North Canberra Futsal To Run A Futsal Development Program (ACT)

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The following advice from North Canberra Futsal (NCF) to their players / parents was forwarded to the NPL. Very interesting!

It seems that NCF have got organised and intends to run a Futsal development clinic . I assume that registration may be limited to NCF players, but if you play in the South Canberra Futsal (SCF) competition and want to particpate, best you contact the President of North Canberra Futsal ( ). No direct contact is listed on the documentation below, which is a bit inconvenient.

This is how the NCF Academy describes itself:


The North Canberra Futsal in conjunction with Total Futsal Concepts is very proud and excited to announce the introduction of its new ‘International style’ futsal academy. This is the first total concept futsal academy in the ACT and it is modelled on the very successful and effective Spanish, Italian and Brazilian academies of coaching futsal which primarily encourages and promotes:

  • futsal creativity;
  • speed and agility in movement around the court;
  • tactical positioning on the court and applying proven game plans;
  • finishing goal scoring opportunities;
  • strategically ‘thinking’ to the sport of futsal;
  • close ball control and building confidence to try something new with the ball;
  • dribbling skills and improving the ‘touch on the ball’; and
  • total fun and enjoyment when playing the sport.

The central focus of the training programs is to have the ball at the feet as much as possible and for players to participate in small-sided games. The program is very much skills based, with the emphasis on lots of ball touches and developing player confidence when playing the ball. ….”

This is a very interesting and welcome initiative. It could be a good thing for Futsal in the ACT.

Check it out, ask questions. Well done NCF!

So very few of our young players get any futsal specific technical training, in fact, most don’t train at all (unless they get selected in an ACT Rep team for the Nationals or get serious match experience with the Boomerangs FS in the NSW Supa League).

The advertising sent to NCF players and parents is listed below.

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