2011/12 NSW Super League Draw

Football NSW

RoundDateHome TeamAway TeamVenue
Round 11/10/2011Botany Bay PiratesMountain MajikRobyn Webster Sports Centre
Round 11/10/2011Greater Western Sydney VikingsWest City CrusadersEmerton Leisure Centre
Round 11/10/2011Maccabi FutsalHills BrumbiesAll Sorts Fitness Centre 
Round 11/10/2011Sutherland FutsalNorthern TigersMenai Indoor Sports Centre
Round 11/10/2011Sydney Futsal ClubPhoenix Futsal ClubDebbie & Abbie Borgia PCYC 
Round 11/10/2011FCB AustralasiaBYE
Round 28/10/2011Mountain MajikFCB AustralasiaHawkesbury Indoor Stadium 
Round 28/10/2011Phoenix Futsal ClubGreater Western Sydney VikingsRyde Community Sports Centre
Round 28/10/2011Sutherland FutsalHills BrumbiesMenai Indoor Sports Centre 
Round 28/10/2011Sydney Futsal ClubBotany Bay PiratesDebbie & Abbie Borgia PCYC
Round 28/10/2011West City CrusadersNorthern TigersPenrith Regional Valley Sports Stadium 
Round 28/10/2011Maccabi FutsalBYE
Round 315/10/2011FCB AustralasiaSydney Futsal ClubBernie Mullane 
Round 315/10/2011Greater Western Sydney VikingsBotany Bay PiratesEmerton Leisure Centre 
Round 315/10/2011Phoenix Futsal ClubNorthern TigersRyde Community Sports Centre
Round 315/10/2011Sutherland FutsalMaccabi FutsalMenai Indoor Sports Centre 
Round 315/10/2011West City CrusadersHills BrumbiesPenrith Regional Valley Sports Stadium 
Round 315/10/2011Mountain MajikBYE
Round 422/10/2011Botany Bay PiratesMaccabi FutsalRobyn Webster Sports Centre
Round 422/10/2011Greater Western Sydney VikingsSydney Futsal ClubEmerton Leisure Centre 
Round 422/10/2011Hills BrumbiesFCB AustralasiaDural Sport & Leisure Centre
Round 422/10/2011Northern TigersMountain MajikDural Sport & Leisure Centre
Round 422/10/2011Phoenix Futsal ClubSutherland FutsalRyde Community Sports Centre 
Round 422/10/2011West City CrusadersBYE
Round 529/10/2011Botany Bay PiratesHills BrumbiesRobyn Webster Sports Centre
Round 529/10/2011Greater Western Sydney VikingsMountain MajikEmerton Leisure Centre 
Round 529/10/2011Northern TigersFCB AustralasiaDural Sport & Leisure Centre
Round 529/10/2011Phoenix Futsal ClubMaccabi FutsalRyde Community Sports Centre
Round 529/10/2011West City CrusadersSutherland FutsalPenrith Regional Valley Sports Stadium 
Round 529/10/2011Sydney Futsal ClubBYE
Round 612/11/2011Botany Bay PiratesSutherland FutsalRobyn Webster Sports Centre
Round 612/11/2011FCB AustralasiaMaccabi FutsalBernie Mullane 
Round 612/11/2011Hills BrumbiesMountain MajikDural Sport & Leisure Centre
Round 612/11/2011Sydney Futsal ClubNorthern TigersMenai Indoor Sports Centre
Round 612/11/2011West City CrusadersPhoenix Futsal ClubPenrith Regional Valley Sports Stadium 
Round 612/11/2011Greater Western Sydney VikingsBYE
Round 719/11/2011Greater Western Sydney VikingsFCB AustralasiaEmerton Leisure Centre
Round 719/11/2011Maccabi FutsalWest City CrusadersAll Sorts Fitness Centre 
Round 719/11/2011Mountain MajikSydney Futsal ClubHawkesbury Indoor Stadium
Round 719/11/2011Northern TigersBotany Bay PiratesDural Sport & Leisure Centre
Round 719/11/2011Phoenix Futsal ClubHills BrumbiesRyde Community Sports Centre 
Round 719/11/2011Sutherland FutsalBYE
Round 826/11/2011FCB AustralasiaSutherland FutsalBernie Mullane 
Round 826/11/2011Maccabi FutsalMountain MajikAll Sorts Fitness Centre 
Round 826/11/2011Northern TigersGreater Western Sydney VikingsDural Sport & Leisure Centre
Round 826/11/2011Sydney Futsal ClubHills BrumbiesMenai Indoor Sports Centre
Round 826/11/2011West City CrusadersBotany Bay PiratesPenrith Regional Valley Sports Stadium 
Round 826/11/2011Phoenix Futsal ClubBYE
Round 93/12/2011Botany Bay PiratesPhoenix Futsal ClubRobyn Webster Sports Centre
Round 93/12/2011FCB AustralasiaWest City CrusadersBernie Mullane 
Round 93/12/2011Hills BrumbiesGreater Western Sydney VikingsDural Sport & Leisure Centre
Round 93/12/2011Maccabi FutsalSydney Futsal ClubAll Sorts Fitness Centre 
Round 93/12/2011Mountain MajikSutherland FutsalHawkesbury Indoor Stadium
Round 93/12/2011Northern TigersBYE
Round 1010/12/2011FCB AustralasiaPhoenix Futsal ClubBernie Mullane 
Round 1010/12/2011Hills BrumbiesNorthern TigersDural Sport & Leisure Centre
Round 1010/12/2011Maccabi FutsalGreater Western Sydney VikingsAll Sorts Fitness Centre
Round 1010/12/2011Mountain MajikWest City CrusadersHawkesbury Indoor Stadium
Round 1010/12/2011Sutherland FutsalSydney Futsal ClubMenai Indoor Sports Centre
Round 1010/12/2011Botany Bay PiratesBYE
Round 1121/01/2012FCB AustralasiaBotany Bay PiratesBernie Mullane 
Round 1121/01/2012Mountain MajikPhoenix Futsal ClubHawkesbury Indoor Stadium
Round 1121/01/2012Northern TigersMaccabi FutsalDural Sport & Leisure Centre
Round 1121/01/2012Sutherland FutsalGreater Western Sydney VikingsMenai Indoor Sports Centre
Round 1121/01/2012Sydney Futsal ClubWest City CrusadersDebbie & Abbie Borgia PCYC 
Round 1121/01/2012Hills BrumbiesBYE

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  1. All the effort by those running the clubs and the cost to parents/players for 10 games!! How can we fix this fix? Maybe the bottom three get relegated out and it becomes an 8 team comp like Premier League?? Other suggestions welcomed……….

    1. Relegated to where? Futsal just isnt big enough yet to start limiting teams as we do with Football. I think the best thing at the moment is to leave it as it is and get as much exposure for the game as possible. When clubs are able to comfortably fill all positions in Mens and Womens sides then can we consider limiting the number of teams in the comp to enhance the level of the game. For the moment though, unfortunately, the sport is just far too small at this stage to start making any drastic changes.

      Lets not forget how far the sport has come in the last 10 years, i can remember when there was only one league and 7-8 teams in the comp

  2. Rob, this season was meant to be an 8 team comp in both leagues. It will happen.

    Especially in super league, and more in the female age groups, a lot of players are playing 2 & sometimes 3 age groups. There just isn’t the numbers.

    Reducing the number of teams ensures that every club plays each other twice, and only the best players are on the court. Currently virtually anyone with the cash can play (in most age groups).

    1. So how do we decide which 8 clubs are to remain and which 3 are to be taken out? are we then going to close applications for new clubs from here on in?

  3. Rob – I accept your point that we want our sport to grow but some Super League games are a complete mis-match, as Futsal4lyf points out “cash” is pretty much the only criteria for Super League and yes especially in the girls the amount of players doubling up is large. Premier/Super League is promoted as an elite competition and under the current structure this is simply not true for Super League

  4. Rob – thank you for contributing to the debate as this is what we need.

    I do not profess to have all the answers but I strongly contend for the reasons already mentioned that Super League needs some improvements.

    Bottom 3 would be my initial answer to your first question.

    As for new clubs – tricky I concede. This year there looks to be to 2 or 3 very competitive new clubs – however this has not always been the case.

    1. We will have to wait and see how this season turns out then, some of the new clubs this year will definately be strong so it will be interesting to see who the bottom three will be.

      In saying all this, we should be proud at how far the sport has come in the last 10 years though.

  5. I agree with Rob’s sentiments and I must disagree with some of the points raised by others.

    1. While it is easy to say the number of clubs should be reduced for the sake of quality, you are forgetting what that means. The bottom line is that a few hundred boys and girls will be out of a club and only a fraction of those will be picked up by others. The sport is growing so let it grow. A bit of doubling up and some lower quality match ups is better than cutting people out of the game.

    2. Money is not the only factor that determines who gets selected. I’m sure the money involved is prohibitive for many good players who would otherwise play – that has nothing to do with the number of teams. Futsal and indoor soccer are hugely popular and the level of play at local competitions is far inferior to Super League. I vouch for that as someone who has played in various local comps in southern and central Sydney. It’s also important to note that the refereeing at some local comps is pretty poor compared to Super League and FFA centres like Usyd and Menai.

    The real question is this: do we exclude people to raise the standard of play or open the doors to continue to raise the profile of the sport? Given we’re talking about a game that is played mostly by amateurs because they enjoy it, I would say the latter would be the better option strategically.

  6. Your right Rob! The sport has come a long way in the last ten years. However, I like the idea of having the bottom 2/3 relegated. There’s no point with teams getting pumped 15-0 every game and letting them stay in there just because they ‘make up the numbers’. I would rather have a solid 8 clubs/teams than 4 good and 7 very ordinary teams. After all, these kids are playing reps in the second best futsal league in NSW.

    I agree with you Andrew.. 11 rounds is very disappointing.. I would have liked to see a few more extra rounds for the $ I have invested into this yr. Sadly i think FutsalNSW havn’t taken this into consideration and made a mockery of the draw.

    In saying this, I hope they can learn from these mistakes for next year..

  7. And despite getting pumped 15-0 many kids come back the next season. No club wants to field a sub-standard team, but it takes time to grow the sport and build up your playing roster.

    I don’t disagree that 10 rounds (with the bye) is not a lot of game time for a few hundred dollars, but consider the impact of cutting teams.

    Say Shire Futsal finish second last (totally hypothetical) and are removed from the competition. That means the entire Sutherland Shire will have no representation. The kids who play for Shire will have to either get picked for PL Vipers or move to Botany; both options require more travel and more time. Logic would tell you that would have a material impact on the growth of the game in the Shire region. If the game grows, more players join and the level of the competition will improve – there might even be more money in the game. Is a reduction in teams likely to encourage or discourage growth?

  8. I have to disagree. I believe 30 – 50% of super league players should actually play premier. I agree the bottom 50% or so are still developing and probably not at the level of super league.

    The top 50% or so should of made premier but either didn’t know the right people (it seems you have to know some-one to get into these teams) or just didn’t want to trial for premier as the culture can be too brutal.

    Super league is still quality but more relaxed and more development based with most clubs sharing the playing time more fairly.

    In premier, they play to win and it isn’t good for long term development of the game for kids to drop out because they spent most of the season on the bench.

    My son has gone to super this year (premier last year) and the culture at our club is wonderful. He is a premier player and playing with less developed kids but the coaches and clubs are being fair to all kids and giving equal time. I think this is brilliant for the game of futsal.

    The most dedicated kids have been the kids that are inexperienced while the elite players have had so many other outdoor committments they are often not putting in the hard work at training.

  9. Can I just add, I believe super league has brilliant quality players and potential brilliant players but it is more of a development league and birthing ground for the higher level. Thus, it is a very important gateway to the top. We must keep it for a: the kids who just miss out on premier and b: the new kids coming through who want to participate but aren’t quite there yet.

    Let’s have as many teams as possible to promote the game as there will be kids that drop out over the years.

  10. I have always said 8-10 teams per division, home & away basis, is what we need to aim at. Before we go cutting teams though we need to have a clear vision of what we want as the final product, and as “kayhill” says, hypothetically cutting Shire because they come last is not a sensible approach.
    You also need to look at where clubs are located. Maybe we need to look at restricting the number of clubs in each area region and if neccessary encourage mergers between club. At the moment there are sebveral clubs in the inner s/west area – Innerwest, Enfield, Sydney FC, Botany, Mascot. Maybe we need to look at that issue also.
    When you map out all the clubs and what centres they are playing out of it clearly shows the areas where there is congestion and what areas are under/not represented. To me this would be the logical starting point for any discussions on what teams should or shouldn’t be considered for S/L.
    If you look at P/L the inclusion of Taipans & Boomerang give that comp a very good spread of represented areas, with very little overlap of regions.

  11. The clubs also need funding. This would go a long way in rectifying the situation. More funding equals less cost to players which widens the plane of potential players.

    Good players are not playing due to the high cost/short season.

  12. just a thought,maybe split s/l into 2 6 team comps with top 2 plus best 3rd place to playoff, if more teams enter then it can go 9/9 or 10/10. if teams drop out we can go back to 8 9 10 team comp

  13. We need more gala days, off season gala days, charity matches etc. Promote the sport.

    Here is our first problem. We are talking about the competitiveness of super league. How can it be competitive when we are struggling to keep numbers?

    We lose alot of kids who have brilliant potentital but don’t “know” the right people to get into a team. Some of the brilliant kids who are strong now, will leave the sport all together – maybe next year – maybe in two years.

    Disaster! Then we have lost both sets of kids. Brilliant kids and kids who have miles of potential but went under the radar as they had no pathway or did not know the right people.

    One of the super league teams has fielded practically a whole team of premier players. That is a good start. We do have strength in this comp but it will take time.

  14. What happened to the 5star futsal comp?

    Off season gala days would be a hard one Charise, because of outdoor commitments and players being told not to participate.

    They need to better define the 2 seasons. That way there is a little less pressure on players, clubs and parents.

  15. Charise:

    Can I just add, I believe super league has brilliant quality players and potential brilliant players but it is more of a development league and birthing ground for the higher level. Thus, it is a very important gateway to the top. We must keep it for a: the kids who just miss out on premier and b: the new kids coming through who want to participate but aren’t quite there yet.
    Let’s have as many teams as possible to promote the game as there will be kids that drop out over the years.

    Lets not take anything away from the SL though, i dont know about the younger divisions but there are alot of players in the mens division that could easily be playing PL, just take a look at some of the players at Maccabi and Sydney F.C, the league is getting stronger and stronger every year and more and more players are coming to trials etc so the SL mens division may not neccessarily be that far below PL although there is obviously a gap in quality between the two it is in fact, not all that big.

  16. There is some great points being raised, which is great to see, because it means people care! The sport needs the dedicated Mum’s & Dad’s & Coaches etc.

    I think there is some belief that anyone is entitled to play State League (ie; Super League) & that having as many people on the court as possible is benefiting the sport. At the end of the day, this is the second best league in NSW, and probably the country. It’s meant to be exclusive. It’s meant to be difficult to get into. In football, to play Super YL or Div. 1 YL you have to have talent. To get Futsal to the standard of professionalism & quality, the answer isn’t to open it up to all. It’s tough, people miss out. It’s reality. Unfortunately there is only room for 8 competitive clubs. To “fill” 11 (or last year 13) clubs, there is going to be a degree of players doubling up & teams playing well understrength in terms of numbers. The number of (quality) players are spread more thinly when there is more teams. Move the players into 8 correctly staffed/managed clubs & the quality improves. It’s a no brainer.

    As for which clubs will drop off, well its a tough one. It’s all done on merit & commitment to Futsal, with a couple of extra factors. They have to have the ability to compete in every (or nearly every) age group with a full complement of players. The club has to have a court that is up to standard. Futsal in it’s true form is not played on basketball courts. That’s local competition, which is run to a budget. It must have a safe, well & correctly marked surface with enough room for run off area, benches, scorers bench with controls for a scoreboard/clock. It must have room for a potentially large crowd, and safe for referees to do their job without tripping on players & spectators. The club must have structure, organisation & discipline. Each club should have these & other qualities. Other factors are location (proximity to other clubs) & past performances. That doesn’t mean that a club can have one strong team & 8 weak ones. I think FNSW does understand the importance of location. Take South Coast for example. They got promoted from SL last season.

    Remember the goal; to get to where Football is at. Sacrificing quality for quantity is not the answer. We are all fighting for Futsal to be a sport in its own right.

  17. It’s great to see a conversation about this without attacks being thrown around.

    Like some-one above said, it’s great to talk about this because at the end of the day, we do care about sport.

    The more ideas and conversation the better. And thanks boys for not attacking a woman’s opinion. So often I get darts thrown at me!

  18. Some great points made here.

    I like where futsal4lyf is coming from. By making 8 strong teams in both Premier and Super League competitions I think we are asking players to make the commitment to strive to play in the best competitions we have available.

    At the moment some clubs are just hanging in with whoever they can get, which makes the competition vary greatly from the top teams to the bottom teams.

    This happens in both Premier and Super League, it’s a fact of life currently.

    Let’s keep the ideas and enthusiasm going. It can only benefit Futsal in the long run.

    And Charise, nice to see a kindred spirit putting her point of view forward in such a logical and well thought out manner.

    No darts from this direction!

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