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Futsal Homebush

Round 2, In Div 1

Game 1, 8:20pm, Karma vs WeSoy: Well what can i say, a miserable start to the season for Karma on one end and a great start for WeSoy on the other, having just finished playing for WeSOy in last years Div 3, and winning the comp mind you it felt very odd for me playing against my old team mates. A real entertaining game from the word go, WeSoy playing as they usually do very balanced and patient, building up their offence and coming back quickly to defend,while Karma relying on their strikers to perform individually could not really get a game going, and getting frustrated at times as they could not crack the WeSOy defence as much as they would have liked.The final score was an improvement for Karma after their ugly loss to the Fisherman last week, and for WeSOy it was a carbon copy of last week winning 3-2, two weeks in a row.

Game 2, 9:00pm, Relax vs Titans: A sigh of relief for Relax FC who started the season with a loss last week against the Deez. Relax FC playing a much better game this week, not relying on certain players and getting a team effort going, not to mention some great finishing by Besat Haliti who had a fantastic game.The Titans on the other hand found it hard to get anything through the relax FC defences. Final score was 4-2 in favor of Relaxxxxx …

Game 3, 9:40pm, Aroma vs Deez: Aroma’s first game of the season after starting it with a BYE last week , The game was a close one all the way to the end with the scores at 3-3 until about 3-4 minutes before full time where the Deez just gave up and Aroma taking full advantage heaping in 3 goals n the dying stages.The Deez dissapointed after their impressive start to the season last week against Relax FC. Final score 6-3 to Aroma.

Game 4, 10:20pm TTT vs Warriors: The last match of the night was between TTT FC and the newcomers MacWarriors. TTT FC were playing full steam ahead on the get go leaving MacWarriors all over the place. Many missed chances early on for TTT FC. The deadlock was broken when one of the MacWarriors ran down the right hand side firing a shot off from outside the box. MacWarriors started to find their pace and played very well at times.TTT FC constantly on attack managed to score to bring it to 3-2 their way. MacWarriors battled til the end to make it 3-3 two minutes from time. TTT FC looked the team to finish on top however, their finishing was poor. MacWarriors are certainly a strong team when they are focused and take the game to their pace.Final score, 3-3 Draw. Match report by TTT captain Royce Anh

Fisherman had the Bye in this round.

Relax FC - Div 2, 2011 Winter Minor Premiers

Round 2, in Div 2

Game 1, 7:00pm , Froosh Vs Those Guys Again: Those Guys again getting a significant win 2 weeks in a row, this rounds victim was Froosh who went down in a close game against the Noobs in round 1. Those Guys having total control from the onset and are shaping up to be the team to beat in this division. Sorry boys i have just made a target out of you … Final score was 4-0 to Those Guys with David Ung getting a well deserved hat trick .This win takes Those Guys to the top of the table ..

Game 2, 7:40pm, Last Place vs Scuba FC: Scuba looking to be in control right from kick off, which is typical of their game, starting fast and ferocious and then as they usually do, their game slows down gradually, the goal posts also getting between them and the goals at times.With 4 on the bench Scuba never looked to get any good combinations going, usually relying on individual performances from some of their more talented players. In the second half it was Last Place who did most of the attacking, playing a team game and being helped with some fine goalkeeping from captain Jose. Michael Sheehan getting a hat trick for his team to give Last Place their first win of the season.Final score 3-1 to Last Place

Game 3, 9:00pm, Spray N Wipe vs Internationals: A great contest all in all from beginning to end. Spray N Wipe showing some of their dedication from old , especially after losing in round 1 had to avoid another loss. I had tipped the Internationals to win after their awesome performance last week vs the Black Eagles , but it was’nt to be, the youngsters from Spray N Wipe could have taken the game and seemed dissapointed in the end to draw but were also relieved not to have consecutive losses. This was the first draw in this division. Final score was 1 a piece.

Game 4, 10:20pm, Snipers vs Hard Core Noobs: In this late night encounter the Hard Core Noobs gave the SNipers a nice welcoming in their first game of the comp as the Snipers started off with the Bye last week. Hard Core Noobs undoubtedly playing a much more balanced and calmer game with passes flowing freely, showing some great team work with Basil Turk acting as the play maker, on the other hand the Snipers trying to play as individuals getting frustrated as they kept losing the ball in attack, incidently their only goals did come as a result of team work. This could be a sign for them. Final score was 4-2 in favor of the Noobs who have their second consecutive win, and are looking very sharp.

Black Eagles had the Bye in this Round

Spray N Wipe 2011

Round 2, In Div 3

Game 1, 7:00pm Chugglaz vs Cable Jockeys: The Cable Jockeys were back this week after their disappointing first round BYE, and they even had subs. This game finished in a 0-0 draw, Chugglaz would have won the game if we were to count on the number of time each team hit the goal posts. From nearly every direction the goal posts were rattled, a Chugglaz player even managed to hit the cross bar from point blank. There were no goals to report but it was an exciting game from start to finish. The Chugglaz unlucky not to get the three points and the Cable Jockeys lucky to get away with 1.

Game 2, 7:40pm, Gumbies vs Fortinhos: Could not closely watch this game but it looked like a close one with Fortinhos defeating the Gumbies 5-4. This loss to the Gumbies means they are the only team left not to gain a point in the competition.

Game 3, 8:20pm Drama Queens vs Commsec United: The Drama Queens not in a pitiful mood hammering Commsec 6-0 in a way one affair. Commsec showing no signs of coming back at any stage of the game looked accepting of their fate through out the game hoping not to cop anymore than what they already did. Sam Griffith was the man for the Drama Queens getting his hat trick.

Game 4, 9:40pm Expendables vs Power Rangers: Finishing the first half only a goal don the expendables still had hope of a come back,however the fit and young Power Rangers just kept out running the old fellas. After some brilliant goal keeping from Little Hakan demoralised the expendables the game was given up for Adem who never misses an opportunity to score,to get yet another milestone of 5 goals against the expendables.The only goal for the expendables coming from a header that just crossed the line..Adem certainly the man of the round.Final score 6-1 to the Power Rangers.

Any Given Monday had the bye in this round..

P.S .. The Show off in this weeks featured photo is Adem Yatkin, winner of the 2011 Golden Boot and the rigged Most Valuable player award.. So guys mark him well..We dont want him to get that boot again …

Adem Yatkin

Round 3 in Monday Night Div 1

7:40pm Deez vs Titans: Both teams coming out with hungry vengeance after both sides lost their games in round 2, the Titans going down to Relax FC and the Deez getting a late hammering from Aroma. The Deez playing a much more confident game this time, marking tight in defence and taking opportunities in counter attack. A great team performance to the Deez and a valuable 3 points. The Titans again dissapointed losing 2 games in a row will be sure to strike back in round 4 when they face Mac Warriors. Final score 3-1 to the Deez.

8:20pm TTT vs Karma: Karma finally making a break through after losing both their opening encounters.TTT trying hard in the middle and at times being denied by some great reflexes from Karma Keeper Claudio.They did manage to get a few past however were never in a position to worry Karma who were back to their usual selves, calm,composed and in control with solid defender Silo finally back in action.

9:00pm Aroma vs Fisherman: The Fisherman were keen to avenge their semi final loss to Aroma from the last comp but in the 4th encounter between these two sides in was Aroma again, and it was Yasin again who denied the Fisherman a taste of revenge. Aroma getting off to a super start heaping 3 quick goals seemed to ware out quickly as the Fisherman took advantage with some brilliant goals by Striker HeMan, one of them caught by the camera’s will delight, i am sure. In the end the Fisherman couldn’t get the result and Aroma certainly were not going to give it up. Final score 5-4 to the Fisherman. Click on the link below to see Hemans goal.Heman Goal

9:40pm Mac Warriors vs Relax FC: Mac Warriors finally starting to show they mean business in this comp. Relax FC coming into the game on a high from last week kept the Warriors in control for a good part of the game however could not keep up as the Warriors were just to good with some great goals coming from all round the court.I think the Warriors have given all teams a reason to worry in the coming rounds. Final score 6-3 to the McWarriors.

Heman Goal

WeSoy had the Bye in this round…

Round 3 Match for Div 3

7:00pm Expendables vs Drama Queens : Drama Queens got off to a great start with Michael Carter smashing in one from an angle in the first minute of play, the Expendables realizing they need to work harder in defence as this Drama Queen outfit is both fast and can play the ball around.From that minute the Expendables tightened their defence and started marking man on man. The game started to get a balance with shots being fired each way, Expendables attacks usually coming from counter attacks, however brilliant goal keeping by the Drama Queens Keeper David Moir denying the Expendables shot after shot, attack after attack … and then the shot that could not be saved came from Expendables cpt Paul Siggers, a beuatifull overhead scissor kick without the fall on the back, it would have surprised any jymnast and would have made Wayne Rooney proud.It was what i called half a Rooney likened to that famous goal by Rooney last year. Drama Queens came back quickly in the second half with a second goal from Sam , again the Expendables all though exhausted kept on counter attacking and David kept saving them, however the persistence paid off, a minute from full time with a delightfull shot from half way by Gary Campbell ensured the Expendables got at least 1 point out of the 2-2 draw at full time, and well deserved. Great game from beginning to end…

7:40pm Cable Jockeys vs Fortinhos: Another close one between these two teams, Fortinhos defence oriented while the Cable Jockeys blessed with goal keeping talent Daniel Cini. Cable Jockeys looking like a dangerous mob and i think they will make a break through some time soon, i tip them as the dark horses of the tournament, offourse they need to keep getting the numbers in. Cable Jockeys drawing first blood in this game, however the experienced Fortinhos never say die and keep playing with patience all the way to the end, this time the patience paying off with 2 goals and three points to the table. Final score was 2-1 to Fortinhos.

8:20pm: Any Given Monday vs Commsec United: A total domination by a very impressive Any Given Monday squad. Winning with the slightest of margins in their opener vs the Chugglaz in round 1, they were not able to make a great impression, however this performance against Commsec was the win of the week with a 4 goal difference and brings Any Given Monday into the spotlight, a team that needs to be taken seriously, and look deffinate to be top 4 contenders. Commsec formerly Team Z had made an impressive rise towards the end of last season however it seems their form is starting to slump, they need to work out a strategy.Final score 4-1.

10:20pm Gumbies vs Power Rangers: It was Adem show again in the late night Power Rangers time slot, a very close and tight game all the way.The Gumbies very unlucky not to pull a point out of this one.The Gumbies the only team who has yet to get a point in this tournament, however they seem to be starting to get things together.It was just bad luck in the end and again Adem doing what he does, you give him a little chance and he will take it. This also takes Adem to the top of the golden boot table with 7 goals to his name.

The Chugglaz had the Bye this round.

Paul Siggers all smiles after that wonder goal ...

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