Tiger5 Futsal letter to their players (NSW)

Tiger5 Futsal

Dear Player

The Super League NSW Football draw has just been announced and there several interesting things to note in the announcement. Firstly the demise of the Hawkesbury Commodores club (covering the Richmond/Windsor region) and the disbandment of the Northern Beaches Breakers club (covering the Northern Beaches region).

What will no doubt be the most confusing will be the notion of two Tiger Futsal Clubs in the competition.

Northern Tigers decided to redefine how they are approaching Futsal. We believe the approach taken was not in the best interests of developing Futsal not only as a sport but also to being open to all participants irrespective of where you play or who play for.

Tiger5 might be seen as a new club, but it is actually the Northern Tigers Futsal Club of old.

Tiger5 have the majority of coaches from the previous years – Elliot Jurd, Chris Cowley, Jack Richardson, Phil Dolton and Tom Hopley.

It is run by the same people who successfully not only created Northern Tigers Futsal in 2005 but were the people that last year took the club to 4th in the Super League Championship. Tiger5 will running trials in July and August at the same venue as last year, with the training venues now split to ensure that we provide not only the best facilities available but also in convenient locations.

Rest assured that the same family friendly and open Futsal club still exists, we have just rebranded to ensure that we can continue to provide a representative Futsal program to all players irrespective of any outdoor affiliations.

We look forward to seeing you back this year with Tiger5 – the Futsal Club North of the Harbour.

James Brown – President
Penny Woodruff – Vice President
Ros Hunter – Secretary
Elliot Jurd – Head Coach

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  1. Where will the trials be held (for those that don’t know where they were held last year) and what are the venues for training?

    Also, when will the full list of coaches be released?

    All the Best with the Season!

  2. Thanks for clearing that all up Phil, glad to see you are still around as well.

    All the best.

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