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  1. What’s the point? I filled out a survey at the 2009 Nationals and still haven’t seen the results. And before mseeto tells me to contact my state organisation…why should I? It was an FFA survey and I would expect to see the results on the FFA website !!!

  2. Hi Simon. I don’t think FFA people read this website so you won’t get a response. Try the direct approach. Write to Ben Buckley at FFA and ask why FFA has not released the Futsal Report. Better still, get as many people as possible to sign the letter (don’t send an email as it will get lost). Justchecking, the Nationals were sponsored by Canberra Tourism so they obviously want to know if they got value for money. So the more people who fill in the survey and say they spent thousands in Canberra, the more likely Canberra Tourism will sponsor the event again.

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