couple of players came to assist the squad on the first weekend of the tournament as the team was a litte low on players. These players were doing the squad a “favour” and they had already committed to their teams in Canberra. All other players who went to Canberra stayed until the team had won! the Grand Final at Vikings and then only travelled to Canberra to play with teams. These players were doing a return “favour” to teams in Canberra who were also short. All players were thus acting with extreme sportsmanship and displaying team and friendship values! There was no issue within either teams and the team in Canberra was very happy when the girls arrived to help them out!

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