2011 World Junior Futsal Championships Aus Squads Announced

Vikings Futsal

Congratulations to the following players on being selected in the

2011 Australian Futsal Squads to compete at the World Junior Futsal Championships 2011, which will take place from 12th to 18th of July in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The tournament will comprise of 16 Year Boys and Girls (born 1995 or younger)


Joseph Baker – Victoria
Laban Stringer – Victoria
Andrew Malahoff – North Qld
Andrew Stott – North Qld
Patrick Ram – North Qld
Matthew Hull – Qld City
Yosef Kolele – Tasmania
Melosse Asayhe – Tasmania
Cameron Curnow – NSW City
Jayden Bubb – NSW City
Kyle Walker – North Qld
Kevin Barrientos – Victoria
Michael Muirhead – NSW CC
Jack Nussey – Qld Metro
Brendan Marino – North Qld
Nameer Van Ossterom – Qld City
Shane Jones – Qld City
Jake Crisp – Qld City
Stephen Arnold – Qld City
Jack Godley – Qld Capital
Nicholas Webster – Qld Capital
Jeremy Webster – Qld Capital
Mitchell Sheumack – Qld Capital


Kate Messervy – North Qld
Madison Cater – North Qld
Ashleigh Amadio – North Qld
Maddie Bart – NSW
Tess Olsen – NSW
Luseane Cook – NSW
Bryany Parker – NSW
Nicola Simmons – NSW
Isabella Rudolph – NSW
Claire Farkas – NSW
Tahlor Thackray – NSW
Bridget Booker – NSW
Ali Obrien – NSW
Natalie Tathem – Qld City
Shannon Tathem – Qld City
Olivia Tannock – Qld City
Sophie Scott – Qld City
Maddison Graham – Qld City
Monique Keenan – Qld City
Lauren Brimelow – Qld City
Toni – Lee Mcgraw – Qld City
Tiarne Petterwood – Qld City
Charlie- Jean Seeto – Qld City
Kianna Chapman – Qld City

Paperwork with Tournament details and Trial Information will be forwarded to players within the week.

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  1. Nice to see that one of the girls in the U16’s was too injured to play for FNSW at Nationals, yet she somehow makes the Vikings team.
    How does that work?

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