2011/12 NSW Premier League Draw

Football NSW

Kick off times are 1:15 for 12 Boys

Note: Kick off Times for South Coast are 11:30am, Kick off Times for Boomerangs are 12pm

RoundDateHome TeamAway TeamVenue
Round 125/09/2011Campbelltown QuakeDural WarriorsMinto Indoor Sports Stadium
Round 125/09/2011Mascot VipersInner West AllstarsAll Sorts Fitness Centre
Round 125/09/2011South Coast TaipansBoomerangs FSIllawarra Hockey Centre
Round 125/09/2011Enfield RoversSydney City EaglesAll Saints Grammer Belmore
Round 21/10/2011Enfield RoversCampbelltown QuakeAll Saints Grammer Belmore
Round 21/10/2011Mascot VipersSouth Coast TaipansAll Sorts Fitness Centre
Round 21/10/2011Inner West AllstarsSydney City EaglesMorris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre
Round 21/10/2011Boomerangs FSDural WarriorsAIS Training Halls
Round 38/10/2011Campbelltown QuakeMascot VipersMinto Indoor Sports Stadium
Round 38/10/2011Boomerangs FSEnfield RoversSouthern Cross Stadium, Tuggeranong
Round 38/10/2011South Coast TaipansInner West AllstarsIllawarra Hockey Centre
Round 38/10/2011Sydney City EaglesDural WarriorsMorris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre
Round 415/10/2011Sydney City EaglesCampbelltown QuakeBankstown Basketball Stadium
Round 415/10/2011Dural WarriorsSouth Coast TaipansDural Sports & Leisure Centre
Round 415/10/2011Boomerangs FSInner West AllstarsSouthern Cross Stadium
Round 415/10/2011Mascot VipersEnfield RoversAll Sorts Fitness Centre
Round 522/10/2011Sydney City EaglesSouth Coast TaipansBankstown Basketball Stadium
Round 522/10/2011Mascot VipersBoomerangs FSAll Sorts Fitness Centre
Round 522/10/2011Inner West AllstarsCampbelltown QuakeMorris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre
Round 522/10/2011Dural WarriorsEnfield RoversDural Sports & Leisure Centre
Round 629/10/2011Boomerangs FSSydney City EaglesSouthern Cross Stadium, Tuggeranong
Round 629/10/2011Mascot VipersDural WarriorsAll Sorts Fitness Centre
Round 629/10/2011South Coast TaipansCampbelltown QuakeIllawarra Hockey Centre
Round 629/10/2011Enfield RoversInner West AllstarsAll Saints Grammer Belmore
Round 712/11/2011Boomerangs FSCampbelltown QuakeAIS Training Halls
Round 712/11/2011South Coast TaipansEnfield RoversIllawarra Hockey Centre
Round 712/11/2011Dural WarriorsInner West AllstarsDural Sports & Leisure Centre
Round 712/11/2011Sydney City EaglesMascot VipersBankstown Basketball Stadium
Round 819/11/2011Dural WarriorsCampbelltown QuakeDural Sports & Leisure Centre
Round 819/11/2011Inner West AllstarsMascot VipersMorris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre
Round 819/11/2011Boomerangs FSSouth Coast TaipansAIS Training Halls
Round 819/11/2011Sydney City EaglesEnfield RoversBankstown Basketball Stadium
Round 926/11/2011Campbelltown QuakeEnfield RoversMinto Indoor Sports Stadium
Round 926/11/2011South Coast TaipansMascot VipersIllawarra Hockey Centre
Round 926/11/2011Sydney City EaglesInner West AllstarsBankstown Basketball Stadium
Round 926/11/2011Dural WarriorsBoomerangs FSDural Sports & Leisure Centre
Round 103/12/2011Mascot VipersCampbelltown QuakeAll Sorts Fitness Centre
Round 103/12/2011Enfield RoversBoomerangs FSAll Saints Grammer Belmore
Round 103/12/2011Inner West AllstarsSouth Coast TaipansIllawarra Hockey Centre
Round 103/12/2011Dural WarriorsSydney City EaglesDural Sports & Leisure Centre
Round 1110/12/2011Campbelltown QuakeSydney City EaglesMinto Indoor Sports Stadium
Round 1110/12/2011South Coast TaipansDural WarriorsIllawarra Hockey Centre
Round 1110/12/2011Inner West AllstarsBoomerangs FSMorris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre
Round 1110/12/2011Enfield RoversMascot VipersAll Saints Grammer Belmore
Round 1217/12/2011South Coast TaipansSydney City EaglesIllawarra Hockey Centre
Round 1217/12/2011Boomerangs FSMascot VipersAIS Training Halls
Round 1217/12/2011Campbelltown QuakeInner West AllstarsMinto Indoor Sports Stadium
Round 1217/12/2011Enfield RoversDural WarriorsAll Saints Grammer Belmore
Round 1321/01/2012Sydney City EaglesBoomerangs FSBankstown Basketball Stadium
Round 1321/01/2012Dural WarriorsMascot VipersDural Sports & Leisure Centre
Round 1321/01/2012Campbelltown QuakeSouth Coast TaipansMinto Indoor Sports Stadium
Round 1321/01/2012Inner West AllstarsEnfield RoversMorris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre
Round 1428/01/2012Campbelltown QuakeBoomerangs FSMinto Indoor Sports Stadium
Round 1428/01/2012Mascot VipersSydney City EaglesAll Sorts Fitness Centre
Round 1428/01/2012Enfield RoversSouth Coast TaipansAll Saints Grammer Belmore
Round 1428/01/2012Inner West AllstarsDural WarriorsMorris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre

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  1. What’s the go with All Saints Grammar at Belmore? Someone told me that its a really small pitch, even smaller than last years minimum pitch dimensions?

  2. I heard that the super league comp is only 11 rounds?? Just wanted to say that 11 rounds is a joke. Most clubs are charging around $400-$500 in rego fees and 11 rounds is too short for the high amount of the rego fee. I know alot of good futsal players that aren’t playing because of this reason.. Who will pay $40-$50 a game?

    Pull your finger out Futsal NSW… cause you sure messed this super league season up!

  3. All Saints is at the small end of the scale, but a good surface. The facilities are great with a good canteen serving decent coffee and hot food.

    The centre at Ryde that Phoenix are playing out of is also very small but at least it’s brand new.

    Presumably both these facilities have passed the criteria set by FNSW and there are definitely a lot worse, although bigger, courts around.

  4. Phoenix will be using the large court at RCSC for State League matches not the 2 small “local courts” they used for the Phoenix Cup on the weekend.

    Basically the S/L court will be sideline to sideline across the 2 small courts. Not sure of the exact size but will be somewhere around 33x18m so shouldn’t imagine there will be any complaints over the court size ?

  5. Observer – the clubs set the fees for the players not FNSW.
    Some clubs charge around $200/player some, as you say, $450+ depending on what the club supplies to the players.
    The clubs that are charging at the top end of the scale ($40-$50 per game that you quote) usually supply the players with playing strips, polo shirts, jackets, bags etc that the players get keep. The price also includes the cost of covering training venues, balls etc.
    Those at the lower end usually have club strips that the players “borrow” for the season, polo’s optional etc or sponsors with deep pockets.

  6. Yep I was having more of a go with the draw for super league. I just think 11 rounds is too short for a season for the amount some players have to pay for their respective clubs.

  7. I think the plan was for 8 teams, 2 rounds, which would make 14 like premier league. Maybe something to look forward to next season?

  8. Your not alone in that thought “observer”. I think a lot of clubs and players are dissapointed with with 11 games – one round. I think 8x P/L & 8x S/L would be the ideal and hopefully we will get to that next year. History has always been to take whoever applies and never turn anyone away but common sense says that those days are almost over. The only way forward is a structured home & away format, be it 6,8 or 10 teams per division & due to the congestion of the calendar, for football overall, eight is probably the number.

  9. Phil – I agree entirely 11 rounds is a farce but FNSW need to change the policy of running with whoever applies come what may.

  10. I’m glad some people have found the super league draw a dissapointment. As a parent, i’m not happy paying a big sum of money for just 11 rounds of futsal.

    It really looks like all the effort has be placed organising premier and little time on super. The draws aren’t even online yet on footballnsw and the comp starts this week! I just think this could have been done alot better this year..

    Does any parents/players feel the same way?

  11. The sport has a long way to go to get to the level of professionalism that the (Football) NSW Premier League & NSW Super League.
    The goal for next season should be to get it down to a 8 team competition in both divisions to ensure value for money & to enhance the level of Futsal. Currently there are a lot of players playing in 2 or 3 age groups to make up the numbers.
    Secondly, ensure both competitions are played on decent sized pitches (Premier International size) to provide a proper environment for Futsal to be played properly. Safety is also an issue here, a lot of the small venues lack room next to the pitch for spectators/substitutes & “run off” area for the pitch.

  12. Just a quick note for “Observer” – the State League does not start until next week. Premier League starts the week earlier.
    Having said that your correct, the State League draw should also be up on the web by now. The clubs have had the draw for a couple of weeks as far as I know.

  13. Super League draw on FNSW website now! Good Luck for the Season to the Eleven Clubs that kick off next Saturday.

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