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Div 3 in round 7

Another great round, close games with the highest deficit being two goals. Cable Jockeys coming from well behind to beat the Expendables, Fortinhos ending AGM’s unbeaten run, Chugglaz and Commsec fight it out in a 0-0 at the bottom and the Drama Queens climb to the top of the table after beating Power Rangers who were at the top prior to the round.Dont forget to enjoy some of the spectacular goals from the round on our face book site.If you’re not a friend allready make sure to add Futsal Homebush to you “best Friends” or even as a “Family” member

Game 1: Expendables vs Cable Jockeys: Coming back from a BYE , and missing three key players the Expendables stood up to the task starting off the game brilliantly, scoring 4 goals, two of them to Mick O’Hagan who lead by example,the other of them the best goal scored by any player in any division this season, check out this memorable cracker by Peter Haramis —-> http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=225161597538778 . Going into the second half 4-1 the Expendables seemed to relax a little, making many defensive and goalkeepers errors, The Cable Jockeys inspired by front man Dan O’Hanlan came back strong and hard. Dan getting a Milestone of 5 goals, 4 in the second half, the last one this cracker —>http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=225392457515692 only a minute from full time to win the game 5-4.

Game 2. Fortinhos vs Any Given Monday: Any Given Monday slipped to it’s first loss of the season but the match statistics suggests otherwise. Any Given Monday had the majority of the possession but could not take advantage of it. Fortinhos scored the opening goal after less 2minutes after some lackluster defending by Daniel Hanna. The ball was lobbed into the path of play but Hanna thought the option of allowing the ball to bounce would favor him but the speed and acceleration from the opposition striker allowed him to go one step better than Hanna and giving hima clear opportunity to place the ball passed the jubilant Goalkeeper Boutros Hanna. The second goal may be perhaps more lucky than any other of the goals in that game. Fortinhos drilled the ball from 10 yards out, but a scene of obstruction on the goalkeeper was overlooked by the referee therefore making the the shot more difficult for the goalkeeper to comprehend, allowing it to float into the top left-hand corner of the net , click here to see that goal —->http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=225185860869685. The score at the break was sitting at 2-0. The introduction of Matthew Masterson proved decisive for Any Given Monday which added more fluency to their passes and also a barrage of shots were fired allowing them to take advantage of the second half. Everything seemed right except for finding the net. Shabaka’s Runs added some optimism to the side as he became a major threat. The advantage of the height of Salib, Yassa, and Eskander didn’t prove much as they would prefer playing the ball down the flanks. Girgis proved a revelation to the side with his long balls which scared the defense but to no avail. Any Given Monday pushed vigorously until they were rewarded with a goal. Masterson, with his clinical approach to the game, fired the ball towards the bottom-left hand corner, leaving the goalkeeper clueless about how the ball even managed to be fired on target despite the committment of the defense in the box. There was plenty of time left in the match. Any Given Monday pushes forward, with a barrage of shots. Salib and a couple of opportunities but couldn’t find the net. Hanna played a pivotal role in opening up the defense. Suddenly a golden opportunity arrived when Eskander, in his second game, had the ball deflected off the line, then rattled the crossbar. “I though the ball was over the line for a sec, but was not to be” he added after the match. The final whistle was blown and a loss for Any Given Monday was very disappointing. Boutros Hanna added “he had the majority of play. We pushed, we pressed, everything seemed right but they did well to keep us out”. Masterson was bitterly disappointed with the outcome but has vowed that he will lead his team out next week in search of 3 points. “I am absolutely and utterly disappointed with the outcome. Despite having the best keeper in Sydney, our defense lacked efficiency and motivation and that proved vital during play”. He also added “we will be searching non other than 3 points next week”. Ghobrial has vowed to fight for a place in the first team after being a substantial figure on the bench, despite making numerous appearances during the match.Match report compliments of Peter Hanna.

Game 3- Chugglaz vs Commsec United – There was not much to report in this bottom of the table clash, it was a game that ended in a 0-0 draw, with pent of opportunities missed. This draw takes the Chugglaz to the bottom of the table after round 7 after the Gumbies climbed a place thanks to the BYE, certainly not the place for the Chugglaz to be as they have been unlucky playing out close games , either losing by the smallest of the margins or getting a draw. Both teams need to lift their game to have any chance of making the top 4 as the game is beginning to open up ..

Game 4- Drama Queens – Power Rangers – 1st Vs 3rd, the leading goal scorer vs. the best attack in the comp, this was the heavy weight title, the final fixture of the evening and well and truly… the main event.The Drama Queens started lively as usual and talisman Sam Griffith unloaded some early ‘expressions of interest’ on goal only for Power Rangers stopper Hakan to be equal to the task. As the half unfolded it became a shooting gallery. Sam G and co. raining in the shots from left, right and centre. The Power Rangers rear-guard stood firm and stopper Hakkan was impressive making a myriad of difficult saves look seemingly simple. At the other end, top scorer Adem was a force as per usual, however, tight defence and some unlucky touches meant the Power Rangers front man was only reduced to half chances. Half time and both sides seemed content going into the half not conceding.

The second half resumed and like the first, the shots continued to rain in from Drama Queens. Hakan continued to frustrate them with more great samves, and Adem also continued his assault on goal at the other end. As the half wore on though the game began opening up, and Mike Carter somehow found space down the left before ripping in a beautiful cross only for no one to be in the box. A spell of pressure and numerous corners in quick succession caused nervy moments at the other end, but it was a moment of opportunism that helped break the dead-lock. Hakkan’s short throw-in was picked off and the number-one was left stranded as the ball beat him for the first time from short range. This seemed to spur on the Queens and from the subsequent kick-off they hassled, haggled and pushed the Power Rangers defence back, ultimately forcing an error, ensuring Sam Griffith scored his usual goal with the simplest of tap-ins to seal a memorable victory and only Power Rangers 2nd loss for the campaign. Match report compliments of Ming Chang

Thanks all .. by the way we do have games next Monday. Public Holiday officially ends at 5pm

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