Futsal4all Redesign


We are not too far off 3 years since we started (May 2008), and it was time to improve the design and functionality of the site.

With this new design for Futsal4all, we haven’t made a radical departure from what we had previously. We just tried to bring in a few improvements.

If you notice any problems or errors, please either leave a comment on this page, or contact us. We will try to fix it asap.

First change

The biggest change is of course the front screen. We’ve reduced the amount of text by using icons as shown below

If there are no comments against the article, you won’t see that little bubble.

A big thanks to Damian Briggs for allowing us to use his Futsal Photos to make the player montage you see at the top of the page.

Second Change

We’re trying to make better use of the sidebar. You’ll notice a new tabbed section. We will add new features in there. Some of them you may never use, and thats why we have tucked them away. If you want them they are there to use, if not, they won’t disturb your reading.

Recent Comments we have turned on by default, as they are one of the first things most people regularly read the site for.

Third Change

We are making our article tags visible on each post. We have always used tags behind the scenes, but now we are showing them. If you click on the tag, you will immediately see all other posts that may have the same tag.

Fourth Change

You can now reply to comments, and it will nest them underneath the one you have replied to. This makes it easier to see who people have replied to.

We have also moved related posts to this area and they are visible if you choose to click on them. Again another feature we are using to keep the screen less cluttered for readers.

Other Changes

The login for the site (so you can comment on articles and use the forums) is now in the bottom right of the screen.

The search feature works really well :)

We’ve moved some of the older sections to the Misc menu. They weren’t getting much traffic and haven’t been updated for a while

We’ve removed the emailing option on articles, was never really used.

We credit the sources at the top and the bottom of the articles now, not just the top.

Things to still do…

  • Review/Change the forums. They look ugly and don’t get a lot of use.
  • Find any quirky bugs.

We hope you like the new look, and encourage feedback below either good or bad. If its something we can add/improve or fix we’ll give it a go.

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