Taipans in the 2011/12 Football NSW Premier League

South Coast Futsal Club

South Coast Futsal Club is extremely pleased to announce their elevation to the Football NSW Futsal Premier League for the coming season.

The Taipans have been promoted into the Premier League through the hard work and dedication on and off the court which has been recognised by Football NSW.

The Taipans committee will be working tirelessly over the coming weeks to make sure that upcoming season is a success and that the South Coast Futsal Club become a permanent fixture in what is widely reported as the best futsal league in Australia.

We intend to grasp this opportunity with both hands and make sure that we do the Illawarra community proud.

Website : taipanfutsal.sportingpulse.com

Click here for the official media release (PDF)

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  1. Congratulations on your promotion to Premier League.

    Looking forward to a visit to Wollongong, may even make a weekend of it!

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