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4-0 or 3-1? Zone or man-to-man? Are you confused or just want to learn more, increase your knowledge and improve your game? From May 30th you’ll finally have the amazing opportunity to do just that! Ladies & gentlemen, we present to you www.coachingfutsal.com!

New World

Is it a web site or should we call it a portal? Neither, this a new world! Yes, the world of futsal coaches! And not just coaches but also physical trainers, goalkeeper coaches withouth forgetting psychology as well! How to manage a team? How to play? Through www.coachingfutsal.com you’ll definitely be able to find out!

Exercises, exercises… and much much more!

What will you find while visiting Coaching Futsal? Everything is the answer! This new web site is a futsalplanet.com spin-off, that means we will have the chance to count on an endless number of leading futsal experts from all around the world! Different ways of playing, theories, training systems. Choose the best for you!

CoachingFutsal.com in detail

Coachingfutsal.com is a training session database and a training management website suitable for coaches at all levels. You may browse (once subscribed) training exercises provided by different authors and available in several languages. In addition you can match these exercises to create your own training session schedule or use the session plans provided by our authors. Joining Coaching Futsal.com you’ll be even able to plan your entire futsal season!

Subscription choices and initial content

As mentioned previously we will get material from a notable number of well known futsal coaches from all around the world. Depending on your subscription preferences you will have the chance to subscribe for a specific coach or another option (one year subscription, popular prices!) depending on what you are looking for!

Right now the Coaching Futsal.com debut will feature exercises from the Italian coach Roberto Osimani, who just got promoted to Italian second division with his current club Civitanova and has an extensive experience in teaching futsal. The spanish national team coach Venancio Lopez will be adding material soon (about 80 exercises on the horizon) as well as material from Mico Martic.

Not enough to start? Well, take note of this: Libya coach Pablo Prieto, Spain goalkeeper coach Cesar Arcones, former Brazil and current São Caetano/Corinthians/Unip trainer Paulo Cesar De Oliveira “PC”, Qatar national team coach Francisco Batista will follow! And that’s just the beginning! Right after the launch of Coaching Futsal the whole database contents will be translated in different languages in order to spread the futsal word!

Flash animations and videos will explain set-plays and futsal tactics, theory and practice will make you a futsal expert!

Still thinking about it? www.coachingfutsal.com is ready and waiting for you! Make your futsal coach life easier!

Your sincerely Mico Martic – Futsalplanet.com and Coaching Futsal.com founder


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